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  1. Writing any O2 game is on my bucket list. It was my first real console as a kid. I wish I had a Harmony style cart that I could test my code on the real O2 hardware. The emulators seem a bit off to be trusted.
  2. Just received this for Christmas from my wife! Kinda helped that my Christmas list only had a single item on it.
  3. Wow! That's one BIG ROM!!! Nice job!
  4. Neuronic

    Space Game

    Kdgarris, Great looking and playing game!!!! You wrote: "However, there is still a serious bug in the display of the score where digits are repeated after 1,000 points. I don't yet know a way to work around this issue." For what it's worth, I see this with all bB developed games that use the 6 digit score, mine included. The emulator with the Flashback Portable has soooo many issues! Anyway I asked Nukey Shay to take a peek at some of my games and he fixed the score display bug. He disassembled by .bin and switched a thing or two and posted the corrected versions on the flashback compatibility tread. Sadly, I don't think it can be fixed in bB directly as his fix was working around a bug in the portable emulator. You'll probably drive yourself crazy looking into this but here is a link to his comments when he created the fixed binaries that work with the portable. related comment "Score fixed by hitting RESP's 2 cycles earlier, and shifting both HM's 2 pixels left." Link: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/259166-flashback-portable-needed-controller-hacks/?p=3694010 If you ever find a way to correct this, probably possible in the bB score code somewhere in the include\std_kernel.asm, score_graphics.asm or the pf_drawing.asm files please post it!
  5. Just a quick look & thought, I may be missing something... The line that reads if bally > player0y || bally < player0y + 2 then goto _skip_to_p0_y_reflect is this really an "or", should it be a "and"? (line 283)
  6. Simple but fun! The essence of a good 2 player Atari game!
  7. I needed to update this thread with a link to my 2600 ports of Pick Axe Pete and UFO! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/262523-odtari-odyssey2-games-made-atari-2600-style/
  8. Looks great! Easy to pick-up-and-play!
  9. Damn portable! I still think they are great to have but they just have so many emulation issues... You might want to try and enlist some help on the Flashback Portable Controller Fix thread: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/259166-flashback-portable-needed-controller-hacks/
  10. Whoohoo! I'm ready to buy! I cannot wait!
  11. Neuronic

    Vectrex Repair

    Regarding the Charles Tweety Buzz-Off kit I just purchased on on eBay. He has a great document including a full size color picture printout of the circuit board with the actual wires taped to the actual points you'll attach them to on your system. He also has some good videos on you-tube, after watching the videos, I decided to purchase one and install it. The process is not to complex, you must - pull off your volume knob, - open your Vectrex (5 screws), - use wire cutters to permanently remove a small yellow/braided shielding cable, - disconnect 4 simple cable connections (two are on a cable you will not re-attach, - remove the mounted plastic base with the circuit board on it (5 screws), - solder 2 wires to large existing solder points for sound out and ground on the front edge, - and then insert the last orange wire into an open unused component pad/hole and solder that, ...all solder points pretty easy to identify and get to. - then if necessary, you can cleanup your volume/power knob with contact cleaner and inject some dielectric gel to make it as good as new, - connect two of original connectors and plug the speaker into the new amp, - button it back up and you're done (20 minutes). The tricky part is putting the back back on and getting the brightness pot to poke back through the hole, he has a great trick where you use a straw to guide it back through. It's obvious he took great pains to make it as easy as possible and thought through the entire process end-to-end. You can tell he understands how much we love our systems and I absolutely appreciate the care he has taken in developing this kit and process!
  12. I first saw the Odyssey 2 in a Service Merchandise catalog in 1979. That became my Christmas wish list #1 item and that Christmas goes down as my most memorable. Of course I got the pack in cart Speedway/Spin-Out/Crypro-Logic, other Carts that came that same Christmas were Football (the only video game I ever remember playing with my dad was this one, and we played it that day!), Baseball, and Armored Encounter/Sub Chase. The next Christmas my friends started getting their own systems, namely Atari VCS and Sears Tele-Game VCS clones and the "who has the best games war" began... I have been an Odyssey 2 fan and have all but one of the Magnavox titles (Power Lords) CIB. One of my joysticks went bad so I rewired them to use Atari VCS compatible joysticks and ultimately built my own Arcade sticks to use with both Atari and Odyssey 2. Now for a confession, I may have recently crossed a sacred line... I ported UFO and Pick Axe Pete over to the Atari 2600 and a tongue-and-cheek take on K.C. Munchkin having a nightmare trapped in a 2600 system. These are far from exact ports, for one thing the Odyssey 2 can do way more sprites which made my job of porting pretty tricky, I had to cut back on some features and change things up a bit, just to keep the spirit of the original game-play alive. I'll post the link below to my ODtari thread below if anyone is interested, 2600connection.com is also releasing UFO and Handy Pick Hank (my version of Pick Axe Pete) on carts soon. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/262523-odtari-odyssey2-games-made-atari-2600-style/ I'm already a member of the videopac.nl forum and posted an article there many years back explaining how I modded my joystick ports.Search For: "Odyssey2 Controller Repair / Modification to also use Atari 2600 Joysticks" Thanks for getting the Brotherhood going!
  13. My picture was too dark until I removed the 75ohm resistor between the ground and video out. Got much brighter but not as bright as before the mod.
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