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  1. Been a while since I posted here. I'm the same "Jasper061992" that posts in Sega 16, but enough of me. Not sure of this will garner any interests in time or not, but here goes. Was basically having a look through the Atari ST auctions on ebay and spotted one on auction, claiming it exploded. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 280592796657 The seller basically said while he was playing it then it exploded. I'm sure its nothing more than a cap that blew up. Now he's selling it on ebay and said if the auction ends with no bids for the computer itself, "he would just throw it out". This sparked my attention, although I don't own any Atari systems barring the Lynx, I don't want to see any more old computers thrown out without attempting a fix. I emailed the seller asking for shipping costs for just the computer alone and he said it was £12 without the games. I don't really want to take a chance buying something that exploded and not working when I get it because currently I don't have much money to throw around taking chances. I can't solder to save my life lol. So yeah, cheap if any of you is interested in the UK at least.
  2. I only got to play a little of the game when i was 6 (enjoyed that little moment), but seeing the game as a success, who wishes to see a sequel?
  3. Yes, i know my arguement doesn't seem "valid" to you because like i said, i'm speaking in a "i say it all and fail to deliver" kind a language, due to me that never had a record of contributing to anything here as of yet to support my arguement. Of course it can't be validated because it is spoken in terms of theory. But like i said before it's unlikely i would contribute to helping, although i would if i could. What i mean by speaking in terms of theory, is that i would do something i stated if it were possible to me. But anyhow, If i was some insanely rich bastard and didn't know what to do with my excessive ward of money i kept in some oversized safe or whatnot lol, yeah i would do such a thing, in theory. Perhaps i've should have stated that on my first post in this thread, because its what i really meant. But then if it's in theory, then why did i post you might would ask. But in reality terms, if i did have spare money lying around and saw an undumped copy of any proto, i'd snap it up, dump a few ROMS of it, store it on my backup HDDs and maybe wait something like 5 years to enjoy owning something that is one-of-a-kind until i spill the beans to the "public" of a new discovery. If somebody guided me a way to make repros to recoup the losses, i'd definitely release the ROM freely thereafter like Wonder007.
  4. To be honest MrMark, i'm speaking in a more theretical language here. Nothing personal, not boasting or anything or even making up stuff for the sake of being "something", but i'm only speaking what i would do in theory if i was in said situation. I know its just all talk and me speaking like "i say it all and not deliver" kind of language to you, but thats just my own honest opinion, and i know all the precautions to be aware of that you brought up. Do you know anyone that was ungrateful to you? Anyways, i personally think its unlikely i will ever own a priceless proto when i really think about it in layman's term, so i don't even have to worry about all that anyway. TBH, i'm not too sure how this little debate flourished. But aside all that, repros are more likely for me anyway, in fact i do have enough to even BUY one, but that will kill me financially. That link i showed you? i wasn't ever planning on selling that, i just want to make backups and maybe even leak it online for preservation rights.
  5. I only got a 14" in my room, so it has 1 SCART, 1 Composite at the front and 1 RF. The Megadrive in the RF port, the SNES/Gamecube/N64/PS2 in the SCART using a video selector, and the Xbox 360 using the front component slots.
  6. Could you cite us a link please? I'm quite interested. My SNES has yellowed somewhat.
  7. Talk may be cheap, but it can say something if its valid. Now on to the subject. I definitely would buy any available repros or protos if i had the money laying around, but thus far, i'm going 17 next month, no job (or part-time either), still earning not even near enough to get protos at the prices they are going for (specially when purchasing something overseas). Second, i don't have a 2600 nor the NES yet so i couldn't get them anyway. My point on the matter was only in response to to DreamTR, saying people are calling him selfish for refusing to dump ROMs or something. I said it looked selfish in a way, but never said it is outright selfish. But like i said, i guess its personal matters if they are reluctant to dump it. Anyways, If i had an undumped proto fall into my lap, i'd make a ROM image of it, several at that just in case 1 becomes corrupt for some reason, if i had a ROM dumping device in the first place. Even if i myself released the ROM before selling repros, i'm sure there are those that are interested in buying physical copies, not sure though. But you don't have to, it's your ROM. Now, i never mentioned that i have an undumped proto, in fact i made a thread about another game i have that i suspect is very rare, called Axis for the Archimedes. Unfortunately i don't think much really bothered. What do you think? http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=144510
  8. Not sure if my ones are cool, but anyways. When i was playing the soundtracks in Sonic 2 on the Megadrive (Chemical Plant Zone). I removed the cartridge and the music kept playing, but in a very distorted kind of tone lol. Did the same with the Sonic Chaos MS cart, just left a white noise tone with a blue screen. Not sure why i did that, but whatever lol. Another trick that i well, discovered. When booting the Sonic 3D cart into the megadrive, it got to the "SEGA" screen and i accidently jigged the cart. Surprise, surprise! Found a glitch that it sends me right to the level select screen! I thought i made a discovery but i researched and found others had the glitch on their copies too! I'm sure one of you here did it before, right? I have those Famiclone in-a-pad things. I tend to very rapidly switch it off and on. It shows some garbled graphics on screen like i shorted the thing. Oh yeah, another one. I have one of those pirate 32-in-1 Gameboy carts. I removed the cart case and had the bare PROM chips exposed. While the game was playing, i took a knife and touched the solder pins on it. It shorts the Chips, freezes the game, or reboots the Gameboy.
  9. I guess you have been in said situation before, but i think you're missing my little point. Yes there ARE collectors that are not selfish and are willing to dump ROMS. I'd never call a collector selfish that owns an original proto which was ALREADY DUMPED, they can keep the carts. But me, i specifically meant SERIOUS collectors that is hanging on to a game that they KNOW is not dumped yet. Those are the collectors that are not willing to dump an UNDUMPED game to protect their own interest and their proto's value. Of course they wouldn't think much about bitrot. As long as the value of their proto stays up, the chances of it being dumped remains DOWN. Perhaps you're one of them? No offence, but that is how i see it in my eyes. If i spotted another forum member that has an undumped proto of a newly undiscovered title, and had some spare money in my account, i wouldn't hesitate for some donation, or perhaps a repro! I don't really accuse of collectors being selfish, but if they have an UNDUMPED proto in the first place and wouldn't dump it, i'm sorry but it LOOKS selfish to me. Ohwell, maybe i am looking at it in the wrong prospestive, i guess some take it in any way to protect their own finances, their bills, their family, food and and their own children's future. If i was to dump a game, i would desire some donations, not that they have to do it or anything, but i would desire it. If i knew the process on to how to make repros for an undumped title, i'd use that to recoup my lost investment. But like i said, i put game preservation first, THEN worry anbout your investment I'm apologise if i worded it wrong in my previous post. At the end of the day, you need to reread my post to understand what i meant at firsthand.
  10. Now i must admit, i only have 2 Emulators being: Kega Fusion (Megadrive/Genesis) Nestopia (Famicom/NES) Personally i feel the above emulators have the best, speed/accuracy ratio and straightforward interface to play and configure with. Fusion supports Mega CD disks from your CD Drive! It also supports plugins to enhance the graphics for higher resolutions the games are rendered at. So what emulators do you use for any of the game systems and why? Discuss.
  11. Strange, all these years my SNES was full grey, and had it in a closet for a few years untouched until the last 3 years i got it out, had a pale yellow on it.
  12. No, the last Official NES produced in the UK and US was in 1995 i believe. But heard japan still had them made several years after!( 2003 i think). However, there are brand new NES clones you can easily find from the internet like tha Retro Duo. About making them look like new? I say some good ole' fashioned Polish wouldn't go a miss! A good scrubbin' should bring them right back .(Make sure you get between the grills!). However, i have a SNES that has been yellowed somewhat. If thats what you're talking about, then theres nothing you can do to make it grey again. Its the plastic itself that changed colour (UV damage is a bitch lol). Maybe you can spray paint over them?
  13. Been reading this thread thoughout the past few days, and i'll add a little say. Not much but due to skimming through the thread somewhat, but yeah whatever. Just read about the Brandon guy that died. Although i just found out about it, i too am deeply saddened he's gone. He definitely didn't deserve what was coming to him. Hope the killer gets raped everyday! But anyways, one of the last things the guy did for the community was pretty "Epic" (Not sure thats the correct term in this circumstance, lol, but yeah. RIP. Despite me not clearly knowing what prototype he uploaded, i too appreciate he did it. If he waited longer, the guy would have died (and the proto possibly lost). Now, if i were in a situation of owning a proto worth god knows how much, tons of people spamming up my mailbox, threats and all, my take, i would probably hang on the ROM until threats and/or spamming would stop. Personally, i think videogame preservation is worth more than raw cash. In fact, if i had a one-of-a-kind proto in my hands, i would scramble all over the internet asking someone if they could lend me a ROM Dumper in a paranoid kind of fashion, because anytime, bitrot may occur lol. But all in all, even if said proto was to go down in value, i'd be more concerned about the survival of the ROM than survival of my investment and selfishness. I know the flack i'll get if i had said mentality. Moreover, if i was to sell a dumped Proto, i'm sure i can still recoup at least HALF something back (unless i knew how to make repros). Now i'm only 16, and quite recently had an interest of game preservation, but i'm already well aware about all the potential undumped software circulating out there, in danger of becoming lost. I have that proto Pink Panther for the 2600 in mind after reading that thread. *sigh* Just having the thoughts of of some unaware bloke dashing away old games deeply saddens me. Sigh, one mans trash is another man's treasure i suppose. Remember kids! Videogame preservation comes first before the money! My conclusion? Dump away!
  14. Cool, looks alot like Axis. Anyways, any software tools out there i can use to read (and possibly extract) files from my floppies? Doesn't seem anyone here is really bothered if this game has any backups anywhere. Maybe theres enough copies floating around?
  15. Cool, nice find! Can't believe google didn't turn up a youtube vid... Wheres all the enemies!!? Moar enemies! Anyways, the game looks like it will give me motion sickness, may aswell throw the game in the bin. J/K! Not sure what to do with the game anyway, i don't have an archemides...
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