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  1. Oh wow. This was almost exactly what I was actually hoping for. I did just a few tests with a a few High Voltage (HVSC) SID and PSID files. ST with 12khz .. quality is not groundbreaking but still quite fair!! The player also has a nice yet simple to use UI. Thanks for the tip!
  2. Is there a SID player (emulation) for the plain ST? (Not STE or Falcon) There is such thing for the 8bit Atari / Pokey. So given the much greater CPU performance of the ST/68K I could imagine quite acceptable playback quality ..
  3. My journey was: Atari 130XE + 1050 (grandfather) -> Atari 800 XL + XC12 (mine) -> Atari 800 XL + 1050 (mine) -> PC AT 286 (dad) -> Amiga 500 + 68020 (mine) PC 486 DX/2 (dad) + uncounted Intel/AMD based PCs clones with no soul (mine) Much later I got a MegaST for cheap. I remember that pure ST machines had not much appeal in contrast to the massive world of Amiga (demoscene, apps, games, upgrades). Much much later I got a UltraSatan SDCard Adapter for the MegaST and I finally started to like the 16 bit Ataris. But still my love-to-machine-index would be: XL/XE > Amiga > ST
  4. I want to express all my empathy to Dmitriy, his family and all his people. War is so senseless and only driven by people who are not loosing anything, while others loose the most valuable. A retro computer musuem where children are welcome to play games is just so in contrast to all those bad things currently going in...
  5. Another way to break censorship: Spreading the truth via 6502 binaries around the world. Good stuff Karolj!
  6. I just recently had a go with the Atari ST version of Prince of Persia. The slow downs, the sound fx, palette etc. is just so brutal. What a mess!!!! It only emphasizes the great great great quality of the XL/XE version. I'm speechless.
  7. So any news when Laser Squad XL/XE will become available? I hoped for some good news for Xmas or New Years Eve. But it seems the developsers are now busy discussing and integrating the title picture *scnr
  8. This is a very nice video. thanks for sharing. I do appreciate your work!!
  9. I also downloaded the package again and it indeed contained the ENHANCED image. I wonder how it comes that we have out of sudden a color version now. I must agree that even if the resolution is lower and the original "PETSCII" mood is not as intense I acutally do prefer the color version instead of b/w. But its always good to have a choice. @Irgendwer are you involved into this "color upgrade" anyhow?
  10. looks brilliant!!! To be released at Silly Venture?! *hope
  11. Great news!! Laser Squad is an excellent example of A8 under-represented genre-games .... With this and other games (e.g. PoP, Stunt Car) this is bringing the Atari 8bit platform to the "Champions League" of home computers (for me this would be C64, ZX Spectrum, CPC, Amiga, ST). So step by step the true gems are coming home... finally. wish this would have been the 80s...
  12. thats a very good remark. I guess other species are welcome too
  13. well. Background is that my youngest son was born only a few days ago and now I wanted to invite friends with my older son to play baby-topic related games on our favourite games platform grüße \twh
  14. Just remembered Jack the Nipper. http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-jack-the-nipper_32059.html
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