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  1. Please put me down for two for any future runs.
  2. I'd like to pre-order 1 muticart for Lynx model 2 as well thanks.
  3. I was going to put a new McWill LCD in my Lynx II and wanted to swap out the basic stuff before doing so. New Mosfet, zener, and cap kit. Started it up and Q8 blew. Measured voltage at the VCC and gnd as in step 3 of McWill's manual and got 8.9 I believe. Thought it was gone. I put in a new transistor at Q8 and it starts up and I hear sound. Not sure if I have video as I took out the components not needed for the new LCD. Remeasured voltage and I get 5.85V. I'm not sure at this point how to remedy that. Rechecked all the caps. Even put back the old zener and mosfet to see if that was an issue and it's still 5.85. Any ideas? Thanks for any help.
  4. Any chance you could update the pics for this? I've done this mod in the past and was going to do a couple more, but the pic links have expired. Thanks.
  5. Blitter

    Need a Vectrex

    Did you happen to find that room where they had a Vectrex in a cab wired to display color?
  6. Letting everyone here know that bradd1978 has purchased my preorder for the XM Module. Thanks.
  7. If anyone would like to purchase my preorder, please pm me. I've just moved onto other things in the meantime and would rather it go to someone else. Thanks.
  8. Wow. You wander in here every few weeks and good things happen. I need to dig up my receipt.
  9. Please put me on your list for your next go-around. Thanks.
  10. I purchased an LTO Flash directly from Joe recently. He put together a really professional package. It's not SD based, but honestly, I got tired of waiting for the Hive and the Flash does the same thing and is available NOW. For some reason, he doesn't accept PayPal, so it can take a little longer to get the thing, but you'll be happy when you do.
  11. Curt should write a book about this.
  12. Caps aren't always a magical elixir. Best Electronics has new LCDs for $15 or so. Give that a try and you can pick up one of their speaker upgrades as well.
  13. Thanks guys. Mod was successful along with the lcd mod, but my power light is blinking now. With batteries or with the power supply. Not sure why that is, but I may just leave it alone. That new lcd just knocks it out of the park.
  14. I'm on my second LCD mod and I have the C104129-001 rev board. I performed the 5v mod and then installed the new LCD. I connected to the TPR test point as the directions would suggest and got a screen full of static. I switched off to connecting to the res solder point and though "Rats, static screen again." Game booted up though. Just seems like during the boot up process, the screen is static the whole time and not for an instant. After that, game runs fine. My other problem is the power light blinks the whole time even when used with a power supply. Related or not I'm not sure. Since the game works I'm tempted to just leave well enough alone
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