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  1. Yes, NOP is $C0 on the 2650. The Z80 uses the same $00 opcode as Intel because it was designed to be a superset of the Intel instruction set. There is a "Common Assembly Language for Microprocessors" (aka CALM) which enables different CPUs to assemble the same source code. But raw opcode values are only compatible in rare cases like the Z80.
  2. >Signetics 2650: $00 = Branch to address in immediate register B (per the Wikipedia article) As usual, Wikipedia is completely wrong. The 2650 has no "immediate register B". $00 is LODZ r0, which does not branch.
  3. I bought one, it works flawlessly and is awesome!
  4. Hello 5-11under, I sent you a PM, but I am not sure if you received it...
  5. I spent some time modifying an Arcadia PCB to accept an EEPROM. I wanted to make sure the multicart wasn't somehow affecting the results (stranger things have happened). Anyway, the results were the same, so unfortunately, it looks like Frogger 1.25 doesn't work on a real machine. I'll keep the game on the multicart as an extra. Thanks for that information. Frogger works 100% on every Arcadia emulator ever written, but that just goes to show that the state of Arcadia emulation is not as advanced as we supposed. :-( Frogger was never tested on the real machine. Neither was JTron; I assume that works? OK, attached is V1.26, hopefully it works now, can someone (eg. 5-11under) please test it? FROGGER.bin
  6. Sorry, I forgot about this thread. 1) If it's not too late, could I ask one favour. Could you please include Tester3.bin (from the Examples Pack) in the multicart? If someone can run it on the real hardware and report the results, it will help to improve the WinArcadia emulator. 2) If you are wondering any Arcadia ROM, load it into WinArcadia and choose "Game Information" from the Help menu. It knows basically all available Arcadia software.
  7. Hello all, I represent Amigan Software. I hope I can be of assistance with your project. [O] is overdump (ie. the game plus junk) and is underdump (ie. just part of the game). There is no point in including those on the multicart. Likewise I see little point in including obsolete versions of Frogger and JTron, they are basically the same as the newer versions but with more bugs :-) I would suggest instead including additional examples and demos.
  8. >Did anyone ever find out who the people were designed and created the system and/or the games? Probably Philips/Signetics for the hardware, and UA Ltd. and Bandai for the software. >Does anyone have one and some games and can comment on how it is for a gaming system? I like it :-) >Any homebrew games out there? There is Tetris, done by Peter Trauner. Also, I wrote Frogger, JTron and Super Bug 2. The world's biggest site for this machine is http://amigan.yatho.com There's game dumps, photos, manuals, emulators, technical info, etc. there.
  9. I'm interested in adding emulation of the Philips Odyssey 5000 (or at least the Signetics CR861 component of it) to the Ami/WinArcadia emulators. A datasheet for the CR861 would be invaluable, but I haven't been able to find one...
  10. This file doesn't seem to exist :-(
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