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  1. I miss the old days of video game advertising. Call me crazy, but I'd rather watch Nintendo's old Play it Loud commercials instead of these new commercials.
  2. The Legend of Zelda and Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link were also re-released. The only difference is that the re-release cartridges are are gray. The original cartridges are gold.
  3. I also like 10 Yard Fight even though most video game critics bash it. Another good game for the NES is Urban Champion. Nintendo needs to make a sequel to this game.
  4. I don't think Donkey Kong for the Atari 2600 is rare at all. I took a look on eBay and most of the prices for Donkey Kong range from $1.00 to $5.00.
  5. I also like the original NES Golf too. It's one of my favorite sport games for the NES. I also like the original NES Baseball.
  6. You guys are forgetting one thing about the Game Gear that should be mentioned on this topic. And that is the commercials. Remember the commercial where the dog walks up the the Game Gear and Game Boy and an announcer says "If you were colorblind and had an I.Q. of less than 12, then you wouldn't care which portable you had. Of course you wouldn't care if you drank from the toilet either." How about the commercial where a family of hillbillies watch a bug zapper while some kid plays a Game Boy and an announcer says "Some people are content to be entertained by simple one-color electronics. Somehow these people have just never heard of Game Gear. Yeah, some people are like that, but then some people like to eat pickled pork lips." I have those commercials on tape and they are hilarious.
  7. I own the following systems. NES Super NES Sega Genesis Sega Game Gear Game Boy Advance Game Boy Game Boy Color Nintendo 64 Nintendo Gamecube Playstation 2 X-Box and an Atari 2600(it doesn't work anymore). I used to own a Sega Dreamcast but I sold it to Funcoland.
  8. I remember those ads. I have one on one of my wrestling video tapes that has some guy dressed up as a woman saying that Sonic has a bad attitude and he runs too fast. The commercial does mention Nintendo when the guy says "Why can't Sonic be a nice guy like that little Mario."
  9. I'm in definite support of an NES similar to Atari Age. The NES has and always will be my favorite system. There are very few classic video game systems that can compare to the NES(With the exception of the Sega Genesis and Super NES).
  10. And apparently not very good, Seanbaby ripped on it in that issue of EGM. I definitely agree with Seanbaby calling Captain Novolin one of the worst games of all time. This game makes Donkey Kong Jr. Math look like Super Mario Bros. 3.
  11. That's very cool. I thought Game Boy Cameras weren't being sold anymore. By the way, what N64 games did you get?
  12. In regards to your question, the used games there are usually either $6.99 or $7.99. I got Killer Instinct for $17.99. As far as what other NES games are there, well, that location just closed but I went to one in Saugus, Massachusetts and there were no NES games. I guess the used games vary at each K-Mart each time you go in.
  13. Before one of the local K-Marts that I lived close to closed down, I used to go there and buy some old classic video games like Dr. Mario, Metroid, Killer Instinct, and Kung-Fu. Now it is closed.
  14. My favorite Street Fighter game of all time would be Street Fighter 2: Special Championship Edition for the Sega Genesis. It's much better than Street Fighter 2 for the Super NES. I am referring to the first version of Street Fighter 2 that came out for the Super NES. Not the Turbo or New Challengers versions.
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