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  1. 1) Buy Cybermorph. 2) crack the case open. 3) buy a skunk and flash P1 to it. 4) put the skunk in the cybermorph case. I have a skunk board. I like having dedicated cartridges with labels. That way I can expand all my crap all over the house. Seriously, after we take a week's rest or so, we'll think about it. Honest
  2. In what way is this related to the thread topic btw? Create another thread if you like and we'll discuss.
  3. The video has been withdrawn mostly because it wasn't valid html the way we linked it with our CMS.
  4. I guess there's not much more to say, just head over our site, download, share, enjoy, and positively don't sell it Opinions, flames, raves, constructive criticisms follows after this post!
  5. Well, keep in mind that what we are about to release is the content for level 1 only (plus titles etc), so it's still a good months till we hit final release. Then we can talk again about a cart release. Who knows, maybe you guys will think it'll stink so bad, it won't be worth the silicon As for manual and box....... I really doubt that. Unless you want a 32-page manual saying "You see the screen? See some shapes dancing around? Yes? Well, SHOOT THE HELL OUT OF THEM! Repeat till level's done. Proceed to the next." (well yeah, we can include a 30-page ego trip to fill the rest of the manual, but we're already too chuffed, so I doubt it'll do us any good )
  6. Is that thing photoshopped?

  7. Is that thing photoshopped?

  8. Like I wrote above, it wasn't just the piracy....
  9. Yyyyyyyyyeah, that and some other various reasons....
  10. bra .still_alive by any chance? Aww you just gave away the most crafty bit of the source code. Now people will steal it and make carts for huge profit :(
  11. Glad you got that straightened out. I still miss the freejag II bit
  12. I played Atari today and... ...Project One kicked my ass totally! Then I used ctrl+f on scroll.s and commented out a line, and reassembled. Sorted
  13. promethea - reboot's pin-up pop-star!

  14. What a great idea - I assume you mean a friendly environment where you can ask a polite question and get a polite, helpful reply from others without being attacked and branded by certain ignorant folk - Yes, I agree, and I'm sure so will many other people. Nice suggestion Dan! Thanks for putting it on the table :-) I'm struggling hard to find a minus point too - please proceed as proposed!
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