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  1. I can't see anything wrong with your code. To me it looks like a page boundary bug in bB, somewhere in the pfheights code, though it does seem weird that nobody has reported the issue before. I was able to replicate the issue with the first program by adding the following to the end of the program... data pad 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0 end Then I was able to get the issue to go away by adding more zeros to the pad too. If I take away the pfheights the issue also goes away. If I enable pfheights and use a table with all 8 values the issue stays. For now you can work around the issue in your own code by adding your own pad to the end of your program. When the issue reoccurs as you add code, remove or add zeros to fix it again. BTW, your pfheights add up to more than 88. This isn't the issue, but I thought you might want to be aware of it.
  2. Ok, from those symptoms and looking at your screenshot, I'm guessing the playfield data (or possibly some other data) is crossing a page boundary and throwing off the timing in a cycle critical part of the kernel. bB *shouldn't* do that, as it pads important tables as required, but that's what your symptoms look like. Out of curiosity, does it go away if you change to a 4k romsize?
  3. When I compile your original basic file it looks fine for me right off the bat. Whatever the issue is, it appears to be sensitive to the bB version.
  4. Thanks! The hack is confirmed as working great! It's much quicker to drop that dynamite and run now! I've updated my first post and added an attributed link to your post above. The forum eating the %0 is annoying... I suspect its an SQL anti-hack filter getting in the way. One way to get around it is to realize it eats the % and the next 2 chars if they start with 0. So if you want to output %001, you would type %%00001. Also be aware that a post preview will strip your escaping efforts. If the % notation isn't important, it's probably easier just to switch the offending code to hex notation, as I believe you probably did.
  5. Yup! I thought it was a kinda fun bug too.
  6. The 262 is an ideal. If you have a few less or a few more it will likely work on the majority of TVs without rolling. One note on that - if you have an odd number of scanlines it will cause pal consoles to display the game in B&W, due to the way pal alternates the colorburst phase each line. To answer the bB specific question, bB won't let you do less than 262. It uses a timer to ensure the minimum number of scanlines is 262, even if they're blank.
  7. Doh, I forgot Solaris. I'm not really sure Star Voyager counts....The instruction manual does mention trying to play a 2 player game by yourself for added challenge, but you could do that with many 2 player cooperative games...does that really count as "needing a second joystick for a one player game"? In the 1 player game the second joystick button lets you shoot your alternate weapon instead of having to flick the difficulty switch. I think this feature is absent from the manuals, but it's definitely there.
  8. I found a harmless bug in the last posted version, which I will christen "the MGD extended remix bug" Start a game with the fire button and a few seconds later hit the reset switch. The first few bars of the music will be from a random part of the song, different for both channels. Clearly some variables aren't being initialized as the music routine expects if the game ends without a death.
  9. Both pause/reset and HERO are excellent suggestions. Unfortunately both require some work with rom disassembly which means I can't quickly knock them out... I'm no Nukey! I have a homebrew I'm presently working on, but I have definite plans to work on the suggestions in this thread when I'm procrastinating. I recently thought I had Sea Hawk all wrapped up, but it turns out that the fire/bomb decision happens in some timing critical code. The surgery needs to match cyclewise or else the screen gets pooched. [shakes fist]
  10. He wants to convert the clone's roms into a cart, not put the whole thing in another case. To answer the original question, yes it could be done. But due to the likely level of effort involved it would probably be a royal pain. It would require a lot of expertise in electronics, and an understanding of the bankswitching scheme involved. Certainly not just a matter of taking a single chip and transplanting it on a cart.
  11. I recently asked a similar question for the purpose of creating some hacks that used 2 buttons on the genesis controller. A couple not mentioned here that "use" the second joystick button, though don't strictly "require" it... Solaris and Star Voyager.
  12. No problem! [shameless plug] Since you have Harmony and a sega pad, you may want to check out the 2-button game hacks, linked in my signature. [/shameless plug] @thegoldenband: No news yet.
  13. The harmony cart is detecting the gamepad as a set of paddles. Its a known issue, but unfortunately there isn't enough free space left in the menu program for an easy fix. Try unplugging the pad and then turn on the atari. When you see the harmony menu you can plug the pad back in and it will work. Its a pain for regular use, but good enough for testing.
  14. The Team Savage logo would be fine, just make sure you're not only parodying him.
  15. Hah. I think you could probably get away with it if it was clearly parodying Knight Rider, rather than just parodying the Knight Rider 2600 dude.
  16. Fake protos/loaner-carts might be funny too. The idea that someone would turn them into fridge magnets makes me chuckle. If you decide to make a "red sea crossing" fridge magnet, I'll buy one. It's not like the author has a trademark. An idea for a series of original fridge magnet carts - historic/trivia carts with the usual 2600 style labels... You could make a "landfill" cart that details the landfill story, another one called "crash" about the industry crash, another one called "go" with the origins of Atari...
  17. Yep. I know you're aware of the alternatives, but in case you hadn't considered them all: let the end user print up their own labels work with pre-labelled carts. come up with some original art. license something. (e.g. maybe Al will let you license "Atari Age" carts) make parody labels of trademarks.
  18. If Harmony for the 2600 becomes profitable, Fred indicated he *might* do a 7800 version. Because of that reason, I plan to buy a couple of Harmony carts and gift one away and keep the other as a spare.
  19. Did someone say strong (super-cheap) magnets? Deal extreme is my one guilty pleasure.
  20. Yup. Simple, yet hypnotic and beautiful.
  21. What the heck?!? Better hurry before the little lady comes home and catches you!
  22. Last time I bought some, a couple of years back, it was about $6 a can. That said, you'll need to sand off any paint you've applied before you try it. Its only meant to adhere to plastics.
  23. Vinyl Dye is preferred by most case modders. It sprays on like paint, but chemically bonds with plastics. I've used it on cameras and such, and its brilliant.
  24. It would shift the score down. Though there's no reason the text kernel couldn't keep a constant number of lines, even when it wasn't showing text. If you want to position the text at the top or under the score (or if you want to replace X% of the screen) you'll need to hack a custom version of each bB kernel you want to support. For a few different reasons this might be painful. (Many different patched versions of bB out there, any new official updates would need to be patched, different kernels count the y register differently) If you want to take over the playfield completely, the bB coder can call an alternate text kernel subroutine instead of doing a "drawscreen" call. Right now, a minikernel text routine that "only" displayed a few lines of text and shoved the score downward would still be a major boon to the bB coders. It might be a good first target.
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