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  1. Yeah R0ger, I fully agree - Emkay is in his own champions league of "out-of-tune songs". On the other side, that song just get's in-tune after some horrible first 30 seconds : This is probably the first "Emkay Convertible (tm)" that's kind of "hearable". But maybe only because I really adore the "Still Alive" song. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Still_Alive
  2. That's of course not to be mixed. I was indeed talking about cart-only game releases. thanks @Philsan for this clarification
  3. I personally would always prefer ATR/disk (SDrive, SIO2SD) and/or harddisk compatiblity (SIDE2) over any cartridge solution. Actually I find it quite anoying to physically turn off/on my Atari to switch to a single other game while I have a mass storage solution with a DOS and thousands of games and applications on it. The Atari 8bit is a computer not a video game console. So I don't find much appeal or feel much nostalgia in having a big amount of loose plastic cartridges on my desk / shelve. *my two cents On the other side I enjoy celebrating the feel of an "original" with a stylish manual, some maps, illustratives tables and so on. Btw. "Her Dark Majesty" was fully SDX/harddisk compatible. So in case you @ilmenit are preparing such typ of quality game please consider harddisk / SDX compatibility
  4. Can we create a list of games where the player / hero does some funny or silly animation/reaction when the human player is inactive? examples * Boulderdash * International Karate Twh
  5. all this is so f*ing insane. The graphics are so wonderfull. God I had killed to play this on my 8bit Atari when I was 10 and all my other friends had a c64 or 286 pc ;-)
  6. To me this would be Bentley Bear. At least it could have been the iconic and friendly character if Atari only had some professional marketings guys in their late days. https://wreckitralph.fandom.com/wiki/Bentley_Bear
  7. I can't help much because I don't live in Vienna - but I understand your motivation. I have the same situation more or less in Munich area. I think there should be enough people people around but so far I couldn't really find organized Stammtisch events. I have a meeting with a small bunch of friends that wie call "High Score Club Munich". So at least we come together at home play a few games and then talk about old computers. So maybe this would be a good start for you to motivate people in Vienna to come around and at least turn on the Atari
  8. Congratulations Sascha! Looking forward for "the new ABBUC". grüße, \twh
  9. Yes good stuff: friendly people, nice location, great service (Helmut!!) and of course awesome computers everywhere Greetings to all! p.s.: Proud to be Spanish Millionario
  10. @hscmunich will be there too. Twh and MLP. 99,99% see you all!
  11. Not to forget those excellent strategy games: * His Dark Majesty * The Hunt Other games not yet directly mentioned: * Scramble (2018) * Deathchase XE * Skyscraper
  12. its indeed a very subtle effect only - a lot less of an impact that I imagined until I tried it out. I expected some more intense changes also on the "terrain department" but again it's more subtle than obvious. But interesting anyway. thanks for you for sharing this with us. To me River Raid by Carol Shaw and her idea for an random-computational repeatable level engine is much of an WOW for me forever I guess. All this and still delivering a very balanced game with "unlimited" levels. Unbelievable.
  13. twh/f2


  14. I guess you are looking for "Ray of Hope". https://www.pouet.net/prod.php?which=30127 I have no idea how long it was that I watched this "mega demo".
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