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  1. I missed out on ordering one. I do already have a modded colecovision for an and an SGM but I should have ordered one. Will there be another run in the future?
  2. Hello everyone i decided to hookup my Dreamcast (VGA) and it’s still glorious. I want to play quake and unreal but those are best with keyboard and mouse. If anyone has these and is willing to sell or trade. I have a Wii system complete and NES complete or I can just buy them outright. Dustin NJ
  3. No, it was someone selling for a friend of a friend who was not local. So I passed on it
  4. I have a friend who will sell this to me for 125 system is complete and clean. I hate to use eBay as a guide and have not checked Atari stuff in a while so I am a little out of touch on the value. I see some systems sell for 100 and some for 500 is this a good deal?
  5. Received and loving them. Thank you op ode for my first SGM games
  6. I wish I saw this, will you make more?
  7. Oh man I thought I was golden and now this. Is this the part you are referring to?
  8. Wow I can’t believe it but I opened the colecovision and used electronic contact cleaner on the cart slot and power switch and to my amazement it actually seems to have fixed the issue. The electronic contact cleaner seems much more effective than alcohol. See the nice clean image.
  9. I ordered the contact cleaner on amazon should arrive thurs , will post updates soon
  10. Ok cool thanks for the tip with the business cards I will try that would you say the electrical contact cleaner is more effective than alcohol?
  11. Ok fair enough. I live in New Jersey USA. I will use a toothbrush to clean the contacts of the cartridge port and see if I can figure out how to clean the power switch. Is my only guide the PDF or is there any tutorial videos ? I could not find any on YouTube? I will post results in the next few days dustin
  12. My colecovision seems to be doing the same thing. I am really not technical so maybe I will first try cleaning the cartridge contacts with some electrical contact cleaner. If that does not work is there anyone on the boards who services the system?
  13. I had my brother in law come by. We checked all the wires and connectors to make sure nothing was lose. Not really knowing how these things work makes it difficult to really know. I took some pictures of the inside. If anyone see anything out of the ordinary can you let me know. Anyone near Caldwell NJ know how to fix these please let me know
  14. So not just the cord but the entire power supply. Difficult to swap out?
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