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  1. Same 2 upper holes if you use a crystal -2 pins-. If you use a oscillator -4 pins- then both 4 holes. Mainly the boards.
  2. C103579-001 REVIS v1.pdf file refer in the first batch. (10 first pcb. One of that was assembled by me, to check the proper operation.) C103579-001 REVIS v2.pdf file refer in the second batch.
  3. @venom4728a 1. Vias is just vias! 2. I was respond you via pm. The reason for pm is that I do not want to confuse things between the two pcb boards here. What you will see in that file, refer only for the first 10 prototype boards.
  4. Very well! 😀 As for the battery holder, the image of the product really confused me, as well as the fact that I did not pay much attention to the datasheet. I see that the correct part number is MFR # 122-2512-GR.
  5. NCS2563DR2G 74AHC86D,112 74AHC373D,118 CD74HC85M96 LP5907MFX-4.5/NOPB T73YE102KT20
  6. Check the basket from Mouser. There you will find what you ask me.
  7. Yes are the same. Yes. Yes they bought 30 pieces. I don't know when or how much they will sell these.
  8. Boards arrived today! I will start to pack and ship the first ones which ordered without smds, and simultaneously I will prepare the rest with the smd components.
  9. Hi, the answer is in "preorder" thread.😉 https://atariage.com/forums/topic/319881-atari-xe-remake-pre-order-thread/page/5/?tab=comments#comment-4822842
  10. Something who I must to fill, not to justify the manufacturer, but for the correctness of thing. The pcb deformation that ZuluGula noticed, it is called "twist" in the glossary of pcb manufacturers. According to the IPC-600-A standard, "twist" must have maximum allowable limits 1.5% for circuit board without smd parts, and 0.75% for circuit boards with smd parts. Although I think the surface mount components are negligible on this pcb, I will judge it with harsher criteria, as if it were a board using only these components! In my opinion unfairly, but okay .... 🙄 So, this pcb have a diagonally dimension 377.81mm. According to this type R = 2 (D)(T)/100, we have R= 2*377.81*0.75/100=>R=5.66mm So the maximum allowable "twist" can be up to 5.66 mm in the corner. I saw there one or five cents coins I think? Sorry I am not US citizen. So, these two both together, must have a total thickness of 3-4mm. My point in all these is that even if I ask the pcb manufacturer for this situation, I am sure that he will respond me that this product meets the specifications. Understand the Non-Conformance & its Calculation Methods
  11. Thank you.🙂 I not intend to did again, but these already must be available from Abbuc. I was check that today they received their pcbs.
  12. 1. Yes, but only after you place the two capacitors first. 2. The bend of pcb is something not controllable by me, and believe me have nothing to do with the cheap or expensive. Is only one way to order the pcb's, and nowhere is there a reference to cheap or expensive buy. These pcb ordered in PCBWay, which from what I know is the construction company behind at least 2 other companies in the Chinese market. PCBgogo, Pcbcart, and maybe others. What I have notice on my constructions, is that the larger the board, the more likely it is to have some slight distortion. The same exist for any surface finish, ENIG or HASL. This distortion can be corrected somewhat if you order a larger thickness, such as e.g. 2mm. As I mentioned before, this time I ordered the pcbs from Elecrow, and I am curious to see if there will be any difference.
  13. Update For this second batch, I was order the pcb's from Elecrow previous week, which was Chinese national holiday for them. I mean 3-7 May. So it was a dead week. After our communication yesterday, they responded that pcb's are ready and will arrange for shipping. I believe they need at least 10 business days to arrive here. All the smd components, plus a complete set for a full assembly, are already in my hands
  14. Is understandable.🙂 Me from my side I refer as to how have the situation at this time globally.
  15. From what I can see, using your tracking system, nothing unusual except that it was remains at Chicago for 10 days! For me isn't strange because we are in pandemic. I hope that this is understandable from all. USPS ALERT
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