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  1. It's the other way around. The multisprites flicker when they're all in a horizontal line. YYYY = lots of flicker Y Y Y Y = no flicker
  2. I'd like to use a paddle and my joystick with the Kate Beckinsale game. Oh wait, you were talking about the game controls. Nevermind.
  3. You'll sometimes find that a syntax error elsewhere will trigger this kind of odd error. Without the source code its hard to say more.
  4. I'll miss the show too, but I'll be happy if I can get a Harmony this year. You first lucky bastards need to share the unboxing. I'll gladly give up a rep point for the first person to post a review here at AA and urge others to join in a rep point bounty!
  5. The symmetric thing is only for playfield data. The multisprite kernel doesn't use the same variables for player1 that the regular kernel does. You're probably not using the right variables... From RT's online copy of the bB guide:
  6. Yes, its supposed to work with 27C32 and 2732. I'm still very happy with the purchase. The programmer does what its supposed to do, and it hasn't failed me once.
  7. Mea culpa, though my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek. I enjoy the motion control games too.
  8. I'll agree that a lot of game have unnecessary motion controls tacked on, especially earlier titles when they were a novelty. There are a lot of Wii titles that do it right too, including those that just use the wiimote+nunchuck combo just like a gamecube controller. (Only more comfortable) Not all the games have you swinging like an idiot, and the ones that do have motions that are often easier to learn than "press Z and analog-thumbstick+down to do foo." But to each his own. I also own a 360; each console has its own strong points and unique game styles.
  9. If you take the Wii down the homebrew/usb-loader route, its a fantastic value. I have ~20 full Wii games I've transferred onto a usb external drive. Using a usb loader I no longer have to take care of those oh-so-scratchable discs. Just select the game from a friendly menu and play. Off the same drive (different partition) I watch movies with mplayer. If I desired, I could also play DVDs with mplayer - the Wii is capable of playing DVDs, its just missing the software/licensing to do so. Tons of emulators have been ported to the Wii. If you don't have the real console, playing an emulator with your TV and console controls is the next best thing.
  10. Decapping an OTP EPROM will definitely make it reprogrammable, but if you tried to decap by hand it's fairly likely you'd take out one or more of the bond wires. Intel apparently had some success with using X-rays to erase OTP eproms and annealing them at high temps to fix the damage the X-rays would cause, but that doesn't sound like the most reliable method either.
  11. View your own profile, then choose "Edit my profile" at the top-right. From there you should have a "Manage Ignored Users" choice in the menu on the left. Happy ignoring!
  12. RevEng


    Problem 1: There is no label erase_line_1c_p1, but you're trying to goto it. I think you meant erase_lines_1c_p1. Problem 2: This one might just be a problem on my setup, but for some reason the asm is using "pfwidth" when pfres is defined, and pfwidth isn't in any of my headers or bB asm files. If you add "const pfwidth=4" in addition to the pfres constant, you can then compile.
  13. Good to know. Thanks Thomas! And thanks for directing me to DriveSort, lgallair and deksar. That's much better than my previous workaround of creating a new directory and moving the files from command-line.
  14. Is the game selection menu sorted, or in order of the FAT entries? I've had devices that do the latter, and when you drag and drop in Windows you wind up getting a file or two out of order.
  15. Nice! Thanks for the tip... I'll definitely use it! Thanks also for your online docs. I use them all the time for syntax lookup. Very handy!
  16. Just realized I have the debug cycles option set. [smacks head] I'm away from the computer ATM, buy likely I've just run out of cycles. Sorry if I wasted anyone's time!
  17. The attached binary is a slimmed-down version of a playfield loader I'm working on. Despite having nothing to do with setting the background color, it always colors the background purple when called, *even* if I explicitly set COLUBK to another color after the playfield load. No sure if this is my fault, a bB error, or a expected bB behaviour. I'll be damned if I can find the cause. Any help would be appreciated. bug.bas bug.bas.bin
  18. It definitely would be simple if the Zapper worked with the raster in the CRT. It doesn't appear to. Quoth the wikipedia... In any case, I don't see why some form of the "Sequential Targets" couldn't be tweaked to work with LCD and plasma TVs. The white-out time might have to stretch across 2 frames and be more visible to allow for laggy LCD pixels, but I don't see why it couldn't be made to work.
  19. Yeah, from the reading I've done on this recently it seems there's 2 styles of lightgun. One kind - like the NES zapper - requires the game to flash objects white when the trigger is pulled. There's another kind that follows the flash of raster as it draws the screen. It seems the zapper *should* work with LCD TVs, but I've heard reports to the contrary. Perhaps LCD TVs don't have a fast enough response time.
  20. Yup, I've found that's true. For a year and a half I lifted weights and ran regularly on a treadmill, and barely dented my weight. Yes, some of that maintained weight was fat converted to muscle mass, but overall I looked as overweight as when I started. I've been against diets by whole life as a general concept, but after quite a bit of research I decided to try a low-carb diet. My reasoning was that it actually sounded closer to a "natural" diet than the "fructose and grain" diet that is the staple of most people. 7 months later I was *85* pounds lighter, and at what I'd consider my ideal weight. I know I sound like a spokesperson for some whacko health-product infomercial, but it really did change my life. I just thought I'd share in case anyone of the average-gamers is at the end of their weight-rope, like I was.
  21. Here's what I'd love to see - a multisprite kernel with asymmetric playfield. Yes, I know the cycles aren't there to do it straight. But what if you only updated the playfield every other line, and left the other ones blank? On the next frame, the playfield line drawn could dropped down a line. Or if if there aren't enough cycles still, then just every fourth line, and in the second frame the playfield line could be dropped 2 lines. Such a kernel would be *very* useful for a variety of games, and I think the missing playfield lines is an acceptable trade-off.
  22. I updated the original post: I added one more font (Ste's, not my own) and some new symbols. I probably won't be updating this for a while, if at all... Consider it the final version.
  23. Pinned in the A8 forum... http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/138244-how-to-remove-yellowing-from-an-old-atari-case/
  24. Classis consoles were inferior to their arcade game counterparts technologically, no doubt. But keep in mind that arcade games are inferior to the consoles as far as the long-lived games are concerned. You'd never see a game like Adventure or Legend of Zelda in the arcades. Also, sometimes the "resistance of the media" helps to create some surprising art. Yar's Revenge being a loose adaptation of Star Castle is just one example. I always treated the 2600 (and later my a8) as a compliment to the arcade experience rather than a way to save quarters, and to this day I find both enjoyable but different experiences.
  25. RevEng


    Yup, lots of potential! In some ways it reminds me of the 2600 version of jawbreaker. suggestions: I think the side walls should be deadly. As is, you can safely sit in one of the tunnels and have it keep pushing you until the conditions are perfect to get to the next tunnel. The speed/character of the boxiz should change as you earn more points, as should the wall colors (I'm sure you already had that in mind) The main character could be an ant, trying to avoid invaders in his colony... if only we had a name for this character. bugs: holding download at the beginning allows you to keeps scoring without having to go up.
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