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  1. I am sure that foft will reply here about this.
  2. Commodore Amiga 1200 with Chinon FZ-354 (Japan) floppy drive, original mouse, original psu, Indivision ACA1232 accelerator card, Indivision AGA MK2 flickerfixer, 4GB compact flash card, and DVI to DVI cable for connection with SVGA monitor. Original boxes from accelerator and flickerfixer included. Notes: 1. In Amiga have been placed new capacitors. 2. ACA1232 fitted with a 50MHz 68030 processor in a socket. This is the gold/ceramic version including MMU, with 128MBytes fast ram. 3. Compact Flash socket, with ability to import/remove the card externally of the computer. 4. PSU with new capacitors and fan mod for cooler operation. This is crucial if a accelerator is used. 5. Amiga comes ready to work, with 3.1 OS and Scalos desktop GUI installed. Also registered WHDLOAD with Igame loader, Dopus 4 and some more utilities. For sell is only the total, not parts individual. I am looking for 750 euro with shipping cost included on this. Prefered method Paypal gift or bank deposit. Thank you for looking here. Photos available here
  3. 8$ per piece for an order of 100 pieces required! Also if I remeber right these have some imperfection at pin end to weld. They need some extra work I think?!
  4. I think that the users need the original SIO connector as to connect their Atari peripherals.
  5. Unfortunately no for two reasons. First I need at least 10 interested members to start making and second no more SIO male connectors available anywhere.
  6. ....and after if you see M A R K with big letters in the screen, the device means is still alive!
  7. This is the initial firmware which I shipped in that. v35_eba2_v3.1.rar
  8. Have you try to boot it with the same SD card? I see in your settings that you use HDMI output. During boot can you hear the Atari booting sound?
  9. http://biosrhythm.com/?p=1546
  10. Also and I, would like to add here that the 1nf capacitor is very needed especially for the 1200XL computers. The Reset signal is to noisy and with a 250 mV p-p ripple. After the placement of capacitor, signal gets cleaner with a ripple only at 50 mV p-p. In my case I placed this capacitor in the source of the problem. IC 74LS14 pin 2 and GND. This is the point that Reset signal starts. For some strange reason I had the screen of your BIOS corrupted, only after the last upgrade from ver. 2 in ver 3.02. So I saw in your user manual that you mention the reason. Thank you.
  11. Hi John, are you sure that the IRQ signal must connected there? I think that this point goes to pin 4 of PIA6520. I used the upper side of R89 instead.
  12. Yes after you have put 1 to 4 OS in the respectively profiles of the flash rom, delete the OS's from SD card.
  13. For some reason the device is tight tied with XL OS rom. So a way for me to overtake this is to do as follows. From the settings menu choose your preferred OS rom. After save this to flash rom, not to SD card. Remove your SD card place it on your PC and delete every OS rom from the "rom" folder. Then place again the SD card on your eclaireXL and power up the device. From now on with or without SD card the device boot using the preferred OS. I hope Mark in the future give us a way to save and boot at alternative OS.
  14. Yes in reality I had forget this. Just before I checked the old messages from back then on, and just I saw it. Later this year maybe....
  15. Screen resolution for HDMI follow two color standards in this device. 720x576 for PAL, and 720x480 for NTSC. To remove the wide screen, you must go in your monitor settings and choose 4:3 screen format. Yes it powered with 5 volt, using a fuse from the main rail. Unfortunately I haven't this peripheral as to test it. Yes both will work fine. Even a simple USB at 0.5A would work, without external peripherals to be connected in the main device. I don't understand clearly... You mean that you have connected in the same monitor both the eclaireXL and a PC? If so, I have the same configuration using a Dell monitor, and change from one to the another source using the monitor menu.
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