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  1. Mine is 64bit Win 7 but I have a lot of defaults turned off in my system for a number of programs i use. So again my issue is most likely do to my setup and not the actual cards.
  2. I received my Rewritable Multigame Cartridge and burner from the first batch order last week. All I can say is this ting is awesome. My only issues I've had with it is probably more my Win 7 setup than the actual cart. When I try writing games to fill the card up I can write more than 3 in a row after that the upload will fail every time. But if I unplug everything an wait 30 mins its good to go again. I currently have only 9 games on my card. Again my issue is most likely more to do with my PC than the actual card This kit is awesome and I recommend everyone buy it asap. For the price you cant beat it. jfmateos has done an outstanding job for the the Lynx community. I look forward to his other works.
  3. Have you tried cleaning the pin's. Bad contact can cause that behavior
  4. Send me a PM im doing one now for another member location is NC
  5. i spoke with Luke this morning and Console5 should have them for sell tonight.
  6. Typically flickering is a grounding issue but you wouldnt see it on just one game. Honestly Atari used the worse RF I've ever seen. I swear they must of just looked for the cheapest one they could find with out any quality testing. AV or Svideo will greatly improve your video and will most likely clear up your flicker on AVP
  7. yea he still owes me a SMS system and games I traded him a NIB PSONE. He got the PSONE and I got nothing
  8. A video would be great. I was just on the Songbird page this morning debating on buying it now that my Lynx has the new LCD mod
  9. Cybermorph AVP all 3 modes Doom Zool 2 Iron soldier Blue Lightning Braindead 13 Kasumi Ninja Ultra Vortek Fight For Life Hoverstrike CD Raiden Those are the only ones I've beaten with out cheating
  10. Looks good, i personally cant tell it was broken up when scanned
  11. Its an LCD issue only. Could be the flex cable has gone bad or not property plugged in that or the LCD screen itself. I used one with a simmilar issue to mod for McWill's new replacement. You will be fine if you go that route. Another option is to buy a New LCD from Best Electronics $20
  12. I wonder why they didnt do something similar to this kickstart with the molds https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1670214687/original-commodore-64c-computer-housing-in-new-coo
  13. Just put in my order for 1x clear case 3x clear cart shells I hope he gets his 50 orders to make it cost effective for him
  14. You can download a preset img to an SD card http://atari.8bitchip.info/DiskImgPP1.html If you purchased the Satan drive off ebay and it came with a 2gb cards already. Assuming its from the seller in Poland then once your ST boots up to desk top you will need to hit the reset button. This will load the drive select option on the reset. The cards he sells with them already have the disk image from the site I linked above and it had all the appropriate drives. If you didnt get one from that seller then just follow the instruction on the site linked above.
  15. I have 4 of these available now, with parts to make about a dozen more. These are original NES controllers not clones and original Atari 7800 controller parts. $25 plus shipping tracking included ( you can pick first class mail or Priority) International shipping is via First Class International only and takes 10-20 days depending on location. Both fire buttons on the NES pads work and represent Fire 1 and Fire 2 on the Atari 7800 1 year warranty. If it breaks I'll fix or replace it
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