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  1. Its a simple matter of copyright law. Unless you have obtained the right to use the rom dumps from the copyright holder (either by the copyright holder selling you a copy of them, putting them in the public domain, etc.), you're breaking copyright laws. Your friend may feel he has a moral right. But that's an entirely different point as to whether its illegal or not.
  2. You can't draw a missile, have a gap, and continue drawing the missiles without a custom bB kernel. But you could use something that's the same colour as the background to cover up the missile and create the illusion of a gap, like the playfield. (assuming it's not needed elsewhere)
  3. Wow. I must have played Adventure thousands of times, and I've never seen anything like that! I wonder what conditions could make that happen... truly an amazing game.
  4. Touch the screw with a soldering iron for a second or two, wait until it cools, and then try unscrewing it again. The idea isn't to melt the plastic, but rather to let the screw expand and contract, which will make it easier to unscrew.
  5. I'm pretty squeezed for time myself, though I might try to take a second whack at Sea Hawk. The other outstanding requests are up for grabs at this point... e1will suggested: Yar's Revenge, Mouse Trap tkarner suggested: Radar Lock Any other requests folks? I agree about the collection looking solid! I'd say I spend about half of my gaming time in my "2 button" folder, on my Harmony cart.
  6. And along those lines, the first post has been updated! Amazing progress Omegamatrix. I'm really looking forward to putting Omega Race through it's paces!
  7. Tested on a 7800 with my Harmony cart, and confimed as working perfect! Its pretty cool not to have to reach for the console for the map! I updated the first post, as usual.
  8. Assuming a normal retail sale (ie. no explicit contract)... The "deal being made" is an exchange of money for the goods. That's it! After the sale, the seller is obligated to follow state retail laws regarding warranties, and not much else. After the sale, the buyer is free to use the goods how he sees fit, similarly within the bounds of the law. The buyer cannot distribute copies of the software to others, as that is contrary to copyright law. The buyer cannot slit someone's throat with the software DVD, as that is contrary to homicide law. The buyer can resell the software, since there are no laws barring software resale. The buyer can make personal backup copies, since the copyright laws do not make this activity illegal. The buyer can allow other people to use the software, so long as multiple copies aren't made contrary to copyright law.
  9. Moon Patrol has been hacked for 2 buttons and is now added to the first post! It definitely requires some level of VCS assembly programming skills. After that the general steps are: 1. disassemble the rom. 2. Find the area you want to target and figure out what the code does. An easy way to do that would be to search for the hardware registers involved. IIRC starmaster used the B&W/color switch for the map. That's bit 3 of the SWCHB register. 3. Add the code that reads the 2nd genesis button and does whatever it needs to do. Basically this means do a "lda INPT1" and then "bpl 2NDBUTTONCODE". This step can get complicated if there isn't any free space in the rom. 4. reassemble your modified assembly code. In the case of starmaster, 1 and much of 2 has already been done for you. Check out the starmaster disassembly at MiniDig. I'll add kangaroo to the list, but truthfully it will probably be a while before I can get to it. If anybody wants to scoop it, feel free!
  10. I used to play Mad Dog on the PC port back in the day, and even with a mouse that version suffered from the exact same accuracy issues the Wii release has. It seems like their underlying target code just doesn't match up with the video all of the time.
  11. Ah, thanks for the correction.
  12. Actually, it does stop you from circumventing the digital controls, as well as telling others, providing the means, etc.
  13. With the (unconfirmed) option of blanking audio and video with a couple of diodes connected to your switch, per this post.
  14. They're not legally entitled to enforce what they've written. It was inside the box and not a term of purchase. This isn't speculation, it's the law in the US, and it has been tested in court. They could also write "you must hand over $200 to us on the first friday of every month" on the disk label, but they couldn't enforce that either, since you didn't have a chance to disagree with those terms prior to purchasing the game. And you're definitely within your legal rights to buy and sell a game at a higher price. Personal backups with softwares that are copy-protected run afoul of the DMCA. They would not be legal in the US and other countries that have adopted DMCA style laws. (with the exception of software for obsolete systems)
  15. They're far from unenforceable; at best you could describe them as grey. EULAs have been enforced in previous court cases. The wikipedia entry on software license agreements cites some of the cases.
  16. Actually, your #2 point is a small concession in a larger move in the absolute wrong direction for copyrights. What you linked to is an exemption in the DMCA, the act that makes it a federal crime to reverse engineer any digital copyright protection. The DMCA has actually given companies the ability to make traditional "fair use" scenarios illegal. Want to back up your DVD in case it gets scratched? Regular copyright says it's ok to do, but the DMCA makes it a federal crime to pick the locks required to make that copy. And the concession you linked to makes legal to pick the digital locks on obsolete format, but regular copyright law will still make it illegal to distribute any copies. (except under fair-use exemptions) @atariski: The only software that's exempt from the first sale doctrine is that with a click-to-accept EULA or that which has a contract agreement. If it's sold to you without you accepting a special agreement, the software is covered by the first sale doctrine.
  17. Abandonware isn't a legal term in the US or Canada either, and I suspect the rest of the world.
  18. Kung Fu master is confirmed as working great on real hardware, Omegamatrix. Exactly as your control-spec, and very playable! burra, excellent work on the PAL conversion of defender! Both hacks have been linked from the first post!
  19. The crazy look in his eyes... the goofy smile... the sheer terror of the ghost... it all made more sense to me after I learned about Pacman's ulterior motives... ...what Ms Pac doesn't know won't hurt her.
  20. It's quite pretty! I like the fact that his name isn't machine perfect. It gives it a hand-crafted look, and I mean that in a good way!
  21. Bakasama, Moon Patrol sounds like a worthy addition! I'll add it to my to-do list, unless someone wants to tackle it first. @All_Harmony_users: there's an updated beta bios that has a workaround for using Genesis pads with the Harmony menu! With the new bios you just hold down the fire button while you turn on the Atari, and the menu will work.
  22. Works fantastic so far! Thanks so much!
  23. I just had the idea that maybe the user could hold down reset on power-up to disable the paddle detect. That should take about 6 bytes. Still larger than 3 bytes, but at least you'd only need to find another 3 spare ones.
  24. Here's the blind link, which still works... http://bringerp.free.fr/RE/Mule/reverseEngineering.php5
  25. It works right if you're pressing the direction pad. If you're just pressing the button alone you'll get one kick/punch and the next button presses do nothing until you press the d-pad again. Maybe you can get a copy of the pre-release Stella to help with testing. If not, I'm happy to keep testing.
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