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  1. (4) add lightweight (non-boot) DOS&SDX compatible GUI for disk management I see similarities to Raster's legendary SDRIVE GUI which is perfectly runnable from SDX and after configuration it exits nicely to the command line.
  2. exactly. I have no other files on the 1B+ than those I want to be public anyway, but that "snooping" on my local subnet is my biggest concern.
  3. Hi there, this is probably just an indirect Fujinet question rgd. thh Spectranet TNFS demon (https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/spectranet ) Like many from us Fujinet-users, I setup a local TNFSD on a low-end RPI1B+ (Which turns out to be just the right hardware for this matter). Let's say I now want to expose the TNFSD-port (16384) to my public IP. What do you say how secure that would be? Is it likely that the tnsfd service can be exploited? Would it be beneficial to setup some kind of local firewall on the RPI? (nftables, firewalld) Should I consider putting my RPI in an isolated subnet (managed switch, WAN access only) grüße \thomas
  4. that keeps me shocked. what a tragic loss. there are no words whatsoever that can change this sad story but I truly hope that his family and friends will be strong. I wish them all the best. Rest in peace Petr.
  5. money quote: Flickering (almost) always sucks. Please don't!
  6. Very good topic. I was also very frustrated to find out that neither Visicalc nor Syncalc worked on a typical SDX+HDD setup. I wonder if one of our machine code & system heroes could have a look on Visicalc binary. It used to be a very high rated productivity software. A pitty that it does not run on SDX. Today a few 30 years later we have Software-80 column E: drivers and/or native VBXE 80 columns support, >128KB RAM and harddisks with subdirectories. In 2020 it would be quite something to have a nice spreadsheet productivity software with support of those "advanced" possibilities. Maybe another approach is to have a look on other platforms too. Maybe there is text-based spreadsheet software for CPM, BBC Micro, C64, Apple2 that would be worth to port? On first look it is maybe much easier to port productivity software than those "crazy" game conversions like C64 Stunt Car Racer or BBC Prince of Persia. grüße \twh
  7. yeah. same question here. How do I cheat ? 🙂
  8. Hi, i'm completly new to this project. I find it awesome and I would like to build one device to contribute as tester. So what would be the right way to actually assemble one device? As a complete dummy to hardware I assume I have 3 separate domains to address: 1) order the hardware basket (e.g. esp, buttons, resistors, etc.) 2) order the pcb according to schematics 3) order the case according to the model .. 4) my turn: soldering, assembling, firmware loading, using. I see 3) can be done -> although I never ordered a printed case - but it sounds fun. But what I'm totally missing is 1) and 2) .. is this somewhere documented? grüße \twh
  9. well. it was more my point, that my whole understanding of my personal Atari 8bit experience is actually much more an "Atari 800" experience. When I was a kid growing up with an Atari800 XL (dad) and Atari 130 XE (grandfather), I had no idea of the Atari 400/800 early 80s home computer line. When I first time saw pictures of an Atari 400 I thought it was just an old-styled case of an Atari XL but otherwise the same. But it turned out that my world was 90% "Atari 800" and only 10% "Atari XL/XE". So to speak, the XL/XE line was a very unsuccessfull platform after all. (ignoring the fact, that XL/XE was of course able to run 800 stuff).
  10. The vest looks awesome! One question: Can the prince look more "similiar" accross the levels? First time I saw the "upper levels" the prince was noticeably recolored. I can see the reason, because the prince is mixed of colors of the level. Would at least the vest (next to the skin) be stable across the different level themes? Btw. there are only two themes right? Dungeon and Temple right?
  11. Hi there, just out of curiosity: can we somehow estimate the total number of games available for Atari 800 and in comparison to XL/XE/64kb+/only game titles that are not-compatible to a stock 48kb Atari 800? I'm asking because if we had some kind of commercial success indicator derived from the number of available titles which platform would be the winner? Atari 800 (counting all 800/48kb-compatible titles) Atari XL/XE/64k+ (counting only XL/XE/64k titles, not running on stock 800) I would say that Atari 800 would be the winner. But it's hard to tell..
  12. Maybe this is a bit offtopic. But when I see all this complex technical stuff to realize this in 2019/2020 I really wonder how this game could be ever be created on the apple2. I don’t know the specs of the Apple but had Jordan Mechner also to fight with bare metal hardware limitations? It must have been almost impossible so also a big risk to invest so much time and resources on such a project. The game on itself is just wow especially when you consider all the details, story and the extras. 8bit on steroids.
  13. Yeah R0ger, I fully agree - Emkay is in his own champions league of "out-of-tune songs". On the other side, that song just get's in-tune after some horrible first 30 seconds : This is probably the first "Emkay Convertible (tm)" that's kind of "hearable". But maybe only because I really adore the "Still Alive" song. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Still_Alive
  14. That's of course not to be mixed. I was indeed talking about cart-only game releases. thanks @Philsan for this clarification
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