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  1. Oh man, I barely caught this preorder on the last day! I love Planet of Robot Monsters, it's not on enough consoles.
  2. Interested in that Sega CD lot.
  3. Hi, I have a sealed 2600 Kangaroo, Pengo and Centipede.... also a sealed Ms.Pacman, but didn't see that on your list. Also a boxed Frogger and Qbert.
  4. Hi I don't know if you are still interested but PM me what you are offering on a Stella, I was just about to put one on eBay.
  5. I'm in, saw a friend have loads of fun doing this last year, so I need that joy in my life!
  6. I put most items. like anything that is in a plastic DVD case or 3DS case (which is most of my items) and my customers haven't experienced any problems. Stuff with cardboard boxes will get shipped in small boxes to avoid damage, but that's just a few limited edition 3DS, DS and the GBA games.
  7. Hello All, I am clearing out a big chunk of my collection. There will be more added here periodically as I clear out all of the games in my home. Feel free to make me an offer if you want to buy a large lot, otherwise prices are as shown. I have feedback on Digitpress and eBay. More pictures of any item you want to see upon request. Please give me a couple days to ship as I am shipping them out with my eBay sales and take a trip to the post office every couple of days. I also have Rare Nintendo game, Amiibos and a ton of others on my eBay. eBay is link is HERE. You can contact me here about my eBay stuff as well if you want to make an offer on combined orders. Most items shipped in standard bubble mailers, delicate items shipped in a box or small flat rate shipping box. Ask if you have questions about how your item is shipped. All prices include shipping. All Complete in Box unless otherwise noted. 3DS CIB: Legend of Legacy Limited Ed. NEW - $28 Super Smash Bros - $20 Soul Hacker - $15 PENDING Devil Survivor 2 NEW - $25 Miku DX - $25 Kirby Triple Deluxe - $20 Mega Man Legacy w/ Gold Mega Man Amiibo NEW- $40 Lords of Magna w/ CD - $25 Mario Tennis Open - $12 x2 Adventure Time Hey Ice King - $10 Etrian Odyssey 2 Untold Limited Ed. - $28 3DS Theatrhythm Final Fatasy Curtain Caall Limited Ed. w/ FF Lanyard - $20 PENDING Senran Kagura 2 - $30 DS CIB: Kirby Canvas Curse - $20 Kirby Mass Attack - $10 PENDING Mario Hoops 3 on 3 - $10 Etrian Odyssey - $12 Etrian Odyssey II - $15 Tetris DS - $15 Dokapon - $60 Kirby Squeak Squad $15 Metal Slug 7 - $35 Legacy of Ys - $30 Mega Man ZX - $15 Okami-den - $20 Game and Watch - $20 Dig Dug Digging Strike - $10 Pac'n Roll NEW - $12 Summon Night Twin Age - $25 Space Invaders Extreme - $10 Spectral Force Genesis - $10 Henry Hatsworth - $10 Nostalgia - $40 Pac-pix - $6 Ivy the Kiwi? - $12 Sun Moon Rain - $12 PENDING Solatorobo - Make Offer Super Princess Peach NEW - $40 Legend of Kage 2 - $10 PENDING Wii: One Piece WII - $26 Kirby Return to Dreamland - $28 Rhythm Heaven - $10 Phantom Brave - Price all over the place, make offer GBA: All CIB Sword of Mana - $25 PENDING Astro Boy Omega Factor - Make Offer Advance war 2 - $30 Advance War - $40 Shining force $40 Rivera - $30 Tron 2.0 Killer App - $10 River City Ransom - $60 WarioWare Twisted - $30 Sigma Star - $25 Guardian Heroes - $20 GBA BOX & Manual ONLY: Zelda Minish Cap - Make Offer Golden Sun The Lost Ark - Make Offer x2 Mr. Driller 2 - Make Offer Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - Make Offer PENDING PS4: Doom - $20 PS3: Akiba's Trip - $12 Atelier Meruru - $12 Atelier Ayesha - $12 Tales of Xillia - $12 Mugen Soul Z - $12 PENDING Rune Factory Tides of Destiny - $10 Trinity Universe - $30 Tales of Grace f - $12 Guided Fate Paradox - $12 Agarest War Zero - $12 Dragon's Crown Disgaea 3 - $6 PENDING Disgaea 4 - $8 PENDING Ar tonelic Qoga - $15 Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland Limited Edition - $35 Other/Misc: NES - Star Solider NEW - Make Offer NES - MappyLand NEW - Make Offer PS2 - .hack Infection PS2 - .hack Mutation PS2 - .hack Outbreak PS2 - .hack Quarantine - Prefer to Sell as a set, but will break it up if I can't PSP - Final Fantasy Tactics - $8 Time and Eternaty Soundtrack - ?
  8. Interested in Sega Saturn Batman forever & HangOn Gp Also interested in the Mario games on SNES
  9. Well I'm actively doing it now, we shall see how this day goes! I'm sure I will be here all day.
  10. Commodore Stuff Heart of China Disney Animation Studio Silent Service II Super Skidmarks Reach for the Skies Midwinter Premier Manager 3 Deluxe Paint 3 Commodore Floppy drive 1 with box and 1 without Commodore Vic Switch Commodore Games and a couple other I would prefer to sell in larger lots. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/19AWN6xobDV-zFH1Fakq2-XHQ1eELTkaJQAyYiD_U00Y/edit#gid=0
  11. Hello there I manage a retro game store and we are selling a bunch of the owners collection and strange pieces. There is a LOT of stuff coming to this post. I won't have prices immediately but I am open to offers. I am happy to negotiate and looking for fair prices, and I will warn you that Commodore floppy drives and things like that tend to be heavy, so keep that in mind. Expect me to be updating this page daily as there is just so much in our storage room. Also I have feedback on Digitpress and paypal transactions do not need to be "gifts". The odyssey games are not complete, they are parts. They have the games, but if you are interested I can send you pictures with what they include. Neo Geo CD Samurai Showdown Fatal Fury 3 Cyber Lip Puzzle Bobble Metal Slug 2 Virtual Boy V-Tetris DS Sonic Rush Brain Age New Act-Labs Mame Light gun Samba de Amigo Controller Used, but in very nice shape. Kill Bill Figures GoGo and The Bride Crazy Taxi Figure Slash & Angel Tele Action mini TV Game (I don't know if it works) Power Joy Navigator (plays famicom, has 2 controllers) MVS Realbout Fatal Fury US released Wonderborg I don't know how this will do here, but they simply never show up.
  12. Seriously.... is this an actual topic for debate? It's easy to jump on the "I don't like spending money" bandwagon, but unfortunately this is all your fault. Most collectors want games because they have value, not because they care to play them... everyone who has sold stuff in the marketplace forum has at least once bought a game at dirt cheap to make profit on this very website. So your local shops and goodwills discovered ebay because you have drooled in their stores over their cheap game, probably told them "betcha didn't know this was rare" and raised suspicion. By now you must realize that as long as people keep spending money on pointless nonsense to fill the void in their lives, that things with no value will have value. This topic could be about cars, guns, 80s toys, or anything. If you see a game, and it cost ebay price and you don't want to pay it, then you probably really don't want it anyways. You might be hollow inside and just want a deal. Collectors, like most reading this, created these prices. Now you have to live with them. Stores have a right to sell things at any price, especially if they are just trying to stay open and give know-it-all collectors a place to slum around and act pompous. BEGIN SARCASM So go to the local person NEAR YOU, who supplies YOU with games and be OUTRAGED in the biggest windbag way possible at their prices. END SARCASM
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