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I am retiring from the army after 20 years of service (joined when I was 17) and moving back to Washington. Not much family left there, but still excited to be back to my old stomping grounds (grew up in Tigard, OR and Vancouver, WA.) I have been an, on again, off again Atari collector and coin-op collector for years. I have a pretty good collection of both and hope with my retirement I can get a little more serious about it. Hope to contribute to this website and hope for much needed info. I have seen this site mentioned several times on auctions (E-Bay) that I was part of and only now have found the time to join and interact with other enthusiasts.


UPDATE: Closed on my new house this week-end. I am now a Battleground, WA. citizen. I expect my stand-ups and other furniture to be here by the 4th.

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