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  1. Great Ice Hockey ain't.

    1. save2600



      Blades of Steel it ain't. ;)

  2. I may have just tracked down a six month old bug in my 5200 project.  Time will tell...

    1. Giles N

      Giles N

      What is your 5200 project (about)?



    2. AverageSoftware


      Fairies, shooting, trak-balls, and more fairies.


      But mostly fairies.

  3. Surely you can let go of one of those inferior two-port models.
  4. The Sega Saturn. I'm a huge fanboy for this system, and it has some truly amazing games, many of which were exclusive to the console and often never made it out of Japan. The claim I like to make is that while its competitors (the Playstation and Nintendo 64) may have had more good games, at least in the US, the best games on the Saturn were better than anything on those two systems.
  5. Will game developers ever learn the difference between a magazine and a clip?

    1. Albert


      People still read magazines?

  6. Curling doesn't use the trak-ball, at least not on purpose.
  7. I'm only missing nine of the official releases, so those are the games I most want. Gorf Bounty Bob Strikes Back Meteorites James Bond Death Star Battle Zaxxon Frogger II Krazy Shoot Out Quintana Roo I'm not really collecting homebrews/conversions, although I do own several. The only upcoming one that I'm anxious to get is Mr. Do, whenever that happens.
  8. It's not a popular opinion (mine rarely are!) but I actually think Kaboom! plays better with the 5200 joystick than it does with 2600 paddles.
  9. Just got done listening to this, a fun listen as always. One thing I swear I read in the Ballblazer manual, and I don't think you guys mentioned this, is that the awesome music is also part of the universe. There's something about how the music plays in the arena and every champion gets to add a new section to the music. I really need to take another crack at Rescue at Fractalus. Maybe I'll dig it out this weekend.
  10. I would say that RealSports Baseball is built for the analog stick, the rest of the sports titles might be as well. I can state with certainty that RealSports Curling is. It's been a while since I played them, but I feel like Ballblazer and Rescue on Fractalus are designed for it as well.
  11. Yeah, but who would want to play those? I do have some more plans for those 4-ports. Hoping to have something new for them in 2021.
  12. All those new games and only one 5200 title. Come on guys, start making more 5200 games! Baby Pac-Man is awesome, though.
  13. If someone is reading this... I must have failed.

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    2. mingus


      This star, Naju, was our home, but we were invaded by evil life-forms. Everyone except me was killed.

    3. AverageSoftware


      Well, at least somebody got it.

    4. mingus


      One of my absolute favorites!

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