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  1. I really like the dual shocks. I guess I'll have to check out a Pro Pad.
  2. Sounds brilliant. The sooner we can plug in real controllers and get rid of the horrible jagpad the better!
  3. Thanks Mimo! Should they make it to an actual cart you are on the list. You have been WHITE. LISTED.
  4. And also the "looks most like a toilet" console!
  5. Project One UPDATE: We just went to Release Candidate 1 (PROJECT1-RC1.ROM) :-)
  6. We think we can do a small run of carts for around $20-$30 each (possibly less) - if thats the case then we'll do a run for the cost of manufacture and shipping. No $80 stinker here folks!
  7. bra .still_alive by any chance?
  8. Yes they can be. But the databus to them is 16bits wide.
  9. Except the bus to the cart port is 16bit, so unless they gave that extra JRISC it's own pool of local RAM that would be utterly pointless.
  10. Thanks. There is absolutely no comparison between what we have now and the video we put out a few weeks back. We're all really excited about releasing this as soon as possible, but not before it's ready
  11. Actually, in thinking about this thread's title, I'd like to submit: Project One - "I like this game. Really good, Dad!"
  12. Exactly. I've got bugs to squash to get a game for you to play ready :-) The only huge problem we have right now is that we keep getting sidetracked into playing it, which obviously slows us down.... My son said tonight when he played it for the first time "I like this game. Really good, Dad!" - so regardless of what anyone else thinks, that's my reward for doing it right there.
  13. Must be talking about the box hehehehe. Sorry Ovalbug, Hollywood's "isn't america great" is just too much sometimes - I wasn't jumping down your throat.
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