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  1. Not being argumentative, but having to type your pre-quote text below the quote, and then drag the quote below your text... is a bit clunky. A minor point. and the other features sound good!
  2. Can you do the same with a quote, and add text above it? I can't. Clicking to the left or top of it doesn't work, and positioning with arrow keys only leaves the cursor captured inside the quote. I need the foresight to hit enter once or twice before hitting the quote button, or else I can't write anything above the quote. It's a minor thing, but I do agree with NE146 that the gui is a bit clunky at times. I get it - bbcode editing isn't on the roadmap for the forum software devs, so I'm not asking anything to be done about it. I'm a CLI guy stuck in a GUI world, so I'm used to it.
  3. Fantastic achievement with Galaga, but I'd expect no less from you John. Just a quick comment regarding the side-topic... ...there are other systems where ARM co-processing doesn't exist, and even theoretically doesn't offer the same devastating graphic advantage as on the 2600. Console limits are still being pushed elsewhere, with only coding techniques. If you want to once-around-the-block again, you might consider one of these platforms. I'm pretty sure the 7800, CV, Intv, or Vectrex communities would be thrilled to have a veteran coder like you in the fold. Anyway, just a thought.
  4. The problem is that it's a large area of the screen that's flickering. I'm also assuming that the player needs to primarily focus on those same flickering elements. Both of those factors make the flickering problematic, IMO.
  5. I made the switch to duckduckgo as a primary search on both my laptop and phone a few months back, don't miss google a bit. (the phone is running lineage os, with privacy guard enabled) duckduckgo even does the same calculator tricks (e.g. "13 times 13" brings up an html calculator with the result "169") and unit conversions (e.g. "13 feet to inches" brings up a little unit converter thingee with "13 feet" and "156 inch" already displayed) It's not really an option for me to switch away from gmail right now, which is a shame, since that's a big privacy leak to google. I have to pick my battles, though these days I'm inclined to pick more. Brave looks great - I'm going to give that a shot today! I switched for privacy concerns, but this was one of the things that made it easier for me. WTH google, why are you dropping two out the three words I typed in, on the very first search results?!? Basically google decided they'd make it easier for banal content to be found over the exact thing you were searching for, because they must know what you want more than you do. google: "if you really meant to search for those specific words, you should have used quotes around each individual word" me: "why the hell do you think I'm typing in those particular words?!?"
  6. I just wanted to say that I really like the new variations for "like"! Excellent to be able to show your appreciation, sympathy, etc., when you don't have anything post-worthy to add.
  7. EricBall broke down the modes, including 320D, in this post.
  8. Yeah, I too vote that Al should take a well-earned nap... we do get to vote on his sleep schedule, right?
  9. I made it to level 2! Looks very polished so far, and the procedural levels work great! I do have a few minor suggestions. Feel free to ignore if you're "done" on this project. I agree with Walter, that the placement of enemies sometimes gives you a cheap death when entering a room. Maybe grab another random number if the enemy spawn X+Y is too close to the player. The control is a bit unforgiving, a bit like Berzerk On Ice. I think that may be a mistake, but the authors of Bubbles and Joust probably disagree, so take it for what it's worth. I think it could use an active game enemy that's bigger than just one screen. The lock and keys entice you that you're in a larger world (unlike Berzerk) but the enemies don't really support that. Anyway, fantastic work so far!
  10. The symbol list only normally shows up on a successful assemble when using the -v3 or -v4 switches. If that's the issue, just use a lower verbosity. Or maybe you mean that all of these non-problem symbols show up in the unresolved list when there's a problematic unresolved symbol that prevents assembling? In that case, you could define all of the constant options early on in your code, and just test their values instead. That way they're defined either way. RANDOM_PLAY = 0 ;bunch of code if RANDOM_PLAY == 1 jsr SubGetRand else lda SWCHA endif
  11. Greatly appreciated necrobump, for the added info. This bit especially... ...I've seen pretty much the same words used to justify that other flash carts were defective, and the problem couldn't possibly be with the console. I think some of these old decks go out of spec, but still work well enough with mask roms that people don't know (or won't believe) the problem originates with the console. In the case of the 7800, this is probably exasperated by the fact that Atari loved to chase component deals, and received stuff of varying quality.
  12. Thanks to work from mksmith and Revontuli, I squashed a couple bugs in 7800basic. There's a new release available at 7800.8bitdev.org. There's also some updated functionality regarding "tallsprites". This particular feature is fairly beta, so buyer beware.
  13. It's very different from helper chips. If Doom plays entirely on it's own when you apply +5v and GND to the right pins on the cart, sans video, I wouldn't think that any game code is actually running "on the NES". If other period add-ons also treat a console like a display pass-through, the games aren't running on that console either. They're running on the add-on.
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