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  1. You missed the best one from that site. Check out the... ehm... product demostrations at the bottom of the page! I'd hit that, indeed! I agree: don't sweat the trendies; some may dig deeper after the initial exposure, others will give it up sooner or later for another trend.
  2. Prorobb, if only you had posted this earlier... I just recently pledged my allegiance to Intellivision and George Plimpton's weiner, due to the superior graphics and controller. The Intellivision isn't bad either.
  3. C-lab running on an Atari ST was the most popular sequencer configuration of that time. You'd find it in all studios, large and small. A lot of synth hits were composed on it. I wouldn't at all be surprised if some studios still had one kicking around somewhere, in a spare room.
  4. I always felt the ST was a task oriented computer with the ability to play some decent games, and the A8 was a gaming computer with the ability to do some decent tasks. As others have pointed out, they're different beasts. A shark is not superior to a camel in the desert, and a camel is not superior to a shark in the ocean.
  5. I like the name theme - Miss It, Escape It - makes me wonder what comes next! I was expecting a static maze game, but this is definitely something else. Nice work! My best was 126, but I think I can do better if I wait near the exit for 27 hours, after which the score should roll.
  6. Touch the screw head with a hot soldering iron for a few seconds. You want the screw to expand, but not melt the plastic, so don't hold it on very long. Then after it has cooled, try unscrewing it again.
  7. RevEng


    You can avoid having the pieces flash by avoiding all of those extra drawscreens you're doing when turning on/off the piece's pfpixels. Unless you're doing them to avoid cycle issues, they're not necessary. Unlike Player/Missile positioning, changing the playfield pixels doesn't require a drawscreen for the change to take place. I did the following to your last posted .bas, which made the pieces solid when pulled down, and I didn't see any cycle issues. That may or may not be true in 2 player mode, which I didn't test... down pfpixel c d off : pfpixel e f off : pfpixel g h off : pfpixel i j off COLUP1=var10 : COLUP0=var31 rem drawscreen d=d+1 : f=f+1 : h=h+1 : j=j+1 COLUP1=var10 : COLUP0=var31 rem drawscreen if pfread(c, d) then d=d-1 : f=f-1 : h=h-1 : j=j-1 : goto check_line bank3 if pfread(e, f) then d=d-1 : f=f-1 : h=h-1 : j=j-1 : goto check_line bank3 COLUP1=var10 : COLUP0=var31 rem drawscreen if pfread(g, h) then d=d-1 : f=f-1 : h=h-1 : j=j-1 : goto check_line bank3 if pfread(i, j) then d=d-1 : f=f-1 : h=h-1 : j=j-1 : goto check_line bank3
  8. I suspect there might not be a second confirmation batch, since batari and co. were just using the first batch of confirmations to judge their production quantities. Also, batari said he'd make extra so there should be plenty for all. batari, could you confirm or correct that? Also, is it looking like a ship-in-time-for-Christmas scenario is still likely?
  9. RevEng


    Looking good! Suggestion: in the pretty much all tetris variants, you get more points for more difficult fills. 4 consecutive single-line fills will give you less points than a tetris. Some versions take this even further, and give more points for 2 consecutive tetrises than just 2x the points for a tetris. I'm not saying you need to go that far, but certainly a tetris should be worth more than 4 single lines. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetris#Scoring
  10. Not all the game zone data is complete. As a consequence, the unofficial end to the game is a black platformless void where you fall to your death. You can cheat death for a while by grabbing a helipack or bubble first, in which case you can drift through the void and rack up some extra points. Eventually the game scrolls into ram (I think) and kills you no matter where you are. As unintentional endings go, its actually a pretty good one. You need to make sure you grab a helipack or bubble before you make it to the void, and ideally you've also grabbed a mushroom along the way too, so you can maximize your points in the void. (Will had some excellent tips on this earlier) Alex Herbert, the author, indicated some heath issues were delaying the game earlier in this thread, and then he completely stopped replying entirely. VectrexMad! says he contacted Alex on another matter, and Al seems to be hinting that he's been in touch with Alex as well. @bizarrostormy: that's definitely how the mushroom works, though I'm not sure if its been posted or not. But I agree that the game is fantastic. Its actually my favourite 2600 one-player game.
  11. I don't disagree with your premise that there is a lot of crapware on the Wii, no doubt. The same thing happens to the console with the biggest installed base every generation. There was a ton of crapware on the PS2 as well. Frankly I'd prefer that the console manufacturers keep their hands off and let the market decide. I know how to sort of the wheat from the chaff myself, and I'd rather not take the chance of them killing off a would-be World of Goo or Crayon Physics because it doesn't meet some moron's idea of a polished game. If you don't want to buy crapware, just research a little before you buy a game. It doesn't take much more than a couple of minutes to hit up metacritics Wii games sorted by score. There are a lot of games deserving of your time at the top of that list, without any crapware in sight.
  12. If you don't care about the games, pick a console based on features. If you do care about the games then spend some time on metacritic and see which console has the most games that appeal to you. Search by top rating and by genre. Otherwise you'll just be making a decision based on other people's biases, which may or may not hold true for you.
  13. To all of you that missed your period: don't worry! It happened to my girlfriend too, and things turned out for the best! Sorry, couldn't help myself. FWIW, the first batch of confirmation notices took about a month.
  14. I worried about that too. I sent my mail the same day this thread appeared, with the period at the end of the subject line. When batari sent out the first batch of confirmations, I got mine. But I suspect he's not relying on the period being there.
  15. This is great news! Between this, all of the other emulators, usbloader and Mplayer, the Wii is a versatile little console. I'll give mame a shot soon!
  16. I sure hope not. I followed the instructions in batari's first post, which didn't include replying on this thread. Monk, don't sweat the lack of confirmation thing too much. The first set of confirmations sent out were greatly delayed - I get the feeling its a manual or only semi-automatic process for batari. If you're in the mail inbox with the right subject line, you should have your spot in line. But I totally understand your anxiousness. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas too!
  17. Thanks Will! Anybody else get their vision messed up after ending a game of MGD? For a few seconds after dying I still "see" motion. Unsurprisingly I get a similar effect in Guitar Hero.
  18. I managed to join the over-2000 club with a score of 2381. Where do I send away for the patch? I'd love to see a "finished" version of this game too, but only if the new version maintains the kind of planning you presently have to do to maximize your score through the void. The void and death platform may be unintentional, but they add serious depth to the game.
  19. Totally agree, and the all-on-screen multiplayer is the icing on the cake. This game is a must-buy for anyone that has ever complained that they don't make good 2D platformers anymore. My only complaint is that it only supports wiimotes. Why no gamecube controller support?
  20. Check out the wikipedia entry on light guns. Yes all light guns sense light or dark, but one kind ignores what the game outputs on the screen and sees the relatively brighter (but brief!) electron beam as it passes, the other kind operates as you describe. Specifically read up on "Sequential targets" vs "Cathode ray timing". More good information on how fast the Cathode Ray Timing method needs to operate at is included in the "Combined Method" section. The irony here is that the 2600 doesn't look at raw position of the paddle, but rather there is extra helper circuitry built intentionally into the VCS to read it, namely a (dis)charging capacitor and ADC to indirectly measure the position of the paddle. @gdement: Nice work on the pseudocode. I'd guess the 7800 gun uses something similar to the paddle scheme... a capacitor that discharges in the HBLANK and charges until the time the electron beam is detected, or some variation on that. No actual reason why you couldn't extend that over multiple lines, except the resolution of the ADC would limit your horizontal resolution. Just guessing, as there could be a lot of functionally equivalent schemes, but it seems the Atari way of doing things. And that definitely doesn't hold for more modern Cathode Ray Timing guns, which could just have their own microcontroller that only needs to be appraised of the frame start, after which it can count cycles until it sees the electron beam pass, and report back that time (or a failure to see the beam) to the console after each frame.
  21. Is it really any different than other light guns? I thought the difference is just in the programming. I don't see why a NES game couldn't be programmed to use scanline timing. It apparently wasn't convenient though, probably due to the way that system handles it's graphics. The zapper reports back light/dark to the console every 1/30th of a second. This relatively slow rate means the zapper can be a dumb device and let console can deal with the timing issues itself. It also means you don't need a photoreceptor that's anywhere near as fast or sensitive. I'd guess that most electron-beam based guns have additional circuitry to assist with the horizontal position/timing as well. If they were dumb devices you're looking at about 80000/s worth of light samples to transfer and process. (assuming 80 pixel wide resolution)
  22. Correction: the nes zapper detected only light. Other lightguns and lightpens of the era dealt with scanline positioning just fine. The big N used the light/dark method to lower the cost of the gun.
  23. That's a most interesting sounding homebrew - Can't wait to see the finished product!
  24. I don't think you need to apologize. It's an interesting topic, and if someone is upset over the discussion they should just hit the back button on their browser. If you're intent on timecapsuling a 2600 for generations, you might look into a few things... Replace the electrolytic caps with polymer caps. Place it in a vacuum bag. Store it at a very cold, but not freezing, temperature. Never use it. Do the above with a second or third unit for donor parts. But I personally wouldn't do it. I'll replace the caps in my 2600 when the time comes, and enjoy it with my kids in the now.
  25. Damaging is a pretty harsh word. The caps are smoothing our ripples in the cheapo power supply, just as they're designed to do. If you reduce the amount of work they do, then you'll reduce the inevitable wear and tear on the dielectric. Unfortunately I don't have a good suggestion on where you'd get one with the right voltage and plug, ready to use with your VCS. I'd personally just adapt a spare one from a spare laptop or later generation console. (eg. gamecube, wii, xbox360). If anyone goes this route, just avoid small cellphone chargers; yes they're regulated, but they tend to have bad ripple at the switching frequency.
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