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  1. Hey, start up that thread you were talking about. It is a great idea. And sorry you can't make the show. I am going to see if I can go for the Crazy Climber world record.

  2. I found a great retro arcade in Portland, Ground Kontrol. Hit me up if you want go there sometime.

  3. just got himself banned from AtariAge

  4. just got himself banned from AtariAge

  5. Looks like we are in the same neck of the woods. And 'Shaun of the Dead' is the best movie ever made!!!!

  6. I actually snagged that Avatar from a guy over @ ogrish.

  7. I have been massively downsizing my gameroom lately. My house is only 2100 sq. ft. including the room above my garage.I had 8 arcade cabs. and 4 pins. I now am down to 2 pins. and 5 arcades. When I am done I am just going to have 2 pins. and 3 arcades.

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