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  1. The floppy disks were very expensive, too.
  2. Tomahawk did not come with the lenslok system as contrary to Fighter Pilot.
  3. Any youtube videos available?
  4. I miss the graphics header of the demo version...
  5. Thanks for the detailed information Andreas! Tales of Dragons and Cavemen is a direct conversion of Roc 'n' Rope, right? I am very curious about the why and when...
  6. Lots of big sprites, cool musix - I see Last Ninja 2 for Atari 8-Bit coming
  7. ...player and missiles are not used in your example (I did not check)?
  8. Wow, lots of action. Very impressive!
  9. Is there something similiar to check Emkay's ears ?
  10. Btw: The design of the XE and ST computers was done by a Commodore designer, Ira Velinsky.
  11. Anyone knows what happened to this site?
  12. Wow, that squirrel prolly ran out of oxygen because it made way too many posts ...
  13. I am the echo of 8BitJunkie, I afraid.
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