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  1. "I don't know what we're yelling about! Looooud noises!" - Brick, Anchorman
  2. I checked the sellers other listings. He has 10 pages of stuff; a lot of similar items in the 10 to 20 range. It's a typo, man.
  3. I'm always STUNNED at these discussions. I usually resist the urge to comment; mostly because I know that the analysis of my point-of-view will inevitably turn to the fact that I am an American, and therefore a heartless capitalist. This time, however, I just couldn't. Everyone, repeat after me: "The fair market price of ANYTHING is what someone is willing to pay for it." Period. End of story. To rail against the injustice of this is to presume there is any justice at all in a system whereby someone's own possessions should be sold for a penny less than it can draw from a fair market. Why, in the name of God, does the undeniable reality of these facts perpetually shock and dismay so smart a community of people!
  4. You're going to sell it to me, obviously. 😃
  5. #1 Thanks for all of the honest, kind, quality support. All of the named superstars - and several not here-named - that make an important part of a good life so much better. #2 Don't feed the trolls. Haters gonna hate. Dishonest sellers will always find dupes and bargain whores to sell to. Those are facts not worth expending any effort on. #3 I don't agree that the cessation of support for an entire community because of the dick-headery of a few bad actors is the right response, but oh...wait...it doesn't matter what I think because it isn't my hard work and kind service being stolen and exploited by some idioterous f%&ktard. Conviction is a luxury for those on the side-lines and I am definitely a spectator. I would say, however, that when you stop doing what you love for the people who love you for it, you let evil win; in your life and ours.
  6. Did some research. So, I guess I am looking for the "pitch" of the pin row?
  7. I have been listening to you people belly-ache and bad-mouth the XF551 PCB for over a decade. Waaaaaah, it's a shitty single-layer. Waaaaaah, the pads lift too easy. Waaaaah. Well, I desoldered the SIO ports from my XF551 last night in order to replace them with header pins so I can reroute the ports for a case mod. Let me just say... Waaaaah, this thing sucks horrible. Lifted two (2) pads; and that was WITH a Hakko desoldering gun. Freaking aweful. I'll have a waaaaaburger and wash it down with a Whineikin. But on to business. Does anyone know what the specification is for a pin row that will fit in the weird, diagonally oriented through-holes on the PCB for the SIO ports?
  8. I'm thinking about rerouting the cartridge slot on my 1200XL with a ribbon cable; about 7 inches. Will this work?
  9. Hey team, check out this mod on the printer. Anyone have an idea what this might be? The seller is in the UK, so I don't guess I'll be lucky enough that it is a voltage selector.
  10. @BillC Thanks! I don't read schematics, I'm ashamed to admit, but can probably find the component on the board if you mark it for me. Also, would you be willing to add a link to the part I would use to replace the 220V?
  11. I have an Atari 1029 printer on the way. This is European kit, as I understand it. Can I mod it for 110V, or do I have to get a step-up transformer?
  12. @Nezgar Love your setup! But I am too OCD to mix XE and XL styling. Also, I am more of a side-by-side, under-the-monitor man myself. 😃
  13. Glad to hear that since I already have two (2) of them on the way 😃.
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