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  1. Oh wow that is eerily similar! Too funny I ended up getting Zaxxon & Smurf RIGC for my b-day, so it was worth the wait.
  2. Welcome back TPR! I got into the collecting scene because of my wanting to play Donkey Kong again. I had no idea about emulation, but figured there had to be a flash or downloadable version of DK on the web somewhere. That led to me to M.A.M.E. but then I started thinking about how much I loved the ColecoVision, and wouldn't it be cool to have one again. Here it is 15 years later & I've got more games than I could have ever dreamed of owning as a kid! Your story is very similar to mine, CV was my all-time favorite gaming console. Funny, I was supposed to get one for Christmas '82, but my parents couldn't locate one, so I got a 'note' from Santa explaining how they had run out, I'd need to ask my parents for one for my birthday in March. Longest 3 months of my life waiting for that birthday! PS I was twelve in 1982, the Santa note was for the benefit of my 6 year old brother who still believed! lol
  3. Well, since this post was revived, I'll go with G.I. Joe. My 21 year old son came over the other day & we played it for about an hour, got 50,000 points, which is way better than I can get solo on it. I never owned this one BITD, just got it a few weeks ago. Lots of fun, there's even a 3 player option where you can play as 'The Cobra'!
  4. I just picked up a Sears Tele Games Heavy Sixer S/N 59085V. Got 20 commons, 2 working controllers for $40. H6er.zip
  5. Q*Bert's Qubes, Crazy Climber, Up N' Down, Dice Puzzle, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre so far, it's a WIP ; )
  6. Not a CV title, but I picked up a no label title from a local shop Gamers for only .99 cents. It turned out to be I Want My Mommy by Zimag for the 2600-so you never know.
  7. Oh I know-it's a great game! I am still actively seeking the CV version-I told her I would have tried to buy the 2600 version too, any game I don't already own is on my radar. The CV is just way more playable IMHO.
  8. If forced to pick one, it's gotta be River Raid. Robot Tank, Spider Fighter, Decathlon, Keystone Kapers all still get a lot of play time in my house!
  9. 27" Emerson CRT. I hear ya BigO, for no bigger than this thing is it weighs a ton! But it works perfectly for my vintage game setup!
  10. Atari 2600-because it was my first console, had the most games for it, lots of my friends had one to trade games with. Still play it almost daily! Atari 5200-I was sick with asthma in the hospital, my first experience was 5200 Centipede & I loved it! I never owned one because I was Colecovision 'Fanboy' plus I don't think I could have talked my parents into ANOTHER system-already had the 2600, Intv, CV. Spoiled brat! Atari 7800-I only picked this one up as an adult-it's a great system, a great one to collect for due to the limited # of games, but I feel it was just a re-hashed 5200 with a lot of the titles Atari put out. Chris
  11. So my wife, God bless her soul, decided to shop Amazon & find me some games for my birthday. She ended up getting me CV Pitstop, BMX Airmaster (TNT version-NIB) Congo Bongo 2600 & what was labeled as Q*Bert's Qubes for the Colecovision. I got it in the mail & realized it was the 2600 version! She felt bad about it until I told her it was worth a whole heck of a lot more than the $45 she paid for it! I still want the CV version, but SCORE!
  12. Testimonial here for the complete system refurbishing, console and 2 controllers $99 + return shipping. Console refurbished and a/v mod board installed. Controllers refurbished and ball knobs and cords straighted if desired at no extra cost. The picture looks better than the day I got my CV for my birthday back in March of '83! Zero snow/interference, the days of trying to get the power cord & RF connections just right, zero garbage graphics. I highly recommend Yurkie's services!
  13. Speaking of Knight Rider, you know I started programming a 2600 version of this (oh God, here we go)
  14. I tell you, it's getting harder & harder to find anything in the wild. I never find a thing at thrift stores anymore. The Gamers chains we have here in the midwest are hit & miss, so I was pleasantly surprised to find 4 games I didn't already own. There are three of them in my immediate area. They had 2 Colecovision systems, but wanted $64 each, so they're a tad high on some things.
  15. I was at a local CD/Hobby store & picked up a few games for the 2600, Trick Shot $1, International Soccer $1, TacScan $2 & a Zeller's copy of Pinball for $2. I thought I was picking up a copy of Up n' Down for the Colecovision, which I already own for $28. I got it home, started comparing it to see which one I was going to use as trade bait, lo and behold it was the 2600 version! Duh! Needed it anyway, so that was a nice surprise. Anyone else accidentally do this? I went to another local store & picked up Amidar, Encounter at L-5, Secret Quest & Double Dunk for .95 cents each, so it was a good day.
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