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  1. I have seen boxed cartridge versions on YouTube. Where is it available from?
  2. Still eagerly awaiting the email
  3. Am after an unmodified 800XL which are very rare in Australia. I know we use a PAL format here, but will a computer from another PAL country run in Australia? Also, if I were to purchase a NTSC Atari and converted the system with a DVI output (Like the Sophia upgrade) would I be able to use it in Australia? Have always wondered if this was possible with a 1200XL as they were never released here.
  4. Am very keen. What models does it work on? All XL including 1200, XE including XEGS and original 400/800 models? Have to start budgeting!
  5. I did place an order when it was first offered. Where can I find what order number I am? Can not find a confirmation email?
  6. Is it possible to convert the light guns to work on modern TV's/Monitors?
  7. Are they still available for the XEGS already assembled? If so, where can I purchase one and cost?
  8. Not sure if I ordered a device or not? Still very keen to purchase an assembled device + postage to Australia. Are they still available and total cost? Do you accept PayPal?
  9. Thanks for the advice everyone.
  10. I know the majority of floppy disk programs have been transferred to disk images and are being utilised by a number of different devices, but there are a few cassette specific programs and I was wondering if anyone has considered producing a cable to run from an SIO port to an iPod or similar device? The files could be saved as mp3 files and hit play when the program needs to be loaded.
  11. I am a bit late to this thread, and am really excited by the project. If there is a run, will it be PAL compatible?
  12. I am after one assembled device. What would the postage be to Australia?
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