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    EPROM Erasing..

    Moreover, a blacklight is just a regular bulb with a filter coating. It produces no more violet than a regular bulb, just less of the rest of the spectrum. If it worked for germicidal/eprom application (which it doesn't) you might as well use a normal bulb.
  2. Yeah, I suggested that a few posts back. He says those menus don't work.
  3. Taking out the battery only resets the bios, so it won't help. The bios is the menu program that runs when you start the computer, initializes the hardware, and boots from the disk. In your case DOS is what boots from disk, which in turn is set to run ArcadeOS. In later versions of DOS you can use F5 or F8 to interrupt autoexec.bat (one of the main boot batch files) providing config.sys hasn't locked them out. Try F5, F8, ctrl-c, and ctrl-break continuously while it's booting. But I'm not holding out much luck. It sounds like they've put ArcadeOS into a mode where you can't access anything of the kind, probably to eliminate the possibility of someone mucking with the controls and messing things up, and ultimately complaining. If DOS on the hard disk is locked, getting into it by booting an alternate OS is likely the only way you're going to remove that config file. [other thought: if you're comfortable pulling the hard drive, you can put it in a USB enclosure and access it on another computer.]
  4. The general solution to that is to interrupt the startup, go into the bios settings, navigate the menus to the boot options, and ensure you can boot from something other than the hard drive. Depending on what the bios supports, that may be USB drive/floppy/cdrom. Then stick in a bootable version of whatever OS you are comfortable with, and once it boots you can modify the hard drive. I'd use a Linux distribution, but you could also use FreeDOS if you're comfortable with DOS. (if you use FreeDOS, be sure to choose the LiveCD option from the menu when it comes up, rather than the installer! )
  5. ArcadeOS is the front-end. Mame proper doesn't have a way to pick which game you're going to run, it just expects that information on the command-line, along with any options. ArcadeOS and other front-ends provide a graphical way to pick the games and add command-line options like frameskipping, etc. If you look for the dos download of ArcadeOS, it has a manual in the zipfile which describes the controls. I don't have ArcadeOS running anywhere now (was years since I ran it) but it looks like what you need to do is navigate to the game and press "player 2" (or 2 on the keyboard) and then choose "game config". Changing the frameskip setting there should make the change permanent.
  6. Thanks for the reply. Yeah, that might get tedious. And I wouldn't want to risk my Harmony frying it in single-image mode. Truthfully I haven't fried a cart in decades; that it was technically possible just appealed to the geek in me. Really there are other features I'd love to see first, like new bank schemes and access to writing Arm custom "co-processors". Not rushing you though, I'm sure you have a pretty full plate right now.
  7. The topic about the Space Invaders reset trick got me to thinking about how you can't fry games with Harmony. Automated frying seems a fairly do-able feature, and already well investigated by batari with regards to emulators, if memory serves correctly. It's not the most important feature to work on, but it would be pretty cool!
  8. So, in all seriousness, what's the point of a timer that doesn't matter? It will only serve to bother those that haven't found the Inverted Song of Time. I'm a fan of open exploring too - part of the joy of these games is stumbling upon little inconsequential touches the designs put in the games. The timer thing is an annoyance to me, albeit a minor one.
  9. I believe the terribly slow load times with some SD cards were addressed in a early firmware update. BTW, I have 3 folders in my root directory and I still see the yin yang for a few seconds on start up. I think it probably has more to do with some SD card brands. Maybe some have a slow SPI implementation, or maybe non-standard behaviour in their controller.
  10. In Linux/bash, if you move the files with a * glob, they get moved in alpha-sorted order. I believe the same will work in MacOS as well. If you're CLI handy... cd [directory with roms] mkdir ../tmp mv * ../tmp mv ../tmp/* . rmdir ../tmp If you're not sure where the directory with the roms is, the "df" command should show you all the mounts, including where the SD card is mounted. (assuming OSX is auto-mounting it)
  11. Looks like it's a Brazilian console... http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/119663-activision-console And one sale... http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/71149-sold-the-activision-console-vj-8900-fs
  12. On top of the crazy price, it's untested!!! But it definitely is beautiful.
  13. Where do I send my pre-order deposit!?!
  14. RevEng

    EPROM Erasing..

    Toothbrush santizers will also do the same thing. Similarly, you need to run it through a few cycles.
  15. I agree with you on the prolines. If you can't solder, you can buy a euro 7800 gamepad or a pre-modded nes/sms/genesis pad. If you can solder, you can mod any type of gamepad with a genesis extension cable. It involves a few cut traces, a few resistors, and a bit of rewire, but the result is well worth it. I now refuse to play the 7800 without it. IMO Genesis controllers are the easiest, though I haven't tried SMS. They already have all the wires present in the cable, so you don't need the extension. I have a pair of $5 well-rated new Genesis controllers coming from Deal Extreme that will be modded just like my existing 7800-modded original Genesis pad.
  16. Sweet! With a promotion I can finally be Senior coffee boy! It was just the one sticking point I had in an otherwise very helpful doc. This thread may now resume it's regularly scheduled program.
  17. This is trademark infringement law based on reproduction, counterfeit, copy, or colorable imitation works. A physical cart or circuit board is not a trademark itself, registered or otherwise; the homebrew author isn't using the original title's trademarks. Nor are we taking about reproducing the original cart. Re-use!=Reproduction, by any legal or english definition. The cornerstone of this (rather controversial) decision is that Lee ran contrary to The Visual Artists Rights Act of 1990, not copyright law, patent law, nor trademark law. The Visual Artists Rights Act only applies to artistic works produced in quantities up to 200 copies, and it only applies to paintings, drawings, sculptures, and limited edition photographs. Not video games, and if you consider a video game a "other audiovisual work" than they're explicitly excluded. These last 2 have to do with reproduction, counterfeit, clones, etc. The rulings have nothing to do with re-using pre-existing works. As "pac-man", no. But since the cart itself isn't part of the pac-man trademark, and you're not using the pac-man trademark, you don't need it. So long as you own the trademark to Missile Command, feel free to sell it!
  18. Absolutely. And patent law also has the concept of exhaustion too! Not to mention that the patent terms on any retro cart tech ran out long ago. If you re-read my original post, you'll see I never argued that a cart wasn't a creative work. I actually believe it is. What I did say was that no copy was being made, so copyright law doesn't apply. There is no grey area here. Citation please. What you are claiming makes illegal the sale of any good that is not factory pristine. There is no grey area with patent exhaustion as you suggest, with the notable exception of EULAs. There is plenty of case law to back that up.
  19. The clock on copyright term WRT characters is measured from their first publication, not the last. But if the character changes, you'll need to wait for the first appearance of the changed character to lapse into the PD before you can use that version. When Disney so infamously bought new copyright laws, it was the "steamboat willie" version of Mickey Mouse that was in peril. But I also agree with Hatta. Any time Disney has their I.P. sliding toward the public domain, we'll hear talk from the politicians that short copyright terms are harming the public and how much productive dear old Walt will be if we just give him more incentive. Then they'll enact laws to save us from a terrible fate. So the practical answer to the originally posted question is "when politicians and laws can't be bought and real copyright reform happens". So "never" is the real answer.
  20. I would have pointed this out in the original thread (it's now locked) but the analysis is flawed with regards to carts. There's no reason to send a legal request to use empty carts or circuit boards in a homebrew project. Copyright only applies to the reproduction of artistic works. Reusing the original carts, circuits, or physical roms - even in a modified form - doesn't cause a spontaneous copy to be created. This would only be the case if you tried to create injection molds and new parts from an original cart. Similarly, trademarks on the cart labels follow the exhaustion doctrine, aka first-sale doctrine. The other points in the document are definitely useful, and homebrewers should know that even when they are legally in the right, large companies often pursue cases without merit to push around smaller companies and individuals. Back on topic... In the US (as Reaperman pointed out) the likeness of pac-man circa 1980 will be able to be reused in ~2075, assuming no more extensions are made to copyright law. In Canada the term is the lifetime of the author plus 50 years, and the U.K. is using the lifetime of the author plus 70 years as are many other parts of Europe.
  21. Awesome idea for a thread! :thumbsup: Indeed, thanks *so* much to Fred and all the Harmony team! You guys rock, and I am over-the-moon-happy being able to play rare games and try out my code ideas on real hardware. I am definitely going to pick up at least one spare soon!
  22. I agree that the ideal is to implement fire-for-reset, as there is a minuscule cost in doing so and it's convenient, and I had already read the doc that GroovyBee posted a while back. But I still maintain that there's no need to apologize for not implementing it in a homebrew. Make feature requests for it fine. But anybody that feels a homebrew author needs to apologize for not including "feature X" needs their head examined.
  23. Cleaning it with sandpaper multiple times could wear down the carbon layer and make it uneven. This would make the paddle somewhat jittery, as one five degree turn wouldn't match the resistance increase of the last 5 degree turn. I'm not saying this is the case, only suggesting the possibility. Personally, I'm with Video on this one. Replacing the pot is likely going to fix the problem.
  24. Excellent news. I had seen the leaked trailer, but then heard Ubisoft's declaration that it was on-hold/dead. Apparently I missed their contradicting declarations. If it does get released, I hope they include a copy of the original with the sequel. My disc of BG&E isn't working, and I'd love to run through it another time before doing the sequel.
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