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  1. twh/f2


  2. I guess you are looking for "Ray of Hope". https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=30127 I have no idea how long it was that I watched this "mega demo".
  3. OK double post with https://atariage.com/forums/topic/288392-two-bruce-lee-sequels/
  4. Hi there, it seems somebody hacked the C64 version of Bruce Lee "Return of Fury". It even support 3-player actions (protovision 4 player&c64-multijoy) https://megastyle.itch.io/bruce-lee-return-of-fury I would love to see this on the 8bit Atari. I only had a quick look on the youtube video, but it's seems the hack rearranges all existing elements into new levels. So it shouldn't be a rewrite or so. So maybe the hack could be "adapted" to the Atari version too? What do you think? grüße \twh
  5. Thank you Pajero!! Its a good price for a good game idea. I think we don't need a A8 conversion. Sometimes it should just stay as it is. I cant think of much added value to have a limited A8 conversion here.
  6. Wow. This is basically X-Com: The prequel. I never have seen this game and I wasn't aware that such a mature strategic game even exists on any 8bit! Once ported this is truly a great contribution to the Atari 8bit platform. Keep up the good work! grüße, \twh
  7. It's indeed a pretty decent arcade conversion to the Atari. Using a Sega Genesis gamepad this is just WOW. These are so cheap nowadays to buy (Ebay). It makes me want more Aracde Atari games using the Sega gamepad!
  8. Congrats Mapa and PG! A lot visual "sugar" used in this production. Great work!
  9. yep good one. I guess if I would try to program this scroller, my version would easily fill up 48 KB. At this point I would consider to switch off OS to gain some extra 10 KB or so I wonder how the approach works. First to make it run and then as small as possible? Or smallest possible right from the beginning?
  10. Nice find!! Beside the question if a prototype exists or not ... Has anybody ever asked if it was a good game after all? I have never played any Gunship game on any platform. But let's say the C64 version would have been the closest thing to the Atari version. Was the C64 version a good game? Now that we have spotted Atari heros converting C64 games (SCR)... well hypothetical ... would it be fun to play a "Gunship A8" if it would be available just like e.g SCR? grüße, \twh
  11. @FJC . One question to your PDM files. Do I have to put them on Fat32 partitions with APT medias?
  12. Had a quick check of the source code. It seems that there were some true "Clean Coder" at work. It's very well structured and understandable. Thanks for sharing Waldemar!!!
  13. you are right. only logical explanation is that the number of recorded VCS2600 games @ mobygames does not realistically reflect the REAL number of releases. Finding this gap renders the picture above as almost useless.
  14. According to Mobygames API statistics it looks like 1983 somehow. https://i.imgur.com/ubNuLhn.png http://www.mobygames.com/news
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