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  1. I've actually had something like that planned for a long time, before I even started working on this. I've done similar things with Ratcatcher and Intellidiscs.
  2. So here's the player locking some horizontal doors: These doors seem to be working fine. I haven't worked on any of the potential clashes with the green gates, but I have done research into the arcade game and I'm starting to understand how they should work. I probably won't get anything else done this weekend, just really busy. I wanted to get at least a little bit done though.
  3. The 5200 is still the king. Bigger is better.
  4. Thanks, I'm trying to keep moving at a least a little bit every weekend. I've run into the hard stuff. At the beginning of any game project, things move quickly because you're doing all the easy stuff. Once you get past that progress gets a lot slower. I'm into the hard stuff now, just have to keep pushing forward.
  5. The manual has been written and I have a guy currently putting together the box art. Once that's ready, it's all in Albert's hands.
  6. Today I went back and redid the code that detects where the locked doors should go. I realized that I was doing it a bit wrong, and spent some more time studying the arcade game to get this right. I'm pretty confident that it's correct now, and I also had to do a bunch of the work for the horizontal doors in order to get this working right. I still haven't done the horizontal doors, but the foundation is there and I'm now at the point where I can start studying the arcade game to figure out how they should behave around the green gates. This is probably where I stop for the weekend, I have some stuff going on tomorrow, but this is actually a really big step in getting this game working so I'm pretty happy with it.
  7. Galaxian is best played with the trakball, in my opinion. There are no issues when you use that, assuming you have or can acquire one.
  8. Ryan Witmer


    It makes me sad when people talk about the games in the store and never seem to mention Blaster. Maybe it's because I'm not a Tempest fan, but I'd take this over Tempest any day. It's easily one of the best purchases I've made from the store and it not only plays great, but it's also just really fun to look at.
  9. Got a video and a test ROM this weekend! Here's another developer diary video showing off some of the stuff I got done and discussing some of the bugs I know about: Also, here's a new test build for anyone that wants play around with the locked doors. Only the vertical doors work right now, as explained in the video, and there are still a few small glitches with them. This build's ID is "Vertical door test, 8/28/2021", 256 bytes from the end of the file as always. robnbanks.bin
  10. Phantasy Star started in 1987 and is still going in a fashion with the Phantasy Star Online games.
  11. So here's the first look at a player's locked door: This is still really buggy, but my plan is working out. The vertical doors turned out to be simpler than I thought they would be. Time to start ironing out all the bugs.
  12. I got started on implementing the player's doors this weekend. This first step in this is to track where the door should show up, the last "door junction" that the player passed. I came up with a plan for detecting and storing this information, and got it done for the vertical doors. I'm doing these ones first because they won't interact with the green gates, and the horizontal doors are much more complicated because of that. I don't actually have the doors in place yet, but I got the location detection working. Next step is to actually make some doors appear.
  13. The tooth fairy enters the fray!


  14. Activision cartridges are pretty notorious for this, and it has nothing to do with the 2 port (except Pitfall, that's a different problem). It can take a while to get them to properly start up. In my personal experience, regular use keeps the problem from coming back, but others may have different experiences.
  15. Unfortunately, I just don't have time to work on this this weekend. Been thinking about the doors though, and I might have a plan starting to come together.
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