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  1. Thanks for the advice! I am certain that the material you cite will be a major part of my learning experience! That said, it is not learning how to program the hardware that I am looking for help with. I am hoping to get instruction from someone who actually knows how to develop games on the platform. I want to learn to go from concept to release for a few different classes of simple game. I want help with tools and process, in addition to straight programming education. Really hoping someone will also be interested in teaching and help me.
  2. I should have made it clear that I state this with apology and some embarrassment; neither pride, nor demand.
  3. I am a life-long programmer and professional application developer. I'm looking for a tutor to learn game development on the Atari 8-Bit. I only speak and understand English. I am hoping for an arrangement that includes one or two 1-hour shared desktop sessions each week and assigned coding and reading in-between. I will make myself available at whatever time the tutor can do it. I'll pay by PayPal, Venmo, bank transfer, whatever; fees at my expense, of course. Let's talk and come up with a rate.
  4. Wow! Beautiful! That said, however, it is the arcade "imperfection" of the A8 version that makes me like it better than the arcade. In particular, it feels like the sprites move more smoothly and quickly. This may have been an unattended benefit of finding a middle-ground between PAL and NTSC timings. I don't know. But wow, that 7800 version looks amazing!
  5. Thanks for weighing in Mr. Fish! Tell me. Why do people still adhere to such a, now, unnecessary limitation. I get that it was necessary "back in the day"; to maximize adoption. But there's no need to live with ANY improvable aspect given that there are no commercial concerns and people are doing this for the love of it. I wonder noone has done a disk version that fixes everything. Or a 32K cart. Or something that requires 64K. I can understand loyalty to the original 400/800, but not to the extent that something both excellent and beloved could be made moreso.
  6. Thank you! I read in the article... Now I know.
  7. I was playing Donkey Kong recently. I have always loved the 8-Bit version of Donkey Kong; even better than the arcade original. One thing that I have always wondered, however, is why the developers chose to animate the falling barrels the way they did. When the barrels fall between levels, the outline of the girder is left superimposed on the barrel. They must have known that it would look much better if the barrel was drawn over the girder and so I assume there was a particularly tough technical challenge that required them to leave it as we still see it. Does anyone know what that technical challenge might be and is there any appetite for taking a crack at fixing it? I would support a bounty for this.
  8. @Karrolls56 I'm afraid not. In the end, I bought two broken Model 1's - one with a bad drive and another with a bad board - and combined them. Yeah. I'm about $250 deep into that thing. I have to say, though, it was totally worth it.
  9. Is there a place where the presentation society lists "wanted" stuff?
  10. BallBlazer Archon Hardball Joust Warlords World Karate Championship M.U.L.E.
  11. Transaction ID 0CR35753LS989394M. Says you should have it by 10/11.
  12. I'm in zip code 07666. For pickup or shipped at your expense.
  13. Wow. And I was going to make fun of US hipsters who sit in Starbucks, drink poncey coffee and use Britishisms. There's no winning. Everyone seems to want to be whatever it is that they aren't.
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