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  1. I'd like to add that the 5200 is, in my esteemed opinion, the best looking game console ever designed. Even if you never play the thing, it's worth having one sitting out because it just looks so cool. I would say that it's also the only place to play RealSports Curling, but some ne'er-do-wells went and ported it to the Atari computers.
  2. I use Atari++ for my development, and I've also tested extensively on real hardware. I've never tried any other emulator. What's probably happening is that you don't have controller 2 configured correctly. The demo is strictly two-player.
  3. Some days I can't take two steps away from a trampoline without running into naughty folk.

  4. I'll render an appropriate salute should I bump into him.
  5. There's really not much to play in this demo, sadly. You can mostly just ooh and aah at the pretty pictures.
  6. Alright, this be my PRGE demo build. This is a weird build, considering my original plans. I was going to do only two characters, but with all their gameplay details completed. Instead I ended up with the full cast of eight characters, but with basically none of their gameplay details in there. Oh well. There are two known bugs in this build. The first is that the shots fired by the stars occasionally have a totally bizarre aiming behavior and just go off in the wrong direction. I'm almost certainly going to rewrite this logic completely, so I'm not bothering to fix this one. The other bug is purely cosmetic. Something causes the color table for the upper player's portrait image to get screwed up. I've seen this before, and came up with ways to fix it that made no sense to me. This current incarnation of the bug is much more rare, and so far I haven't been able to narrow down exactly what causes it. Since it doesn't affect gameplay at all, I'm not going to waste any more time trying to correct it for this demo. For future reference, the ROM has the identifying string "PRGE 2019 demo" embedded 256 bytes from the end. I'm probably going to spend the weekend away from this project, since I've been pounding away at it for the last month to get it ready for PRGE. Once I get back to work, I have lots to do! Still targeting an early 2020 release. Enjoy the demo! fairy_force.bin
  7. Cool. Hopefully I'll bump into somebody there. Looking forward to it.
  8. I've seen threads like this in a few other system forums, so I thought I'd put one here. Who among the 5200 faithful is planning to be at this year's Portland Retro Gaming Expo? I'll be there on Saturday. I'll probably get to the convention center around 11:30 and will be there pretty much the rest of the day. I'll be wandering about shopping and periodically checking the AtariAge booth to make sure that nobody has broken my Magical Fairy Force demo. If you see the tall skinny guy in the Seattle Storm hat and the bright red Dig Dug Pooka t-shirt, that's me. Feel free to grab me and make me tell you all about the effort that went into the RealSports Curling physics... or don't.
  9. It turns out I'm just not going to have enough time to get special attacks in for all the characters. I've also been doing some thinking lately and I've got some interesting new ideas for how I want to handle these. In light of this, I've decided to cut what little I had done on these for the PRGE demo. All is not wasted though, as I've gotten the basic framework for the character attacks in place and have written some useful support functions. I'm going to spend this week addressing some bugs and doing some polish here and there. I'm hoping to get a few primitive sound effects in there, if nothing else. So, here's what you can expect from the PRGE demo: 8 selectable characters Trak-ball support A few things to shoot and get shot by A fully functioning 2 player mode Hopefully, no existing bugs I plan to have the demo ROM ready by Saturday, and will post it here so anyone that isn't attending PRGE can try it out.
  10. I love Super Pacman, and the 5200 port is really good, except for the fact that it controls really badly with the stock 5200 joysticks, at least for me. I don't have any difficulty with the other Pacman games on the system, just this one. I opted for Bob's excellent 7800 version instead, but if you don't have a 7800 and can deal with the controller issues, the 5200 port is probably worth getting.
  11. The stuff you can do with scrolling tricks is actually pretty amazing and any decent Galaga port is going to make crazy use of this stuff. I still remember when I was playing Space Invaders and it dawned on me that the alien formation was really just a scrolling background, in effect. At least I'm pretty sure it is. I'm trying to make use of some these tricks right now in my current project, and although I'm not on the Galaga train, I'd love to see how someone pulls it off.
  12. Don't need Galaga. Galaxian has always been the better game anyway. Yes, I just went there.
  13. So, I got the first of the character specific effects kinda-sorta in place this weekend. I started with Ratcatcher veteran Pork-Chop, who can use his ratcatching net to slow down the other player. There's a neat little graphical effect for this, which you can see in progress in this screenshot. This attack will slow down the other player's movement for a few seconds, making it more difficult to dodge and generally react to things. While this particular attack isn't all that special, by getting this done I've established the foundation of the attack system and written a few useful pieces of code that can applied to some of the other characters. This first one is definitely the hardest, and they should be easier from here on out. Will I have all of the attacks ready for PRGE? Maybe. Of course, anything I have ready may be changed drastically for the final product. (Sorry, no more character art!)
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