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About Me

The nick mainly stands for "Reverse Engineer", a favourite hobby of mine. From a young age I was driven to tear things apart to figure out how they worked, much to my parent's chagrin. Luckily they eventually came to appreciate it when I would take apart a broken item, figure out how it was suppose to work, and fix it.

Atari lit my gaming passion as a kid with the 2600, and later turned me on to programming with the 8-bit computers. When I returned to classic gaming as an adult, I also adopted an Atari 7800 into my setup, despite not owning one in the original run. I guess it was just too cool to resist.


Here's a list of some of the classic gaming stuff I've worked on...

  • 7800basic... my port of batari Basic to the 7800. Actually, it was a bit more than a simple port, given the advanced graphics capabilities of the 7800, compared to the 2600.
  • batari Basic updates... I updated batari's amazing language with 64k rom capabilities, DPC+ updates, and a ton of bug-fixes.
  • Naughty List... a 2600 game patterned after the classic game Blitz, and part of The Byte Before Christmas multicart. I also created the title screen for the multicart and contributed code to another game in the cart, Christmas Adventure.
  • 21 Blue... this is a 2600 homage to the Strip Poker game from Artworx that made its way onto many retro computers. The challenge of displaying shaded bitmap graphics on a machine known for pong and combat was intriguing, and doing an "adult" homebrew on the 2600 struck me as funny.
  • 2-button game hacks... after a bit of experimentation I found that the 2600 could read 2 buttons on a Sega Genesis controller, and hacked 2600 Defender so you'd no longer need to dive below the cities to use the smartbomb. I enjoyed the result so much I decided to update more games to use 2 buttons, and fellow 2600 hackers even joined in on the effort!
  • reading 4 buttons on a modified Genesis controller... I worked out a simple 10 cent hardware modification that allows the A, B, C and START buttons to be read on a 2600.
  • The bB Titlescreen Kernel... I have a belief that if you're solving a problem that other programmers also have, you should spend a little more time and create a library, leaving the community better for your involvement. Since I knew I'd need to tackle a title screen for my 2600 games, it was only natural to write the TSK, so other coders could benefit.
  • AtariVox work... I've been on a bit of a Vox kick lately. AtariVox is a neat bit of gear that allows you to add voice and data loading/saving to 2600 games. I wrote some bB AtariVox docs [1,2,3] as well as hacking AtariVox voice support into Nukey's Berzerk 2-Player and my own Q*Bert Arcade hack. Then there's my AtariVox Spell&Speak toy. It should also be noted that AtariVox sings to the 21 Blue theme, and says saucy comments during certain events in the game.
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