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  1. whats the matter? too deep for you?
  2. I was working on somthing similar a few years back, didn't get far but I still think it's a good idea
  3. We don't have GS over here but EB does the same thing (most department stores too) And it is one thing I absolutly will not stand for. If it ain't shrinkwraped I make it clear that I'm buying a "NEW" game and could they please go get one. And they either do it or miss out on the sale.
  4. It amazes me how places like this stay in business
  5. Did you mean: Ms. Pacman I couldn't remember if it was Ms or Mrs so I did a quick search And you know what, Google can suck it. Pac-Man is and always has been hyphenated
  6. "The Games Wizards" - Lots of fun rummaging through all the C=64 games back in the day Recently all stores changed to "GAME" but I'm still a gold card member
  7. I still have my original silver D.S and am very proud of the low Serial number. But the lite is more solid and it doesn't have that annoying pop when you turn it on/off. Oh and I use the DS browser so a lite is a must. The only thing I miss about carting my original D.S around is the carry case. I've yet to find a similar (or even half decent) one for the lite that has the plastic inserts for your games.
  8. I think they worked with the AtariAge comunity and took suggestions for Activison Anthology ... so Yes.
  9. Finished "Another Code". And by finished I mean I got to the end. Somehow I didn't get D's memories and will have to play it through again .....
  10. Yeah. Stick it in a High interest account until you have enough to buy the whole Warehouse
  11. Aren't we discussing the consumer market? but then again professionals are also consumers....
  12. The Limited edition guide is the coolest thing ever. I'll probably get 2 and leave 1 shrinked for posterity (and future cash )
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