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  1. SO what's the status of the STAR ALLIANCE game? - is it scheduled for release in the near future? - will it be cart or CD based?
  2. It's a matter of personal taste. I actually think HoverStrike (cart) is not too bad, though I wouldn't put it anywhere near the top 10 Jag games.
  3. If you want a decent fighting game you want to get Ultra Vortek. I also like Fight for Life - but most folks don't.
  4. I think the original poster's point is not that CyberMorph is a bad game, but that it's super common... Kind of like Combat for the 2600; great game but they're a dime a dozen.
  5. In fact, aren't some of the games for the Jaguar already actual Genesis ports...?
  6. Thanks for pointing out that *great* deal - I think I'll go bid on it right now... Not really. It is a good deal at just $40 currently (A Jaguar with 7 games that includes Rayman and PDR). I can guarantee you that it'll go for a lot more than $40 by the time the auction ends.
  7. I'm puzzled by this. Although it looks very interesting from a technical point of view, what use would it be without a working modem? I thought the UART bugs were so bad it made it impossible to use a standard RS-232 modem with a Jaguar....
  8. Some common games that are both cheap and easy to find: Tempest 2000, Iron Soldier, Super Burnout, Val d'Isere Skiing...
  9. Tbird, it seems to me that a couple years back I saw you write something along the lines that even BattleSphere only took advantage of perhaps 60% of a Jaguar's full potential.
  10. The JagCD add-on can usually be found on EBay for $150-$200. I've thought of buying one, but IMHO there just aren't enough good CD games to justify spending that kind of coin.
  11. The last I heard, Songbird still had Phase Zero demo carts for sale. I bought one; it's a very interesting demo of the Jaguar's graphics capabilities.
  12. They both run on my P2-400, but very slowly - maybe 1/3 or 1/2 the actual speed of a Jaguar. On my P3-1000 they both run at full speed.
  13. PT 0.5 definitely seems a step above the previous releases: I've only used it to play T2K to any extent, but the frame rate is faster on my machine. VJag seems to run more stuff and get further in some other ROMs, but the frame rate is a lot slower. Both seem to have a made a lot of progress in the last few months; especially when so many people said it would be "almost impossible" to emulate a Jaguar.
  14. Most games were 2 MB. A few of the released games were 4 MB: SkyHammer, BattleSphere, AvsP, not sure what others. No 6 MBs were released.
  15. someguy


    Hmm - I bought my only ProController on ebay for about $30 plus shipping maybe a year or so ago. I thought that was adecent price, but I didn't think they were that hard to get... I really like it too. I thought the original controllers were actually pretty comfy to hold, but the Pro is about a half-inch slimmer and a little lighter-feeling. Not too many games take good advantage of the buttons: BS, Missile Command 3D, ... If you can get one for a decent price they are definitely a good addition to your Jaguar.
  16. Did you try reading the "Atari Jaguar FAQ", available at your nearest search engine? http://www.digiserve.com/eescape/atari/FAQ_-_Jaguar ================================================ Q. Was the Jaguar really a 64-bit system? A. The question is hard to resolve, largely because the definition of what constitutes an "N-bit" system has not been set. Of the five processors in the Jaguar, only the object processor and the blitter are "true" 64-bit components. Because the blitter and the object processor are in the Tom chip, by extension Tom is a 64-bit chip. Furthermore, the Jaguar also used a 64-bit memory architecture, according to Jez San of Argonaut Software. Some say the Jaguar should be considered a 32-bit system, as that is the maximum register size in the programmable processors (the 68000, the graphics processor, and the DMA sound processor). Others say the Jaguar can be considered a 64-bit system, because 64-bit components are used, and the GPU can access 64 bits of data if required. Again, the lack of an agreed-upon definition serves to complicate the issue. According to Jaguar designer John Mathieson, "Jaguar has a 64-bit memory interface to get a high bandwidth out of cheap DRAM. ... Where the system needs to be 64 bit then it is 64 bit, so the Object Processor, which takes data from DRAM and builds the display is 64 bit; and the blitter, which does all the 3D rendering, screen clearing, and pixel shuffling, is 64 bit. Where the system does not need to be 64 bit, it isn't. There is no point in a 64 bit address space in a games console! 3D calculations and audio processing do not generally use 64-bit numbers, so there would be no advantage to 64 bit processors for this. "Jaguar has the data shifting power of a 64 bit system, which is what matters for games, so can reasonably be considered a 64 bit system. But that doesn't mean it has to be 64 bits throughout." For the record, the opinion of most third party developers and observers is that the Jaguar is indeed a 64-bit system. The emphasis is on the word "system"; while not every component is 64 bits, the Jaguar architecture, as a COMPLETE SYSTEM, is. ================================================
  17. All the various magazines slammed the Jaguar back in the day. In a way who can blame them? A lot of the early games were either 16-bit ports - or were just plain crap. For every Tempest 2000, there were 2 or 3 bad games that the reviewers could point at and laugh, especially early on. And the bad rep continues on... most people who have just casually tried playing a Jaguar have been stuck playing something common (and mediocre) like Checkered Flag or Kasumi Ninja, rather than something good but less common like say AvP or Missile Command 3D.
  18. someguy

    JI2 down

    Naw - it just means the flamers will let the bile build up for a flamewar explosion when JI2 gets going again...
  19. I'm not sure why people are harping about the price. When I went shopping for a Jaguar S-video cable a year ago, I tried looking on EBay and various sites. I couldn't find one for less than Telegames price of $30 US - and they wanted and extra $12 to ship it: $42 in total. For about $100 plus shipping I could get the equivalent plus the networking and other features. If I didn't already have an S-video and a JagLink, I would jump at buying one. :wink:
  20. I have original Protector (not SE). I'd give it about 80/100. If you like oriignal arcade Defender you'll likely enjoy Protector. (Personally I think it is a better cart than Defender 2000) I have Phase Zero. I don't think it's fair to rate PZ because it is so imcomplete. As a technical demo I would rate it highly; it does a better job of showing off the Jag's graphics capabilities than does Protector (or most Jaguar games) - but the few levels that are there are very simple to complete, and other levels are incredibly buggy. I can only recommend buying a copy to the "hard core" Jag collector who wants a complete collection. (I would make almost exactly the same comments about the Space War 2000 demo cart, BTW.)
  21. I would have to go with DOOM as well. The Jaguar version is really well done, and I had never played it on the PC. When I first got DOOM, I would rush home after work and park myself in front of my console for hours on end. It consume all my free time for maybe 3 weeks before I finally burnt out on it. Even now I can put Jag DOOm in and play it for a couple of hours straight. Great game! I think T2K is pretty good, but never really grabbed me that way. I really enjoyed Power Drive Rally and BattleSphere, but I don't think even they have that same 'total immersion' effect.
  22. I guess I'll be the dissenting vote. After hearing so many favorable comments about AMP I managed to pick up a complete boxed copy fairly cheaply. I can't see why it has earned so many favorable reviews. Personally it's just not my cup of tea...
  23. Great idea - a year ago! I have a GBA and am thinking of selling it or trading it in for a GBA SP, but since I have a GameCube I think it makes more sense for me to get the Player coming out in April or so...
  24. someguy


    Their web-site does seem pricey but you can get some good deals on thier auctions. I have bought several items from them via EBay as well; a handful of carts plus my ProController.
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