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  1. Fantastic, I wish you luck! Being the only vintage computer collector in an area certainly has its advantages. And an SX-64 would be one awesome result of said advantage.
  2. Nice to see you here, Brian! And your lovely collection of vintage computer goodies, of course That IIGS setup is looking a bit more impressive since I last saw it in a video.
  3. I have a 1040STFM from Sweden, so of course it's a PAL machine. I'm looking into getting a SC1224 monitor from here in the US. Will the monitor accept the RGB output from the PAL machine? It's my understanding that it will do just fine being that RGB shouldn't have region limitations but I wanted to make sure before I whip out the wallet for the shipping (which is more than the monitor itself). Thanks!
  4. Won the 130XE, really looking forward to it! Thanks for posting on here, otherwise I'd likely have not seen the auction.
  5. That first one you linked to there is the exact PSU that I bought, the one that when plugged in the 600XL only gives random screen colors but nothing else. It seems the machine is fried. The old PSU was the original as far as I know, still had the plastic coating on the sticker and everything, so it has no doubt seen lots of use. I'll likely just be getting another A8 machine in the meantime, and perhaps fixing the 600XL at some point if I ever pinpoint what's wrong and can affordably fix it.
  6. That is my feeling at the moment as well. I can't seem to locate my disk drive cable so I'm not able to test that. No cassette sounds or anything either, just random screen colors and sometimes nothing whatsoever. It's almost like it's getting worse. It's sad, really.
  7. The guy that sold it to me (eBay seller "myatari") had labeled it as such. Not sure where the Ingot title comes from. I took it apart, made sure everything looked to be in order, all looks well as far as chips being seated and such. Still just the same blue screen, occasionally a green or pinkish screen as well. Supposedly, it fails badly so that you get voltages that Atari can't handle. How did you tell that you have in "Ingot" power supply. I have yet to see one with that name on it; is that some company that manufactured those with "Atari" label and same part #.
  8. So that type is known for having issues then? I replaced it with that because that's what mine came with and it's what I could find. I wonder why it only gives me a blue screen though, as the new PSU is supposedly working fine and the old one gives me screen fuzz... That is not much info since multiple PSU were made with the same part number. A picture will tell us if it is the culprit. Ahhh, you must mean the dreaded one on the left. I bought an 800XL with this last year and I was **CERTAIN** the computer was toast when I tried it. Lucked out it works normally with the other C061982 on the right. I finally replaced all the suspect models, but somehow I can't put them in the garbage since they still work. I did toss the nasty one, of course, after clipping the cords! It's unbelievable - the number of different power supplies with this part number; even the huge bricks with the XL-style vents on them are same #.
  9. Version #3, the Ingot, is solid & all black, 3 1/4" X 5" & 2 1/2" high. It was shipped with most 600XL/800XL and some 65/130XE computers. Output 5 VDC at 1.5 Amp. Atari Part# C061982 I'll likely be taking a look at the ICs and solder areas as well as trying with booting a disk. Carts don't work. That is not much info since multiple PSU were made with the same part number. A picture will tell us if it is the culprit.
  10. It's Atari part #CO 61982 +5V DC 120V AC adapter. What was the voltage of the PSU that went bad? It might have gone out and taken the 600xl with it.
  11. A week ago or so I turned on my 600XL and... nothing but a fuzzy blank screen with gray and black snow. The last time it was on previously was a few weeks prior where I had been playing games for several hours. I read about it possibly being the PSU, so I got another one. It arrived today and, well, there's no snow, but all I get is a constant blue screen. Just running through RF output. Any ideas? The 600XL has been upgraded to 64k, if that means anything. I didn't do the mod myself, bought it from a member here.
  12. All right, I was wondering if it would default to TV standard depending on the TOS region. UK it is. I actually want PAL, as that's what I use for many of my 80's computers even though I'm in the US. Too many problems with PAL games on NTSC systems for my taste. And while the 1040ST may not have as many issues as, say, the C64, I'd just rather have PAL. Thanks for the tips! I've seen some ICs on Best Electronics, I assume those will work just fine.
  13. It's looking like perhaps I'll need to change TOS... if I were to swap with a Rainbow TOS from the US, for instance, might that work?
  14. Just wondering, as I can't seem to find a definitive answer... I have a friend who might be shipping me an Atari 1040ST. He's from Sweden and the TOS is in Swedish. Is it possible to change the language to English, either in TOS or with a ROM IC switch or something - if it's a ROM fix, what if it's a US chip I replace it with? Thanks!
  15. phreakindee

    Game Alert!

    Just ran across that while searching the site. Incredible. Could you imagine the high you'd be on if you had just found that in the store though? Wow.
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