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  1. Post you're finds here be they 1 combat cart or a $2 Panasonic Q Today is the last shopping day before christmas and my local thrift has just put their prices up But thats O.k because I found a MIB SNES on the front counter. It came in a Killer instinct box that looks like it has seen better days, The game and C.D where not in there but inside was a boxed SNES and it was Minty fresh with a controller in its own box for AU$50. Also saved a PC Propad6 (6 button gamepad) from beeing bundled in with yet another megadrive (the prices of which are slowly rising) for $8 and picked 4 Megadrive games I don't have out of a pile of 50 games I alrady do have for $4.50 each (a lot more than the $1 they where 4 weeks ago)
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