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  1. Got a response from the seller today that he/she was laid up in the hospital. Supposedly, the game shipped yesterday.
  2. I bought an Intellivision I through Craigslist that had the black screen problem. After thoroughly cleaning the console pins with fine grain sandpaper and alcohol, it still had the black screen. On a whim, I sprayed electronics parts cleaner generously into the power switch and moved it back and forth repeatedly, multiple times. Presto, problem solved. That Intellivision has worked fine since.
  3. Two that I have are Waialae and Jack Nicklaus. Have not played either to vouch for how good (or not) they are though.
  4. The device could, for all intents and purposes, be jazzed up to appeal to modern tastes. What if it not only played games, but also allowed for wi-fi texting via an on-screen interface built into the system? What if it had a built in camera for video messaging? MP3 player built in with a flash drive port in the side of the console? I know that all the naysayers will automatically shoot these down based on costs, but making it updated and modern, looking nothing like the woodgrain design of the 70's, might go a long way toward gaining widespread acceptance. Also, consider that maybe all do not want to have to invest hours into playing modern three dimensional RPG's and FPS. Some like the quick pick up and play ability that was the core of the VCS games. Marketed in the right way, it would have a good chance to succeed.
  5. I am patiently waiting on Piece o' Cake game cartridge for VCS. The auction says I should have received it 4 days ago, so I contacted the seller tonight. Have not heard back yet.
  6. Just a question: When did randomness become the measure of a good game? I memorized the patterns to SMB back in the 80's but still enjoy playing it from time to time.
  7. Call me crazy, but Space Invaders never intrigued me in the slightest back then. The biggest reason I got my Sears Video Arcade system was because of the Activision games and a few M Network titles. Space Invaders bored me, and I do not remember it even being the pack-in game (even the Atari branded systems had Pac Man or Combat as the pack-in by then) when I shopped for mine in 1980. I never associated Space Invaders with the VCS. Only remembering seeing it at this laundromat we used to go to. They had some pinball machines along with Space Invaders, Battlezone, and Venture. I played the tar out of Venture and Battlezone at that laundromat, but only tried Space Invaders once or twice, long enough to get bored by it.
  8. This thread should have had a poll.
  9. It's looking more and more like vaporware. Just you shut your mouth!
  10. People don't have to divulge how they voted. There is no way for others to automatically know that, so what's the harm?
  11. Like it says, How much would you value your current classic game collection at for insurance purposes?
  12. Pac Man, as poor of a port as it was, really says Atari VCS from the early 80's to me.
  13. Easy and cheap fix: Wrap the RF cable in aluminum foil over its entire length. Problem solved.
  14. I think the view that the only one's interested would be Atari Age members is more than a little self-agrandizing in itself. Guess what, there are many Atari enthusiasts who have never glanced at this website. Also, I have to believe in the lower-end economic market. There are many families without internet (so no Atari Age, imagine that) that are looking for a little family-friendly entertainment. They cannot afford to spend $200 on Xbox 360, nor $50-$60 for new games. No, these people live in a tight economic situation but would be more than glad to have good video games available at an affordable price. New game releases would fuel the market, and re-releases would draw the enthusiasts.
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