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  1. What? Developing software on my whim and for my approval is not your life's highest calling?
  2. @flashjazzcat Is there a Last Calc in our future? 😃 Perhaps the Last Suite?
  3. Is there an 80-column spreadsheet or database-ish on A8?
  4. Are Syncalc and GT Data Manager compatible with VBXE? I mean, will I get 80 columns there as well?
  5. Which has better compatibility, the software 80-column via the SDX driver or the hardware 80-column via the VBXE?
  6. I'm trying to get my hands on a Mega ST 2/4 case. I don't need a working system and wouldn't want to cannibalize one. If you have, however, a Mega with a decent case that is otherwise not working, I'll take it off your hands. Obviously, an empty case would be the best option. Please PM me with price and picture.
  7. ...and then flashjazzcat politely reminded me, as others had tried, that it was, in fact and indeed, a bad idea. I shall leave the 1200XL as it was and simply apply the appropriate upgrades. Uncharacteristically, I have recognized and submitted to better advice. Somehow, I think my parent might finally be proud.
  8. Does the 600XL have the smallest PCB of any of the original Atari 8-bits? Will the keyboard on the 1200XL plug directly into a 600XL PCB and work as expected?
  9. OK, so smallest and newest. Not PBI, but ECI. 65XE? Will the keyboard connect to a 65XE board?
  10. Thank you for the information. I will, however, go ahead with my current plan. Do you have anything to offer in the way of assistance doing what I am planning to do?
  11. The rarity and, therefore value of a 1200XL does not escape me. I won't destroy the board and will make minimal changes to the case, if it makes everyone feel a little better. A 130XE, of course, doesn't have enough room for what I have planned. Finally, I love the XL styling and the 1200XL has a wonderful keyboard.
  12. It's a good question. The reason I chose the route I described is that I intend to install other components in the case, including an IDE device on the PBI, an SIO port replicator, and a WiFi adapter.
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