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  1. Transaction ID 0CR35753LS989394M. Says you should have it by 10/11.
  2. I'm in zip code 07666. For pickup or shipped at your expense.
  3. Wow. And I was going to make fun of US hipsters who sit in Starbucks, drink poncey coffee and use Britishisms. There's no winning. Everyone seems to want to be whatever it is that they aren't.
  4. Human interactions are tough. But when someone has what I want and makes me dance a bit to get it...I dance. I even make a game of it; and if I have to play a certain way to win, then I play that way. To paraphrase Jane Austen, "My vanity is in such good order, that I seem to be quite free from it." 😃
  5. I have always LOVED this game. The font on the story crawl, the rotoscoped characters, the floating doorway graphics, the dramatic and inspiring music - they all still really impress me. Even the lag between keypress and character motion became a kind of enjoyable challenge to me. Truly, I loved it. And that "easter egg". Genius.
  6. Morrowind, while as tragically busted and exploitable as everything Bethesda does, is a spectacular game. The quest story is second ONLY to Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar. With the modern patches, it holds up very well. If you like an epic RPG with accessible crafting, rich guild culture, and engrossing story, look no further. Elder Scrolls: Morrowind can be life-changing.
  7. Interesting information about M.U.L.E. I fall on the side of those who surveyed it briefly from afar and simply had no interest. The other camp seems to really love it! I think I'll give it a whirl.
  8. Stop everything, find a friend, and play BallBlazer immediately. It is simply awesome fun.
  9. Two player Archon is simply blissful. You are in for a treat.
  10. This is the game shame. In this thread, we will identify three (3) things: 1. The game you are ashamed you never played. 2. The game you are ashamed you love. 3. The game you think everyone else should be ashamed they love. Me first. 1. Star Raiders. Yeah, I know. I have to play it. Somehow I never get around to it. 2. Artworx Strip Poker. I just...yeah. In a world of horrifyingly explicit 4K porn, it's the low-res, late-night, forbidden fruit of my childhood indiscretion that still thrills. 3. Rescue on Fractalus. It's a one trick pony. That first jump scare is kinda cool. Otherwise, it's a tech demo for the procedurally generated terrain renderer. Not sure why it is as celebrated as it is.
  11. I have FINALLY completed my 8-Bit era software collection with Bruce Lee CIB and BallBlazer CIB for the Atari. You will notice a few titles from other systems, but the Atari 8-Bit is my first and truest love of that generation.
  12. Figured it out. Don't use paths with spaces. No quotes fails on first space-separated word. Both single- and double-quotes are useless. Then, for a path that DOESN'T have spaces, don't forget to take off the quotes you previously tried to use on that other path WITH the spaces. .writemem H:\Workbench\charmap.chr $e000 L$400 This worked.
  13. I'm debugging and at a break. The command is: .writemem "H:\Workbench\charmap.chr" $e000 L$400 Trying to dump the character set for a little tutorial-driven editing.
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