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  1. oldjd


  2. A holiday bump. If you need a gift for a collector, friend, or ? The covers are both unique and quite useable. Take a look at all the new items Barb and I have introduced these past few months. If you want them fast, we will ship Priority Mail, even overnight(no-not really). And I will combine shipping costs.
  3. Really, there are some decent deals here! If for only one good reason, your keeping me off the streets
  4. Thanks much. I knew it was being viewed, but seeing the zeros had me concerned.
  5. Per the counter on the ad, it shows no views/nothing. But I know its being viewed, bacause I do get PMs. This happened a couple weeks back, and now I see a few other peoples ads with the same issue.
  6. In spite of what you may have heard.IT SUCKS getting old. I thought I had an ad up for these, and apparently I lost it So, here we go: Sears telegames 4-6 Switch for the regular 2600/White embroidery $13.50 ea. Have 2 Intellivision /INTV, its the full size console, so you can fool your friends into thnking your original Intellivision is an Intellivision -INTV $16.00 Have 1 Sega Genesis 2, the smaller console, white embroidery $12.50 Have 1 Nintendo/NES Full size with White Logo $14.50 Have 2 Nintendo /NES 101 The small one, white logo $14.00 Have 2 Finally, a Colecovision set of 4 Covers. They fit the console, Module 2, Module 1 and the roller controller $50.00 Have 1 set Prices are plus shipping, and if you need to see pics,you can either view my original ad with all the dustcovers or I can send you one. PM with your interest, yes I will combine shipping. No I wont stand on my head and whistle dixie! I Maybe old but Im not dumb
  7. Updates. XBox(Original) finally available ! And we will being offering covers to fit various combinations of the Sega Genesis line. Including the CD base with 16 bit or Genesis 2. The CD unit(large) combos with the 32X, power convertor etc etc. If you are interested in any of these PM me with what you are wanting. And dont forget to check out all the other covers, many many new ones. Thanks for looking, Barb and I really appreciate it!
  8. 1st, believe it or not when we first started making the covers we used brown 100%.And we used that for about 6 months, and were making the 2600 cover only.At some point a buyer said we should try the covers in black because he felt that give them more pop. It did and things took off from there. Since that time,like 10 years ago, I can count on one hand how many requests we have had for a cover in brown. I suppose that we could offer an option for brown, but with everything else were working with, wait times could be a deal killer. CPU, her machine is larger then say a conventional sewing machine, but not much. What makes it great as far as I can see is its abilty to run with patterns that she has downloaded to a thum drive and then plugs into the machine. What the bad thing is, she has to change the thread everytime there is a color change on the pattern. I have been hearing rumbling from hger side of the room of needing a machine that can run various colors at the same time. $$$$$ might ne awhile for that one.
  9. Thanks to the generosity of a fellow AA, we can now offer these XBox embroidered dustcovers. Price will be $25.00 plus shipping. This is for the first XBox. PM with your info. and all that stuff And as always Barb and I thank you!!
  10. I have added NES 101 Dustcovers to the special list. Which Has now been updated. And I will combine ship these if you buy more then 1. Thanks for looking. And dont forget if you need to see pics, just go to the first entry in this thread
  11. PM sent to all who indicated interest. Items updated in list. Still some good deals available. Send me a Pm and let me know which you are interested in Thanks
  12. Terrific person to deal with. Patient and understanding. And pays quickly. Thanks!!!!
  13. Well, we have a few dustcovers that need to go. They are listed , with how many available. If you need to see pictures, just go back to post # 1. They will all appear there. NES 101 Black with White Log $ 14.00 Have 3 of these Sears/ Tele-games- 4/6 Switch Black with white embroidery $ 12.50 Have 2 of these Sears Tele-games- Heavy Sixer Black with white embroidery $13.25 Have 1 of these------SOLD **These are embroidered as "Sears Telegames" in white Atari 2600 Jr. $12.50 Have 1 of these---------SOLD Nintendo/NES Black/ with White logo $14.00 Have 2 of these Intellivision III(3) Same size as org. Intellivision $ 16.00 Have 1 of these Sega Genesis 16 Bit Black with white lembroidery $14.00 HAve 1 of these-------SOLD Sega Genesis 2 Black with white embroidery $12.50 Have 1 of these Both of these are just embroidered with wording-no logos Buy more and save on shipping If your not sure what they look like, check pics, if you cant find them, shoot me a pm and I will send you pics. As always thank you for looking. And I have updated the body of the ad, with more information and pictures. And Barb and I again thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.
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