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  1. I've been asking myself this question for over a week...what is my answer? tell me.
  2. XBone: Halo MCC and Disney Infinity Survival Mode X360: Batman Arkham Origins
  3. I got it for $12 used. I like it.
  4. YES! I just bought mine a few months ago and I LOVE IT! And NOW is the best time to get it! So many great deals on games that once costed $50+ are now under $5
  5. I made my decision a month ago on my Birthday: XBone! I wanted PS4 because my best friend has it, but I already have Xbox Live for Xbox 360, so continuing to XBox One made more sense for me.
  6. I fear going broke this fall! I am definitely onboard for DI 3.0, but love Lego games.
  7. Xbox One titles: Titanfall Disney Infinity playset with the prison ship using Thor War...something...free game. It's cool. I used the Excalibur armor. So, do we ever DISCUSS these games, or just post?
  8. Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Disney Infinity 2.0 Brave Disney Infinity 2.0 Hoth Battle community created playset.
  9. I hope so! I just bought one yesterday and some games to go with it: I just got an Xbox 360, so I just bought a library to add to the games I've been buying to play at my friend's house on his system...now I can play on mine Lego Indiana Jones the Original Adventures Ninja Gaiden II Brutal Legend Marvel VS. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds Soul Calibur V Lego Batman, The Video Game
  10. I bought the Dollar General version of this and the Colecovision FB since both have an extra game. Too bad I missed the Black Friday sale on them.
  11. I bought the Dollar General version of this and the Intellivision FB since both have an extra game. Too bad I missed the Black Friday sale on them.
  12. Payday is upon me, so I went to TRU site to get primed to preorder this and the other two flashbacks due in Oct...but they are gone! Atari 5 FB is still there, but WHAT happened to the Colecovision and Intellivision FBs???
  13. 2 Yoshi FAMICOM games came in the mail yesterday The mailman came in my games are almost all here now! I still have a big set of 12 that needs to get here. #nes #nintendo #famicom #retrogaming by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr
  14. She jumped in and photo-bombed the picture at the last minute! ONE set came this week, and oddly it was not the set that needs to get here from NY...which SHOULD have come first. It's from Asia: 5 Famicom Games including GOONIES and MACROSS!! both never got ported to the NES in the USA #retrogaming #nes #nintendo #famicom my Famicom lot from across the ocean came before the ones from New York. That is sad by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr This is my OWN picture, not the original eBay pic. I took individual cartridge shots, if you want to see them just click my pic and view my stream, the pics should be the next 5 pictures.
  15. if there's an eBay thread, please forgive me and redirect me, but I only have a few FAMICOM games #famicom #gundam #wonderwoman by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr So this week I've bought 3 lots making 19 games in FAMICOM to come to me soon! does anyone know the harder to read titles in this pic? #famicom #megaman #nes #nintendo #supermariobrothers #dragonquest I WON THE BID ON THIS LOT!!! $41 for 12 games. Free shipping! That's less than $4 a game!!! I'm stoked and can't wait to get these!! #retrogaming by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr I only know a few of the obvious titles Mickey Mouse: Fushigi no Kuni no Daibouken [Famicom] 1987 [Mickey Mousecapades] Rockman 2 [Famicom] CAP-XR 1988 Dragon Quest III [Famicom] EFC-03 Dragon Quest IV [Famicom] EFC-04 Donald Duck [Famicom] Takahashi Meijin no Boukenjima [Famicom] HFC-TB ???? [Famicom] Doraemon [Famicom] HFC-DO Urusei Yatsura: Lum no Wedding Bell [Famicom] JF-10 Choujin: Ultra Baseball [Famicom] CBF-UB Super Mario Bros. [Famicom] Super Mario Bros. 3 [Famicom] also coming soon: Yoshi's Eggs [Famicom of Yoshi] Yoshi's Cookies [Famicom] Yoshi Eggs and Yoshi's Cookies on Famicom by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr Macross [Famicom] Goonies [Famicom] Urban Champion [Famicom] HVC-UC 1984 [Famicom] SQF-UT ???? America Daitōryō Senkyo (アメリカ大統領選挙) [Famicom] United States Presidential Race [1988] #retrogaming #famicom #nes #nintendo okay I went ahead and got this set of 5 for $22 shipped! Macross is great I've heard. Most of these were not released in the USA except Urban Champion. That version Of Gooines was not made on NES, and the reviews fo by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr
  16. RetroGaming fun! #atari #gijoe #retrogaming #atari2600 by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr #intellivision #retrogaming by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr #snes #nintendo #retrogaming #edwardmckay by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr #retrogaming #nes #nintendo by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr a few more from TODAY's pictures. those previous pictures were taken yesterday
  17. Retrogames! I love Edward McKay's!!! NES Cybernoid by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr NES Time Lord by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr NES Kung Fu Heroes by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr SNES Space Invaders by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr
  18. So, I'm new to reviewing. Tell me what you think. If you like it, please click the YES that it was helpful. If it needs tweeking please tell me here instead of hitting NO. Thanks! http://www.amazon.com/Lady-Bug-Colecovision/dp/B0062EFV8E/ref=cm_cmu_pg__header I also posted my picture of my own cartridge
  19. Computer games are easy to find, unlike cartridge games, at my Goodwill...and for 49 cents each, why not? #computergame #quake by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr #hexen #computergame by SacredKnightOfTomorrow, on Flickr
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