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  1. It's not patented or anything The idea at it's conception was about the very thing - automatic allocation of space for temporary variables on 6502's zero page. The implementation has few hard parts though, like how to be sure that some temporaries aren't accessed at the same time.
  2. It's hard to characterize it in few words, but best I can tell about the main feature is "static memory management for memory constrained system with ability to handle memory reconfiguration". Shortly: an assembler without orgs that can automatically put different things in the same place given they aren't acessed in the same time-frame.
  3. "Now" it's unfinished and it's actually the only reason to being top secret And speaking of "what" it's going to be some sort of multisystem assembler with very unique features which I desire most and could not find anywhere.
  4. LOL. I've actually stumbled upon this issue in my top secret project while I was testing it against RMAC output 🤣
  5. If reading it again does not help you can always read the source code of the emulation.
  6. Are you aware of https://atarilynxdeveloper.wordpress.com/2012/10/14/programming-tutorial-part-8changing-appearances/ and https://atarilynxdeveloper.wordpress.com/2012/10/31/programming-tutorial-part-9advanced-sprites/ ?
  7. Eh, I was actually wrong. There does not seem to exist finite "clipped right triangle subdivision" to that triangle.
  8. I imagine that by drawing tilted / skewed rectangle with clipping on one side you can draw special case of right triangle, but when Suzy needs two blitted triangles to obtain any arbitrary triangle, here you would need four and with potencially big waste of cycles due to clipping.
  9. laoo

    OSSC with 50Hz

    The price is currently virtual: Sorry, no ETA on re-stock due to global component shortages On the other hand Medusa is freshly supplied and there are no signs it should be worse than Tink5x BTW. Sorry for derailing the thread. I hope 42bs will find a solution to his OSSC problem
  10. laoo

    OSSC with 50Hz

    Didn't all 8-bit computers / consoles output only even field indicator? That's the way to signal that the output is not interlaced. Or I'm missing something. I should have Medusa in few days. I'm eager to find how it'll behave with Jaguar.
  11. I noticed the palette issue few times too. It should not be anything complicated. I just have to reproduce it in controllable environment. And of course your support is great! Thanks for everything!
  12. I've appeared here in the eve of 30th anniversary and the activity then was very different. Who knows, maybe it'll happen again someday. Meanwhile it's apparently a good time for a little break to come back soon with fresh energy.
  13. @Pingouin Thanks for asking, and yes, you may call it that way. This is a demanding project and I got tired. I've paused it a little to recharge my batteries and gain some perspective on the direction the project should take. Another thing - this is one of such kind of projects that is fueled by constructive feedback from the community. I sensed that the interest is low, so it was easier for me to switch to my other fun project that desperately seeks my attention.
  14. Driver playing the tune does not exists yet. The cartridge image that plays it has built-in VGM-ish player. Real driver will be rather demanding. I'll try to write it hopefully soon, but it needs some research how Furnace exactly executes the song and instrument data to produce the Mikey register writes.
  15. Actually original controller for PC-Engine has 2 buttons. Good luck playing Street Fighter with that (you change move sets using "select"). There were "pro" controllers with multiple buttons, but it's the same story as with pro controller for the Jag.
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