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  1. Not sure if the slim PS2 has a surface texture to it, but if it does, be careful with this. Magic Erasers (melamine foam) are basically like really fine sandpaper. It will take off the texture and leave an obvious smooth or hazy spot.
  2. Is that electrical tape wrapped around the stem? What exactly is the ball knob material?
  3. Not sure if this would make a difference, but if you haven't done so already, disconnect everything from the expansion slot (keyboard interface, SGM, etc.) and try playing a game with just the controller connected. If you have 2.5 VDC at U19 pins 2 and 3 with the controller connected then your inputs should be OK. Check your solder connections at U19 pins 17 and 18.
  4. Stupid questions first - are you sure it's the console and not your controller? Did you try swapping the controllers? Start it up without controllers attached? If it isn't the controller, are you sure the controller ICs you replaced aren't bad? You should have 2.5 VDC on pins 3-9 of U18 and pins 2-8 of U19 in the normal state.
  5. Given that the CV expansion port is just a traced card edge, it's unlikely that the problem lies there - possible, yes, but unlikely. Of course you could have a broken trace between the edge connector and a component on the motherboard, but it's more likely that the connector and/or the 2600 module socket is dirty, or that the problem lies squarely in the 2600 module. Without checking pin voltages and prodding around with a logic probe, it would be easier to just try the module on another CV or try a new module.
  6. I don't know about you guys, but I think a patch would be awesome.
  7. Ordered. Can't wait to try Gradius with it.
  8. Bought a Genesis 2 from this guy. Must be a Tetris master because I've never seen such a nicely-packed and protected box. Shipping was quick. Can't go wrong.
  9. Positive plug for Emehr. I received possibly the best-packed Genesis I've ever seen. And in such good condition!
  10. Wii. The one I have was given to me with a few games. It's a fun novelty at times, but I'm not drawn to it. ColecoVision and SNES purely for nostalgia (started playing on my sisters' ColecoVision when I was 4; SNES was the first system I received for Christmas), and PS2 for more "modern" gaming (as well as compatibility with PS1 games).
  11. Could the cartridge slot door be slightly pushing the cart forward in the slot to where a pin isn't making good contact? It seems unlikely, but then why would it work with the cover off?
  12. You're going to have a hard time getting a complete CV in good working order for $50 or less. Some deals can be had but usually things are missing or broken. If you're technically handy however, some CV problems can be fixed without too much trouble. Keep looking, it's a very fun system.
  13. I would really like the full boxed version since I wasn't fast enough to get one before.
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