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  1. SO what's the status of the STAR ALLIANCE game? - is it scheduled for release in the near future? - will it be cart or CD based?
  2. It's a matter of personal taste. I actually think HoverStrike (cart) is not too bad, though I wouldn't put it anywhere near the top 10 Jag games.
  3. If you want a decent fighting game you want to get Ultra Vortek. I also like Fight for Life - but most folks don't.
  4. I think the original poster's point is not that CyberMorph is a bad game, but that it's super common... Kind of like Combat for the 2600; great game but they're a dime a dozen.
  5. In fact, aren't some of the games for the Jaguar already actual Genesis ports...?
  6. Thanks for pointing out that *great* deal - I think I'll go bid on it right now... Not really. It is a good deal at just $40 currently (A Jaguar with 7 games that includes Rayman and PDR). I can guarantee you that it'll go for a lot more than $40 by the time the auction ends.
  7. I'm puzzled by this. Although it looks very interesting from a technical point of view, what use would it be without a working modem? I thought the UART bugs were so bad it made it impossible to use a standard RS-232 modem with a Jaguar....
  8. Some common games that are both cheap and easy to find: Tempest 2000, Iron Soldier, Super Burnout, Val d'Isere Skiing...
  9. Tbird, it seems to me that a couple years back I saw you write something along the lines that even BattleSphere only took advantage of perhaps 60% of a Jaguar's full potential.
  10. The JagCD add-on can usually be found on EBay for $150-$200. I've thought of buying one, but IMHO there just aren't enough good CD games to justify spending that kind of coin.
  11. The last I heard, Songbird still had Phase Zero demo carts for sale. I bought one; it's a very interesting demo of the Jaguar's graphics capabilities.
  12. They both run on my P2-400, but very slowly - maybe 1/3 or 1/2 the actual speed of a Jaguar. On my P3-1000 they both run at full speed.
  13. PT 0.5 definitely seems a step above the previous releases: I've only used it to play T2K to any extent, but the frame rate is faster on my machine. VJag seems to run more stuff and get further in some other ROMs, but the frame rate is a lot slower. Both seem to have a made a lot of progress in the last few months; especially when so many people said it would be "almost impossible" to emulate a Jaguar.
  14. Most games were 2 MB. A few of the released games were 4 MB: SkyHammer, BattleSphere, AvsP, not sure what others. No 6 MBs were released.
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