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  1. I have read somewhere that when you break all the apples in Mr. Do, quite often you will bring out the diamond. I have tried this and quite frequently the diamond will appear, but not every time.
  2. Well it seems that soldering may be your only option if you have cleaned everything well. My suggestion is to practice, practice, practice. Take a junk electronics board and practice removing solder joints with a desoldering wick or solder sucker and then resoldering them. There are some good soldering tutorials on the internet for the beginner. Do a Google search for "how to solder". Or, you could ship your CV to me and I'll do it... I see that you live in Toledo. Where at? I live in Perrysburg. I might take you up on your offer to fix it. I would just bring it by.
  3. I have checked the power switch and cleaned it as good as I could using electrical contact cleaner. It seems to work OK most of the time. The only thing that works to clear up the picture is when I wiggle the A/V plug. I was hoping that there would be a simpler solution other than desoldering and resoldering, as I have little experience with that. I would be afraid of messing something up. If that is the only option, do you have any suggestions for me on how to properly do this?
  4. I recently bought a Colecovision on eBay. It seems to work OK except for the video cable connection. Most of the time the picture is fuzzy until I move the video cable plug on the back of the console. Then the picture clears up, but gets fuzzy again when I let go of the plug. The video cable is brand new and works fine on another Colecovision I have, so I know it is not the cable. I have cleaned the inside and outside of the video jack on the console using very fine emery paper and then electrical contact cleaner, but there was no improvement. Thinking that it might be a loose connection, I took the unit apart, but can see no way to get to the video jack without desoldering some small circuit boards located just above it. Has anyone else experienced this problem and found a way to fix it (easy solution I hope)? I will appreciate any suggestions.
  5. Hi, I am new to this forum. I recently bought an old Colecovision with the standard controllers. I find that the controllers do not respond well when trying to move the joystick in the four different directions. I took them apart and sprayed electrical contact cleaner on the contacts and dried them out with compressed air, but it didn't make a big difference. Has anyone figured out how to repair these controllers?
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