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  1. MagitekAngel


  2. Gotta be the virtual boy one! Wario Land II is also excellent; hell, they're all great.
  3. Good idea. You're absolutely right - the Playstation Store is an un-intuitive mess and overall pain in the ass. I miss the old storefront back when the world was young and we were still all butthurt by the decision to cut backwards compatibility out of the original Slim.
  4. Pokemon games have been about as consistent as Law & Order for the last 15 years. You can pretty much set your watch by them. Not that that's a bad thing when the base game is so damn good. I'm playing through Y right now and enjoying it thoroughly. These remakes will use the same graphical engine as X and Y to update the Ruby and Sapphire content. There will probably be some postgame content added for when you defeat the Elite Four (a new area like the Sevii islands from FireRed/LeafGreen, along with some kind of high-level battle area), as well as opportunities to catch other monsters from Gens I-V, likely including some of the past legendaries, in an effort to reduce reliance on transfers from the Gen V games. As far as the incremental changes that Game Freak does see fit to put into the new games, it would be nice if they got rid of HMs, as has been speculated recently. Now that TMs in Gen VI are re-usable, there is no practical reason to saddle your team with low-power moves that can only be deleted by that one guy in every game. Over the years I played the hell out of Blue, Yellow, and Silver. I skipped the GBA games, played Pearl and SoulSilver, and skipped Gen V before picking up Y. I'll probably get these "new" ones when they come out. It's easy to be cynical about the children's merchandising juggernaut Nintendo has carved out over the years with these prolific, incremental updates, but the games at their hearts are really solid RPGs that scratch that min-maxing itch in ways that no other series can. Furthermore, Game Freak hasn't gone down the release-a-broken-game-and-maybe-get-around-to-patching-it-when-enough-people-bitch road like Bethesda, nor the nickel-and-dime-a-season-pass-fee-with-content-already-programmed-into-the-physical-game approach of Capcom. For a series that has been about connectivity from the very beginning, Pokemon has ironically managed to avoid the pitfalls of DLC-Hell. Nintendo's Pokemon Box service has me a little nervous, but for the time being, Pokemon remains a top-class video game in an era where we aren't entirely sure what that term even means any more.
  5. Spider-Man 2 is a great open-world-style game, if one that hasn't aged particularly gracefully. You'll enjoy it. Ultimate Spider-Man, previously recommended, flew a bit more under the radar, but continues in the same gameplay style with much more appealing cel-shaded graphics, a better story that isn't some forced movie tie-in, and better voice acting. Shattered Dimensions is a different kind of game. It's a fun, if somewhat mindless action-brawler, and won't invest you for as many hours as the other two. It's fairly consistently entertaining, however, and it is neat to hear so many TV show veterans returning to voice the different incarnations of Spidey. Shop smart and you should be able to get all three for around $20 total. No harm in a little variety.
  6. Also, these days usually when you buy a cross-buy game on your PS3, it will automatically download a Vita-version (shows up in a bubble) which can be transferred to the Vita.
  7. Pretty sure it goes for 20 Euros.
  8. Currently playing me some delicious Mercenary Kings. Bought Strike Suit Zero most recently, but haven't played it.
  9. I'll split my vote between a hacked PSP 2000 or a DS Lite with an R4. The DS, when running a flashcart, can emulate NES and GBC really well, but I don't actually know what an R4 runs for these days. Plus, if you never got on the DS bandwagon, you're looking at a staggering number of really good games in virtually every genre.
  10. Bought VX Ace in one of the Steam sales as well. Haven't used it yet, but hope to get into it in the coming months, and hopefully use it for a school project (yeah, really).
  11. I think OP is shopping for a new laptop. In which case, they can probably get by on integrated graphics - the latest Haswell chipsets run older games pretty decently. So, I guess pretty much any laptop on the market now that isn't a netbook or a chromebook.
  12. What do you need a VCR for? There are much simpler ways to hook up an Atari, with a cleaner signal: https://atariage.com/howto/connect.html Rather than paying someone to do a mod, I would suggest that you just get yourself an F-Type adapter (works on any TV with coaxial, so you shouldn't need to pack one of those either), no more than a couple bucks at Radio Shack or wherever. Edit: Didn't notice the bit about the mixing board! But in all honesty, how clear to the beeps and boops need to be?
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