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  1. Im your big fan on youtube. When new 2-Bit gaming? Hope you show how to open Pegasus (or Famicom, they are the same) games.

  2. I don't understand it, but it looks cool.
  3. Is the site down? The link won't work for me.
  4. That's pretty cool. Needs a more retro case, but I like the idea.
  5. See image in post #2 of this topic. Pay no attention to the different style of woodgrain on Sears units -- what you want to look at is the shape and thickness of the black plastic at the lower edge and ends of the woodgrain panel. Well than, strike my previous post. It turns out I have two Light-Sixers. I had always assumed my six switch VCS was a Heavy-Sixer because it reads "Sunnyvale" on the bottom, but the plastic molding is like the Light-Sixer. It's also much heavier than my Four-Switcher and Vader. But I was mistaken, unless Sunnyvale produced heavy internal units with the later molding. That seems unlikely. Thanks for the info.
  6. It's the subject that matters. The girl is pretty, well framed, and expertly lit. She's full of energy and the photo conveys all the fun of classic gaming. The only people that would notice the cords and joystick errors are hardcore gamers like those of us on atariage. Like I said before, great stuff.
  7. They don't, unless you take the insert out. I bet a custom insert could be cut from cardboard that would allow for two carts. If you really wanted to fit them in there. It would probably be easy to design by using the original for measurements.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to write such a supportive message. As a Do-It-Yourselfer you know we can't help but do it ourselves when we get an idea and see a solution. I'm not angry with anyone who feels I'm stealing Al's thunder. Hopefully they'll feel differently after learning I started this project long before Al made his available. I just wish people wouldn't jump to negative conclusions. I've apologized to Al and if he thinks this thread needs to be deleted I'll understand.
  9. Cool stuff. I liked the spilled popcorn, it sells the gamer lifestyle. Pretty girl, is she your sister? What were the pictures for? BTW, the 2600 isn't plugged into the TV or the power. I've noticed this is very common with a lot of video game promo shoots. I know it's just a prop and all, so I'm not saying it's bad or anything. The worst I've seen was a picture used for a Video Game College with a guy holding a gamepad backwards. Not upside down, backwards. As in joysticks toward the TV.
  10. Hey Al, sorry for posting my custom Halo 2600 boxes. I didn't know you were planing to sell your own. If you want to delete my thread and related posts I'll understand. It seems to have pissed some people off that I posted them. I wasn't aware of your box and I never intended hurt your sales.
  11. You posted your boxes in three different threads in this forum and somehow didn't manage to see the Halo 2600 Boxes Available post? That seems... peculiar. --Will I stumbled on it last night. Thanks for the link anyway. The reason I didn't notice Al's box thread is I was mainly posting online in the Atari 2600 announcement thread posted on the front page. Until last night when I posted this thread the only other thread I posted in was the Halo 2600 order thread linked from the 7th page of the Halo 2600 front page story. I wasn't active here until 2600 was released and I just wasn't lurking in the full forum yet. I started work on these boxes a couple weeks ago and this thread was my first post outside of the Halo 2600 article's forum thread linked on the front page.
  12. He joined last year......and has 28 posts! That wasn't really my point, it was for the fact that the guy is shitting on Marc's Halo box sale. I had no idea there was an official box. I was only posting in the Halo 2600 thread on the front page and I didn't enter the 2600 forum until I posted this thread. My intent was never to "shit" on anyone's box. I started work on these for two reasons. I wanted a box and manual, but my Halo 2600 cart didn't come with them and I thought others would want the same. I started work on my boxes and manual weeks ago and didn't post them here until after I had printed folded and tested them all. I literally took a picture of it folded while the glue was still wet and posted this thread unaware there was an official box. Now that I'm aware of the official box I don't think this effects sales of it because those who want an official box will still only have one choice. My boxes don't look anything like the official one and have to be printed, cut, and glued and in the end they'll never look as professional as the official box. I could understand your concern if I had copied the box and posted instructions on how to rip it off, but I created mine from scratch without the knowledge that Albert was planing to release a box of his own. Had I known a box was being planed I probably wouldn't have bothered to do all the work to make my own. Again I want to stress that I posted this for the community to enjoy because to my knowledge there wasn't ever going to be a box for Halo 2600. I'm sorry if this still pisses you off, but I assure you I had no intention to "shit" on anything. I was just excited about Halo 2600 and wanted to contribute.
  13. I couldn't agree more. I'm a pretty serious collector, but I don't even care if the games are complete. So long as the label is decent and it works I'm happy. If the box, manual, etc. are cheap I'll go for it, but if the cart alone is only a buck or so I have to say I prefer the small shelf space. In fact I often fold the boxes flat and store them separately.
  14. I prepared a Photoshop template. You'll need the Atari Fonts available on AtariAge or you'll have to replace the text with other fonts. Template: http://www.mediafire.com/?g6cdd19lqo55ie6 Fonts: http://www.atariage.com/2600/archives/AtariFonts/index.html?SystemID=2600
  15. Sweet! I'm head to Kinko's first thing tomorrow. That's completely awesome. I just picked up Albert's Halo 2600 box and its amazing. I was only bummed it didn't come with an instruction booklet. Now I'll finally have one that matches the box. I'm also going to print up your silver box to go along with my silver label cartridge. The manual would complete the set. "Albert's Halo 2600 box" There's a box for Halo 2600? I had no idea. Do you have a link? As for the manual, what's on the back? I need to know what both the front and back look like so I can emulate it. I'll be keeping the original dimensions and the inside and edit the cover into a silver style.
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