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  1. Had same problem with berzerk ve... the screen blanks during speech... tv detects video signal loss and mutes audio expecting white noise if the 2600 has got video mod installed put the video cinch in telly but connect audio cinch to your sound system. Intruder Alert:)
  2. Got back to this one year later... well during speech the screen blanks... video signal is completey turned off which causes the tv to mute audio as video signal got lost With a mod you can connect the audio cinch to a sound system and speech plays fine... will put one of my two carts on ebay as both are fine
  3. Gyruss for 7800 would be great and the support of native Trakball mode even more don't forget the PAL release... I played it in the arcade with the stick (at least I believe the cabinet had a stick) and on my C64 some months later but did it not like it that much as in arcade due to cheap joystick I could afford to buy at age of 14... but I remember the SID sound was great As many other games currently being hacked to support Trakball, this one could get difficulty fine tuning. Trakball control should feel right for this type of game but it would have to support joystick too, as many might want to stick with original control or do not own a Trakball (mouse control will fail on this game very badly). Anyway, no matter with what kind of control, it would be a great game for the 7800
  4. Ordered it already, just wanted to confirm it will run fine on my machine before AL gonna ship it Connecting the 7800 via SCART seems to be a little bit tricky. On my 3to1 SCART switch in front of my Philips LED I have to press RGB button to get a signal from 7800 (like from Amiga). On my old LCD TV, one SCART port did work and the other not, when connecting the 7800. Good luck for your testing and thanks for confirming Astro Fighter will work on PAL
  5. "Was a pleasure . I also wanted to try it on my french Peritel but I got no signal on two TVs (an old Grundig and an LG Flat). Have to try it on my Sony Bravias today." Hi, I have an 7800 french PAL with SCART... is that a Peritel? If Astro Fighter works on PAL, it should work on this too. Did only Astro Fighter fail, or do you have Problems to get a signal at all? On an old LCD with two SCART connectors I did only get a signal on the first SCART connecter, on the second I got white screen. I am asking these questions, as I would like to order Astro Fighter and want to run it on a french PAL machine...
  6. I certainly will pick up new hacks in the shop as I only play on real hardware! For the 7800 I have to stick with PAL Cartridges but I bought a 2600 NTSC Jr. only for one reason: To play homebrews and hacks which were are not released as PAL versions I own Colony 7 and played it with my trakball in JS mode, as i did with some light gun shooters like alien brigade for the 7800. But in JS mode you have to spin too much and it gets painfull quickly. Why light gun shooters? Well, without an old CRT TV you just can't use any light gun anymore. By the way, not having many games for my Trakball, I even tried to play Juno First in JS mode. Again you have to spin too much but it gives you a different kind of game play. It was fun but not good for high score And of course all trakball games from the arcades should get back their original controls. I once bought an USB trakball only to connect it to my RASPI with mame...
  7. Missile Command is available in the shop (section hacks) and I ordered it some years ago and still love to play it (with CX80 identical to CX22) Will some of other games listed in this thread show up in the shop in the near future? Ordering a custom cartridge with the binary should not be possible "without the original author's permission" (referring to a note in the shop). It is a shame that no original game was released for 2600/7800 supporting TB mode of the CX80/CX22, as I really like this controller very much indeeed!
  8. To get this new version (supporting two Trakballs in Trakball mode) on a cartridge running on PAL 7800 machine... oh that would be great I play Missile Command TB with my CX80 and love it! So far the only game I now supporting the Trakball mode, which is available on cartridge...
  9. Many thanks for the info about the correct value of R5! I opened my French PAL Scart 7800 yesterday but unfortunaly did not took a photo when I removed the shielding. I did not search for R5, as I read this post afterwards but tried to adjust Colors for 7800 and 2600 games. 2600 adjustment works fine, but is not possible to get rid of yellow/green faces in commando but most games are OK Well, this RGB hack from Atari is quite interesting. There is a daughter board for the SECAM stuff which covers the pot for 2600 Color. If you don't know where it is placed you never will find that pot! Then there is a daughter board for the RGB connector. Many wires, 3 Pots for RGB Video, many added resistors... it also covers other components. The Boards look OK but the soldering of wires, resistors, pots is quite a mess. The Person who did this, probalby touched a soldering iron for the very first time (Tramiel Quality?! ) I can imagine now why most of the posted mods have a better Video Quality then this official Version from Atari... anyway I am quite happy with this unique 7800 From Pictures of an NTSC or "normal" PAL board it would be hard to find R5. When I open it next time I will have a look but as the hack is of such a bad Quality I do not want to touch/open it too often
  10. Many thanks for the info from Mitch! Does anyone have a Picture where this resistor is placed on a French PAL board and the value to replace with? The soldering would not be a Problem
  11. I've got a french PAL 7800 with scart cable with the same Problem. The Pokey music of commando plays at very low volume while the sound effects from the TIA are quite loud. Basically this console is an official sold AV mod. I wonder if somebody knows if a trim pot can be added and where. It does not have an HF modulator at all but an installed daughter board at the same place wirh 2 pots for the Video Signal only.
  12. I tested a new copy of Berkzerk VE on PAL and NTSC 2600 Jr. but the speech stops always after one second. I hear "Intr" instead of "Intruder Alert", so it is not related to the cart Not sure if this is related to the fact that I have to use 220V 50Hz Power Supply in Germany.
  13. Ok, if you hear the complete speech, I probably order a second one, as my cartridge only Plays "int" The "ruder alert" is missing Strange, never had a game that partly works, either they fail or run. Many thanks
  14. Yes, I use a PAL power supply on an NTSC 2600 Jr. I did not get any sound over the antenna cable, so I modded it (not sure if this was a problem in general or specific to my unit). Please let me know if you hear the speech! I get same results on my PAL an NTSC Jr: When you start a new game, you hear "intr...." silence (should be "intruder alert" I guess). Maybe my cartridge ist broken, as it fails on both consoles PAL and NTSC. I thought about this beeing a 50/60Hz Problem but even the power supply gets 220V 50Hz in (instead 110V and 60Hz in the US) the outgoing direct current is the same, so this does not make any sense then.
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