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  1. Well, in a similar vein the Longhorn Engineer is planning to integrate a Harmony cart in one of his prototype Project Unity portables.
  2. A lot of them actually aren't shovelware. There are some respectable Metacritic ratings in the bunch... Boom Blox Bash Party: 86 De Blob: 82 Super Monkey Ball BB: 74 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: 73 Endless Ocean: 72 Lets not throw these in with the likes of Ninjabread Man and Chicken Shoot. I do agree that Metroid Prime Trilogy is the best of the bunch, though!
  3. Unfortunately the FB2 can't run the Harmony menu software due to some missing illegal opcodes. Too bad, as they'd make a nice match.
  4. "... Why don't we charge for [PSN]? "It's been our philosophy not to charge for it from launch up until now, but Kaz [Kazuo Hirai, Chairman and CEO, SCEA] recently went on the record as saying that's something we're looking at. I can confirm that as well. That's something that we're actively thinking about. What's the best way to approach that if we were to do that? You know, no announcements at this point in time, but it's something we're thinking about." --Peter Dille, Senior VP of Marketing and the PSN, SCEA. I have to think that a lot of people that were choosing between a PS3 and Xbox360 factored in the fact that PSN was free and XboxLive wasn't. If the go down this road they're going to piss off more than a few customers.
  5. Excellent news! Apparently someone at Sega was impressed by the new money vault Nintendo had to buy to hold profits from the New Super Mario Bros. Anyone else feel the in-game video seemed a bit slow for Sonic?
  6. I actually got them last week. Here's the scoop... The good: while the cord isn't as long as my genesis controller's cord, it is exactly as long as a 7800 proline controller cord. it works perfectly as a genesis controller out of the box. As expected, the middle button works for 2600 or 7800 one-button games. the buttons actually have some springback, a throw distance, and a soft clicky feel to them. I like them! the direction pad is slightly raised up, imparting a subtle joystick quality. (But nowhere near as raised up as the europad, mind you) it costs ~$5, including shipping. The bad: its made out of a dull finished ABS plastic. The construction is pretty solid, but this makes it feel a bit cheap in the hands, if you know what I mean. you get the typical long wait for shipping that you do with any other DX order. Overall I'm quite happy with the controller. Were it not for the dull plastic it would be perfect. Here's the pad, side by side with my 3 button genesis controller...
  7. Truthfully I hesitated at first, as I didn't want you to think I was picking on you. I'm glad to see there were no sour feelings over our first legal disagreement. I had a nice long reply citing the "fixed in tangible form" part you just quoted in your second reply. Dang you for beating me to it! For anyone interested in further reading along these lines, chilling effects has some very good FAQs on copyright and trademarks from the perspective of someone receiving a C&D.
  8. "Intellectual property" is a vague term and doesn't refer to any specific law. It mishmashes together copyright, trademark and patent law all together. When it's used by someone who should know better, like a lawyer or spokesperson, it's usually an attempt to pull the wool over someone's eyes. But your private works are safe according to copyright law... I've never heard of that before, and your own own Stanford link seems to disagree. In addition, you will have a stronger case of fair use if the material copied is from a published work than an unpublished work. The scope of fair use is narrower for unpublished works because an author has the right to control the first public appearance of his expression. A) if your site has a banner ad, you're in trouble here. B) the company can claim the proto has market value, per retro collection re-releases. Companies are still licensing old ROMs. C) depends on how technical-savy and sympathetic to your cause the man in the tall chair is. Also remember that the judge has to weigh all 4 fair-use factors, and has the discretion to weigh one factor more than the other. The loophole found by NovaXpress for old proto carts is an interesting one, and likely valid, with the exception in cases where the prototype has code common with other copyrighted titles. In distributing the proto you're distributing parts of the copyrighted titles. (the quantity of common code is a large factor here) Now lets move on to trademark dilution/tarnishment/blurring. If the company really wants to mess with you they'll claim you are tarnishing their mark. The standard since the "Trademark Dilution Revision Act of 2006" is that the company only needs to show the your use of the mark is likely to cause dilution. All of that said, I agree with the sentiment that most companies don't care, and archivists should carry on their good work until they get a C&D, after which it's up to them what to do. Its good to know your legal rights and all, but in the end what a company does or doesn't do is motivated purely by profit. If they decide it helps their bottom-line by launching a long merit-less case against an archivist, they will. But I can't see them coming to that decision in most cases.
  9. Congrats on making hackaday LE! Unity looks totally sweet!
  10. I feel like an ingrate even mentioning it, but IMO a non-flashing default would make Harmony perfect.
  11. As Moycon mentioned, they're out there if you want to seek them out. I swear they are. But based on this and some of your other posts, it sounds like you're mostly just burned out and don't know where to turn. If I'm right in that assumption, my advice is that it's ok to put down the controller for a while. Don't play if it's not fun anymore. Life has ebb and flow, and your favourite hobby isn't immune to it. Don't fight the tide, follow it. Eventually you'll want to play again. Just try to add a bit more variety to your gaming habits when that happens, and you'll help postpone the next burnout. And if I'm wrong in my assumption, just hit up Metacritic and find something different damn it!
  12. It sounds like you have worse problems than clean contacts then. Since messing with the color adjustment pot made it go black, you might try cleaning/adjusting it. IMO it sounds like either the TIA chip has gone mostly bad (still providing audio but no video) or one of the other components between it and the modulator.
  13. If Moore's law continues to march on, we're looking at die-shrinks and likely speed increases on the order of... 2 years=2x 4 years=4x 6 years=8x 8 years=16x 10 years=32x ...Somewhere around 8 years a competitor can release a console about 10x more powerful than the ps3/360 for a fair bit less costwise. If "hardcore gamers" really care about speed and graphics, I can't see them passing up a new offering that makes their present platform look like an antique.
  14. As I understand it, the "details that aren't there" effect is due to slower-chroma-than-luma in the NTSC/PAL video standards. Its present in video mods displaying through composite output. It is greatly reduced/eliminated through mods displaying with s-video outputs. Not sure about the hi-res color artifacting. Never had a high enough res modded system.
  15. To do what? I am not gonna have to pry anything from your cold, dead hands. Wow, I think something was lost in the translation here, Monk. Generally the "from my cold dead hands" expression means that you love something so much you'd never give it up willingly. It's a playful idiom, often used between people of agreeing viewpoints, even though that obviously wasn't the case here. For the record, I didn't literally think that you were trying to take my mod away! Another idiom - when I said "I hear where you're coming from" - I was acknowledging your perspective as valid. Its just not the one I would pick. My comment was not meant to be a mocking comment. Some people play CDs through retro tube amps to mellow the sound. This would be analogous, and some people might choose this middle ground between convenience and "authenticity". In all earnestness, I hope you continue to enjoy your original-RF Atari, Monk. I really wasn't trying to covert you. I was just sharing my thoughts on the matter, "stupid" as they were.
  16. The other big 2 have fully realized that motion sensing is here to stay, and this is a sign of it. I don't think Sony or Microsoft have got much hope of tapping into the Wii audience, and I'm pretty sure they know it. But they've got to lay some foundation in the motion sensing field or else they'll risk making Nintendo the defacto motion-sensing company for generations to come. You can bet your booties that Xbox720, PS4, and Wii2 all have accurate Wii MotionPlus level accelerometers built-in. I don't think we'll see a Wii2 with just a processor upgrade. Nintendo realizes that taking basically the same platform and only adding a faster_CPU+better_GPU is a losing plan. I'd be very surprised if Wii2 doesn't bring a few new things to the console table. Will lightning strike twice? If Nintendo focuses on enhancing their core family+party strengths, I believe it will.
  17. I hear what you're saying, but you'd have to pry my Longhorn video-modded 2600 from my cold dead hands. The RF unit in my 2600 was dying, and LE saved my 2600. I'm also going to order one of his 7800 mods soon too. A standard composite/s-video connector is just less of a hassle, and the stereo sound in the 2600 mod is sweet. I know there's the school of thought that some games use the RF blur to their advantage (like the tires in Enduro) but I think if it was practical for Atari to release composite connectors with the VCS they would have done so. Maybe LE can add an optional "blur" circuit to his mods, so the user can decide if they don't want perfect clarity! :D
  18. Sure, that would work. 2k ROM banks is a bit tight, but that's a heck of a lot of ram to play with!
  19. You're the expert. Of course he is!. Who do you think is shaving Hoff?
  20. How is it going to write to that ram bank, since the 2600 cart pinout has no write-indicator line? If you take the sara chip approach of repurposing an address line as a write-indicator you lose half of the 4k address space in the bank. There's a few alternate schemes I can think of, but they have serious pitfalls.
  21. An arrow or ellipses would definitely be handy for indicating dialog continues. Allowing the coder to setup a variable to change the color of the text would be handy. It would allow you to have dialog between characters, each one with their own color. The coder could do something like this in bB... dim fontcolor=z fontcolor=$2f And in the asm something like this so the color variable is optional... ifconst fontcolor lda fontcolor else lda #$0f endif ; set PM colors
  22. Ah, nice! I really have to build a MAME cab for myself one of these days.
  23. Noooo! If they redesign it now it's gonna mean it will take them even longer!!!
  24. Definitely would expand the number of projects one could tackle in bB. Were you thinking 24 bytes of ram for the text, or 2 with indirect addressing to rom? The latter is attractive memorywise, but the former would allow for complex score and statistic information to be displayed in games. [edit - I guess 2 with indirect addressing could also point to ram too, when users want dynamic text. A wasted 2 bytes for that case, but probably worth it for the flexibility.]
  25. The bios is looking for a floppy drive that isn't there. Go in and set the floppy drive to "none" or something like that. (Each bios is a bit different)
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