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  1. i know is a lot of work but the best way is remove all chips install sockets and replace all of them. If you don't socket them is hard to test and be sure what chip is the one failing. You can use the piggyback method in my case never worked to find the bad ram.
  2. Mike the 15NL chips will work solder sockets first so you can replace them easy in the future the only difference between the 15NL and the 20NL is that they are faster so no problem.
  3. Ok in the case of the pixel past homebrew pcb to get the games working i have to concatenate the rom files to times to get a 64k one and then burn.
  4. Ok to be sure what was the issue i got one of this, it use a 27c512 EEPROM and every game i have burned for it shows a yellow screen. So i have an issue on the roms i use not shure really
  5. Thanks for the links going to try out the svideo older one.
  6. Hi someone knows if theres any mod to get svideo from the colecovision or adam ?. I have done this mod to get composite from ben heck https://www.benheck.com/bens-colecovision-composite-video-mod/and work fine. But could love to get svideo for better video. Of course i know they are kits and boards for sale to get rgb/component/hdmi etc.. I like a homebrew solution but when search on google only find product advertisements for this devices.
  7. Have redone my cart identically to yours, but have the same problem yellow screen. May i inquire about you burn the roms using the eprom burner ?, do you used .a52 files ?, patched them ?
  8. Thank you very much will try to get my mod like this
  9. Thanks for the information if you can post some pictures of your cart it could be help also
  10. Hi i like to play some atari 5200 homebrew that is on 32k roms, like adventure II. I have follow this guide here: http://arcarc.xmission.com/Web%20Archives/Deathskull%20%28May-2006%29/games/tech/5200epromcart.html Do the "universally useful way 32k" So i hacked up a real sport baseball like the guide explain. I used a 74S08 in place of the 7408, hooked VCC and GND of the chip it's not show on the guide but it should be necessary. Cut track A14 track that go from /CE to the edge connector and hooked the logic gate like the diagram. Cut the trace in the back between pin 22 and pin 20 like the guide suggest as optional to try also. Tested using a 27c256 eprom having Adventure 2 burned to it and verify tested the rom in an emulator and work, also tested a couple of other 32k games to be safe but... I only get a yellow screen on the Atari 5200, someone have done this kind of cart hack ?, or can help me out on what is wrong. pictures of my hacked real sport baseball:
  11. Thanks for the reply, yes i know the 800xl it's the easy option but the 800 look so cool . I was thinking it could be not so hard to upgrade the memory its a shame theres no addon board to purchase for it.
  12. Hi someone knows if possible/how to upgrade the ram on the Atari 800 to get it compatible to the Atari 800 XL 64k ? Maybe some product that is for sale ?, or a hardware hack ?.
  13. I like to order one of this adapters they are still available ?
  14. This games are atari st conversions ?
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