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  1. A friend of mine got the rest of this boards from the store. If someone like to have them i can get his contact, he have no use for this boards.
  2. Not sure for what they where they say on the pcb (coleco 1984) so they must be from some oficial harware. Here goes the pics.
  3. This is atariage and anyone saying that the commodore look better than atari must be immediately kicked out the forum and executed by firing squad !. xD
  4. Hi guys, finally i got the parts (sticks and buttons) to build an arcade joystick for my 5200. But for some reason i can't find any of the schematics i have seen before to build a digital joystick for the 5200. Someone that know or have do it can point me out where to find this information ? Thanks.
  5. Only have a single 65XE, the computer works using the original 64k of ram, theres something bad about the home made gal-emmu. Will try to purchase an a V10 gal seems easy to get it working.
  6. Now i have done the board, checked everything like 5 times using continuity on the multi meter and also when power on the voltages +5v and gnd seem to be ok. But only got a black screen
  7. Hi, have tried this added a couple of 41464 ram chips, and programmed the GAL16V8B as the link instructed soldered pin 12 to gnd used pin 10 on the gal. The link says to populate U35 using a 74LS95 but on my board this socket is already populated is the 4 memory chips version board. But only got a black screen
  8. Found this thing on ebay: https://www.ebay.com/itm/284030380591 At first i think that the guy was selling a bunch of adam parts. But there is included old printed instructions on how to assemble the "kit". Does coleco sold this as computer kits ?, never heard about this.
  9. Great i have seen the web page but never figured out where the files where !. Thanks!
  10. Recently got an APPLE IIgs, 4 meg ram expansion and floppyemu. Downloaded a hard disc image that have the gs/os installed and is reall nice :D. But struggle to install more software. Someone have a hard disco image or images that are already configured software / games that can share?. It could be much more easy for me to start using gs/os this way. Thanks!.
  11. i know is a lot of work but the best way is remove all chips install sockets and replace all of them. If you don't socket them is hard to test and be sure what chip is the one failing. You can use the piggyback method in my case never worked to find the bad ram.
  12. Mike the 15NL chips will work solder sockets first so you can replace them easy in the future the only difference between the 15NL and the 20NL is that they are faster so no problem.
  13. Ok in the case of the pixel past homebrew pcb to get the games working i have to concatenate the rom files to times to get a 64k one and then burn.
  14. Ok to be sure what was the issue i got one of this, it use a 27c512 EEPROM and every game i have burned for it shows a yellow screen. So i have an issue on the roms i use not shure really
  15. Thanks for the links going to try out the svideo older one.
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