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  1. Hi Marius, I not forgotten you! I am in the preparation of third batch. When I have ready devices I will inform you. I have promised that all those who have shown interest in this thread will be notified!
  2. What a loss for the community..... Αναπαύσου εν ειρήνη φίλε...
  3. I think that Mark have map it at second windows key -right side-. I asked from him in the past to change this.....
  4. You are already. How the manufacturing of male SIO connectors is going ? Have you do any progress? As you know I am very interested. I am sure also that many others here and there are interested also!!
  5. Hi Guys, This Saturday I will send the last completed devices from the first batch. 33 till now. I have already start to make 16 more of them. When they are completed I will inform you with p.m.
  6. At the end everyone everyone will be served. At the moment I follow this way so that I do not send notifications and then I have to wait for an answer etc etc. But as time goes on and I do more of them, I will start sending messages to the interested members of the initial list. I sent you pm.
  7. Hi zork, As I mentioned in the original post, I intend to make more until the final number of 100 pieces. So I think that anyone can buy one. At this moment the first who is interested can be the first to be served. I will send you the details via pm.
  8. Update! Greetings to all the interested members. After almost 2 1/2 difficult months of preparing, the first 25 "Turbo Freezer" are ready to ship. These have been programmed and tested for proper operation, using the "production tool" of the author, Hias. Each device will be accompanied by both adapters for use in XL and XE Atari's. The color of the cartridge that the buyer will receive will be random between red or green. I will also include a sticker in the postal packaging, which if the end user wants, he can stick it himself on the device. The final cost is 85$ plus 12$ shipping cost tracked. At this time, the Greek postal services to international destinations at this price is still available. So it will be good for those who are interested in hurrying, because it is unknown how long it will remain like this! Some photos are available here.
  9. Is about 185$ but not available right now. I note your name in interested members list -you are eighth- and I will inform you whenever it will be available.
  10. I don't know if this answer your question. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/281178-i-want-to-try-to-produce-the-turbo-freezer-2011-again/?do=findComment&comment=4082686
  11. Eclaire XL devices, from the first models already have a transistor capable to supply more than 1 Amper at the "tape recorder motor control line". In addition a polyfuse which cutting at 500mA has been placed in line before the outpout there. So, no blowups permited.
  12. Perfect jon Sikor. If you start production, count me for 100 - 200 from those. Yes Mark do mainly the software but from the first day we are cooperative on this. Now this time I have start and run another project here -Turbo Freezer 2011-, but always was my mind to construct and have available in stock eclaireXL devices also. My major issue was the lack of this SIO connector, but now if you finally produce it, then things will changed. As for the price if I remember well the last batch cost about 180$ each.
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