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  1. Looking at 7800basic and comparing it with batari basic, I think this is not correct. Sure there are better graphical capabilities, but there is also a more memory that the programmer can use, which can make for better game play possibilities. Not to mention text output for dialogs, etc. If I were to port Ature to 7800, then I would certainly also enhance the game play.
  2. Well, I quickly looked into it and there is 7800basic. Ature was written in batari basic. Probably I could do a straightforward port from batari basic to 7800basic without too much problems, and then start adding some more features, etc. I don't have too much time to do this though. If at least 10 people send me a private message with a request to do the port then I will give it serious consideration.
  3. No, you can't make the invisible enemy visible. Just aim very well at the line itself. Or use the Book of Striking.
  4. I see. When I made Eruta, I felt that an assymetric playfield was essential to an interesting screen and world design, so I wouldn't want to make such a trade off. But I can see where you are coming from.
  5. I haven't tried Anguna yet, but from what I see in the gameplay video, it does seem like the backgrounds are less interesting (although, the animated water is nice) than those of my game, Euta. But that the combat and character building seems indeed to be a bit better. Also, your player sprite is better than mine. I would like to add that I think that the puzzles in my game *seem* to be more complex than those of the ones in Anguna, but I will have to take some time to play the game to see if that really is true. I guess Anguna oesn't use Batari basic, so it doesn't suffer from the limits of it, and neither does it benefit from it's playfield? Anyway, great to see people are still making games of Atari 2600, pushing the possibilities. As for a release on cart of Ature, the first release was one many years ago, but it was oversold and the producer of the cart run ran for the hills. The second release was for TooManyGames, which saw 3 reprints. There was some talk of a PAL release but that fell through. But Ature is free and open source so if you are willing to put in the effort and money, then you can put it on a cart yourself. Probably some more people would be interested as well.
  6. Well, I'm glad to hear that new people are still finding and enjoying my game. For people who want a physical cart, I hate to sound pessimistic but I haven't heard from DerLuchs in months now so looks like the PAL release has been "postphoned indefinitely". However, remember that the ROM is free to use for anyone so if you want a physical copy, you might just want to make one for yourself.
  7. Well, it seems my game is becoming a bit of a homebrew smash hit. I'm glad so many people enjoy my game. Thanks, everyone, for making this happen.
  8. On this very forum, good sir! I won't to point fingers at anyone in particular, though.
  9. Ature part 2 is Eruta, which is not Atari 2600 but an old style game for recent systems... it is severely delayedthough, since I'm also writing a MUD server for a game in the same settings. But good things come to those who wait, and with time I hope to release all of them. Meanwhile I'm glad many more people are discovering Ature, and I hope you all keep enjoying the game. And kudos to swlovinist for making a *proper* physical release. Not everyone could make it this nice!
  10. Batari basic gets too much unneeded flack. Yes, you can make crappy games with it, but it sure makes making great games a lot easier if you put in the effort. Ature is also a batari basic game and I'm glad I had bb to make my work that much easier. As for the price of homebrew, my game is open source, but the HW components to make a physical Atari2600 game are really expensive. So expensive that I don't have a HW copy myself!
  11. Great work, looks like this time everyone who wants a physical copy of Ature will be able to get it! I hope you all enjoy the game!
  12. Great to see someone is finally making carts of my game again! The label looks cool and cloth map seems to be a nice bonus as well. This might just be the best release on cart of Ature so far. I wish you all the best in selling them for the benefit of your preferred charity.
  13. As my Ature game proves, Batari Basic can be used to make decent games without having to learn assembler, which is really nice. So I'd reccomend against prejudice, just play the games yourself in stead of trying to tag them automatically.
  14. I even din't get my cart too, and I can't reach the giy, so there's not much I can do fear. But if anyone wants to make cards themselves, they can. LOL at the rogicide idea.
  15. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying my game. That's what I do it for, to bring some fun in other people's lives.
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