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About Me

I'm the guy in that picture. The pretty lady is my one and only (5 years and counting!).


I'm a sarcastic Canuck. I'm a writer and an academic - both aspiring. I collect classic games and consoles. My specialty is the NES but I'm big on the 2600 as well.


I enjoy making people laugh.


I currently live in Ottawa, Ontario and I attend Carleton University as a graduate student pursuing an MA in English Literature.


Drop me a line, I always value friendship.


These are the things I am looking for right now. If you have them, give them to me now! I may even pay you for them!




Game Boy Advance SP AGS-101 (The backlit one)

-Must have a flawless screen, good clicky triggers, and hold a charge! I don't need a charger, but a case couldn't hurt. Not picky about color, but the black one is my favourite! (In Canada, we spell words with extra vowels. Remember that)




Atari 2600 Commons

Any NES Games

Any Genesis Games




Dragon Warrior 2

Dragon Warrior 3

Dragon Warrior 4

All Megaman Games 3



Castlevania Bloodlines

Contra Hard Corps

Gunstar Heroes

Phantasy Star II

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