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  1. Tho I haven't actually enjoyed any of these recent updates as I just received all my hardware, I just want to thank you for your contributions. I finally received all the parts of my new Atari 2600 ultimate system. A Sears Telegames heavy sixer in near mint condition, Tim Worthington's RGB mod, and the UnoCart. With the UnoCart on stock (recent original) firmware, everything I tried runs fine through RF. I read somewhere (the manual?) that the UnoCart might not run okay on an RGB modded system. Given that the console I bought is near factory new - used so little and kept packaged, I want to know if I ought to only mod it for new caps and S-Video and stick the RGB mod in another system, or is there a good chance of the UnoCart working on it through this or another update? OT (sorry), I read that the Harmony cart with a firmware update can run on an Viletim RGB modded system. I bought one of those back in the day, but lent it to a friend and it's gone now. Would buy again... Can someone verify that?
  2. I'm not associated, but I've bought a few of his single devices over the years and I really want his 4-player universal device. His single GC USB box does a Wavebird flawlessly without any lag. SKUNX's previous devices were relatively expensive and large, but unmatched in quality AFAICT. He was the first to make a USB 3D Saturn controller possible. Even Mayflash and BOOM couldn't do it. Given his tenacity and qualifications, I really want his new device to come out.
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