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  1. I am having issues also but I am new to the VCS. I can get mine to pair but it takes almost 60 seconds of holding the Fuji button down before the VCS see them. Then they are paired and work fine. But after powering off the VCS most of the time pairing is lost and I have to do it all over. Not sure if it is the controller firmware of the VCS firmware causing the problem. But most of the time I use the controllers wired.
  2. Licensing would be the biggest issue for titles that Atari does not own all the rights to.
  3. I tried again first thing this morning and I was able to sign on right away. I am applying more updates and looking through the Store now. Everything is working well today.
  4. I am trying right now and I cannot get the PIN to verify... After a few minutes now it finally went through. Servers are just slow. I just can't log in...
  5. I am going through my video game collection and have some spare Lynx Games I had for trades that I would see if anybody here would be interested in before posting them on eBay, Game Shows, or elsewhere. Not sure if there is a difference to the game, packaging, or manual but Super Sweek was from France. All games are new and sealed. Asking the following for the games plus shipping. I am located in the USA. $25 Shadow of the Beast (each) $15 Tournament Cyberball $15 Super Sweek $20 Robo Squash $20 Rampart (eBay ID: fmh.com 784 @ 100% since Sep-1999)
  6. fmh

    Wyvern Tales

    Please count me in for one copy.
  7. I rarely read the forums here on Atari Age so I miss many announcements on new releases. I was lucky enough to pick up Another World on the 2nd run of carts. NHL15 and others in the past couple of years I never heard about. If a new release is not on the front of the Atari Age home page I will miss it.
  8. I believe I tried the IS2 on multiple systems and the same thing. Both our carts are EPROMs and they must have worn out or what ever the proper term is for a Flashed Chip is.
  9. I bought a Xevious Prototype from Video Game Take Out in 1985. I don't know if this is the same version floating around on Multi Carts or not. Video Game Take Out had a lot of Prototypes for sale for the 2600 and 5200 but I could only afford one title as they weren't cheap and Xevious was my favorite arcade game at the time. I haven't played the game in about 20 years but from memory it looked complete and played like the arcade.
  10. When the Jag games eventually do go on sale please post the announcement on the AtariAge front page. I don't always read the forums and have missed quite a few games over the years because of that.
  11. Please add me to the list also.
  12. I just recently set up my Jaguar again to play some games and there is one game that no matter how much I clean it will not get past the Red Screen. All others after one or two cleanings will work. For stubborn carts I lightly sand 600+ emery cloth on the contacts, then with electrical cleaner on a q-tip clean the contacts and then finally with a can of compressed air blow the contacts clean/dry. The one cartridge that refuses to play is Iron Soldier 2. I was wondering since this was an EPROM game from Telegames if the EPROM went bad? All contacts are straight and clean on the cart. Other Telegames Carts are working like Towers II just not this one.
  13. It does now. A blank was added to the end of .txt during the initial posting.
  14. OK folks I am going through my book and magazine collection to try and decide what I want to keep and what I want to part with. It’s pretty large mostly dealing with the 80’s and 90’s Video Gaming and Computers. There is a decent amount of Atari related items here. I do have some more recent items on the list also. For ease of reading I decided to list each issue vertically. It makes it easier to locate items but makes the list very long. This is what I could find up to now that I had time to catalog. I know I have more especially Atari and ADAM programming books but I have not located them yet. Plus I know I have more Video Gaming magazines from the 80’s to find also. I do plan on updating the list as I find items to add and to remove items no longer available. So if anything here interests you check back from time to time. I will most likely add items on the weekends when I have more time. Prices do not include shipping. I am located in the USA at Zip Code 44026 to give you an idea where they will ship from. Instead of listing the full list here I am providing a link to a Text File on my Web Site. Otherwise this list would be many screens long to scroll through. For most people a simple Text File is easier to deal with. Plus updating the list takes less bandwidth here. The magazines and books are generally in good condition. For items you are interested in if they are not in good condition I will let you know when I pull them out for you. Pictures can be sent upon request if needed to show blemishes. I will answer questions/requests in the order that I receive them. But due to work schedule and time of year sometimes it may take a day or so to respond. The list of magazines and books can be found here : http://fmhcentral.freeservers.com/Forsale/BOOKS.txt
  15. Hello, I have tried selling these off once before and no one was interested so I figured I'd see if anybody on eBay would be interested. As the posting says I have the Atari Jaguar Extremist Packs #1, #2, and #3 up on eBay now. If interested please check out http://myworld.ebay.com/fmh.com/ The only other Atari Jaguar related item I may sell off is my ICD CatBox with the Atari SC1224 monitor adapter for the CatBox. If interested contact me.
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