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  1. Just purchased a set of CX42 wireless joysticks and was wondering if they can be rebuilt using CX40 rebuild kits? Are the circuit boards the same?
  2. What about calling it Fuji Mountain or Mount Fuji? Just sayin'.....
  3. I just ran across a video on youtube showing vacuum forming of cartridge inserts for Ixion and was wondering if these will be available for purchase. I bought some custom 7800 boxes from Retro Games Shop and I'm not digging the card board inserts. Also, will these be made for 5200 boxes as well?
  4. Please add me to the list as well. Thanks
  5. Just sent a PM for a copy. Hopefully, you got the message.
  6. PSW

    Jaguar Bomberman

    Has anyone heard any more news Jag Bomberman? Songbird, any news?
  7. Anyone know what happened to these guys? Just visited their website, and its gone. Is Flappy McFur abandoned? Just wondering.
  8. If a pair comes available I'd like to purchase the set. Should I wait for a message on availability before paying?
  9. Thanks for the reply. I went ahead and purchased 10 dead game boards along with 1 socketed board from B&C. I plan on using the socketed board to test the eproms as you suggested. I've got the eproms burned and mounted on the socketed board. Only needed to use Jiffi and romsplit to prepare the binary. Burned the hi and lo eproms with my GQ-4X without problem. I found that I didn't need the additional power adapter to burn the eproms. Not sure if that is an anomoly or not. Eproms burned and verified twice without issue. I haven't had a chance to test it yet though. The pesky kid has been hogging the TV that the Jag is hooked up to. Thanks for this guide. Don't have a skunk and this is the only way I can play around with the ST conversions released lately.
  10. Please count me in for a copy.
  11. With regards to the game pcbs, myatari offers both eprom pcbs as well as dead game boards. Do you recommend one over the other? If using a dead game board, do you recommend replacing all chips including ram?
  12. Should this be pinned? Maybe in the programming section?
  13. PSW

    Jaguar Eproms

    Would you be willing to post a tutorial? Hope I didn't just cross a line asking for this.
  14. I've been pondering ways to modify an original 5200 joystick so as to be self centering, and would like to know if anyone has tried using a conical spring under the boot (or without the boot). The picture shows the type of spring I'm talking about: I've searched the forums but haven't found any mention of doing this, so my question is has anyone attempted this before? For those of you that are mechanically inclined, could you comment on any pitfalls you may see with this design. The springs are rather expensive, 10 springs for $20 bucks from amazon, and I can see burning through quite a few until I get the right spring tension, thickness, height, and base width. Any comments or suggestions?
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