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  1. I still have problems with loading any file, but haven't debugged it too much as we're busy with SV entry. But surely I'll try to tackle it after the party. I'll write my finding as, I presume, am the first person to try in in assembly.
  2. @Nop90 It was the case. After setting 6th bit of eeprom field in LNX header the loop ends. Thanks a lot for the tip!
  3. WOW 😲 Where do you know this from? It looks like plain magic - to set undocumented LNX header bit to prevent cartridge to go to sleep. Indeed I ignored this whole field. It will be first thing to check when I'll be back home. Thanks! EDIT: I found the 6th bit specification that it distinguishes cartridge to be a a SD cart: https://atarigamer.com/lynx/lnxhdrgen But certainly I woundn't look in that direction. Hope it will be it.
  4. Thanks! It looks more or less the same and the difference must be somewhere else. Does cc65 generate full assembly listing with it's runtime initialization code, or maybe do you know where to find sources of these? No. I don't think that it's something different than just sheer compiler's mindlessness 🙄
  5. Hi. I've got my LynxSD few days ago and I've tried to use it's API to access SD card. I program in assembly so I've manually compiled LynxSD functions from C and essentially got stuck at the very beginning. What I've done is calling LynxSD_Init: stz IODIR lda #$aa sta RCART1 And then tried to call LynxSD_OpenFile which starts from calling WriteByte which in turn has as a first statement: "while (*IODAT & AUXMASK);" compiled to: L0 lda IODAT and #$10 bne L0 Aaaaand essentially that's as far as my code goes as this loop never ends. Could some good soul point me what wrong am I doing? I think that since the library is written in C there must be some C runtime initializations essential to proper work of LynxSD library. Any ideas what initializations it might be?
  6. Yeah, clamping colors is a common mistake. We don't get full saturation then. Duplicating values on lower bits is correct.
  7. @SainT Thanks for the clarification. Although there weren't any 1 MB cartridges till today keep in mind that the scene is rapidly expanding and as we have recently 20+ (counting SV announced productions) high quality new games per year, then you may never know... 😉
  8. Thanks for the link to the repository. Indeed standard software does not support images larger than 256 blocks of 2048 bytes each. But LynxSD_ProgramROMFromFile function seems to support it: FRESULT __fastcall__ LynxSD_ProgramROMFromFile(u16 nStartBlock, u8 nBlockSize, u16 nBlockCount, u8 b512BlockCard) { if (b512BlockCard) { nBlockSize |= 0x10; } WriteByte(ECommandByte_ProgramFile); WriteWord(nStartBlock); // start block from 0-511 (>255 with 512 block card bit set) WriteByte(nBlockSize); // or with 0x10 for 512 block card (a19 controlled by aux pin) WriteWord(nBlockCount); // blocks to write return (FRESULT) ReadByte(); // waits for programming to end and gets result } Look at the mentions of 512 block cards... So definitely some clarifications could be welcome
  9. I have some problems grasping LynxSD features and it's versions. I even don't know whether it supports 1 MB cartridges. I've asked a question in other thread but didn't got any answer. Is there any summary anywhere?
  10. I've got mine yesterday! 🕺 Thanks to @Igor for the competition and to @SainT for the prize! And now... regarding the LynxSD, few post ago was a link to github repository: But it's gone now. Where can I find recent examples how to make use of this cart's features?
  11. So @karri are you going to cheat about being sick to drink free beer with fellow atarians watching competitions? 😁
  12. I hope the abysmal silence on this whole subforum is a sign that everyone is working hard on his/her entry to the game compo It's funny how this competition differs from AtariGamer's in terms of forum activity.
  13. Wait a minute... Are you saying that ZAKU has some kind of DRM that forbids running on Handy because reading of unused register $fd97 returns Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything instead of usual $ff? What a sofisticated way to detect the emulator...
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