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  1. I have the search set at, Mangia 2600. And now I realize my mistake. I am going to change that right now for this and a few other searches.
  2. Definitely tons for sale. Probably more this year than ever. I have been holding back a ton of rare stuff just for this show. Chuck Sounds great, I am looking forward to hopefully fill some holes in my collection.
  3. Defender........ Extremely tough. I pumped many quarters in it and never once got past the mutant wave. Mappy, was also pretty hard, but I did not like it and never played it much. Kangaroo is one I never played or saw at the local arcades.
  4. As I have never been to one of these Expo's before, I was wondering if there are booths with items for sale or just showing retro gaming items?
  5. I have been hunting for this one for quite a long time. I am amazed and pissed that E-Bay did not send me a notice. I do not know if I would have beat you, but I certainly would have bid over your winning bid. Congrats. on the killer deal that you got. I got lucky a few times. Once with a Waterworld and once with a Halloween hand written label with instructions . By the way, Mangia is a really fun game, have fun with it.
  6. Loved playing N64 Goldeneye with my friends and family back in the day.
  7. Thanks for the info. I was hoping that was the case.
  8. I have searched A.A. and have not found an answer to this question. Is the rarity guide about carts. or cart. and instructions or C.I.B.? I have several rarity 9's but no box or instructions. I just want to know if I have loose cart. and it is a rarity 9 is it still a rarity 9 if I have no box or instructions (or reg. card)? Is there sub-rarity guide for loose carts?
  9. Definitely my favorite D.A. game by far. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.
  10. I actually own the coin-op Ivan Stewarts Off Road and I definitely agree with Shadow. Very rarely can I get more than 3 three wins in a row, and I own it! Most of the coin-ops with a continue are tough in my opinion. Tempest, T.M.N.T., Gauntlet, I.S.O.R., Simpsons etc. All of them are pretty much impossible to finish or if there is no finish, to get very far without pumping in quarter after quarter. I probably should have qualified this post with the game having a no continue policy. But I did post Tempest as one of the toughest games my mistake.
  11. I don't know about that. Many of my sealed (shrinkwrapped) boxes are fairly distorted due to the shrinkwrap squishing them when there is a temperature (my theory) drop in the place they were stored. Many of my non-shrinkwrapped boxes are in mint or near mint condition.
  12. I guess it matters to him because he asked the question. As for the question I have both C.I.B. mint condition and never opened and neither are shrinkwrapped. It does'nt mean that they were not shrinkwrapped at some point, but it does lead me to believe that they were not.
  13. I am hoping they drop the price, and think they probably will. Quite a few great games I have not yet played and it plays ALL blue-ray dvds. That in itself is a good reason to buy one.
  14. Another one I forgot about when making my list. This has to be one of the hardest games I have ever played and I played it quite alot. I never was able to get to the first ending no matter how hard I tried. I guess this was just not my game. Congrats. on getting thru the first run. I watched a YouTube vid. and saw that after you finish once you have to somehow do it again.
  15. I vaguely remember paying somewhere in the teens ($13-$19) for games at KayBee(?) toy store in and around 1984. I am pretty sure it had to be around that price as my father was extremely poor and I had to use lawn mowing for neighbors money to buy anything I wanted or needed.
  16. I hate to ask, but what is 480p and what is the signifigance? I have a 52" Samsung LCD 1080 w/ 120 hrtz(?) and all my G.C games play great. Am I missing something?
  17. Gravitar was definitely a nightmare. I never could finish a full level. I have to say it was a fun game though. It is one of the games on my list of must haves.
  18. I disagree Homer, video game records are part of history and if no one beats your score you will be forver remembered as the guy who beat Todd at the Galaxian high score. It may not be important to you, but I feel it is important. I really enjoy going to T.G. and seeing the high scores. I plan to make an attempt at Crazy Climber one of these days. I got a line on a local guy wanting to sell his. Anyway, good job and beat a few more records.
  19. I love my Gamecube. It is my second favorite system. I was and bummed out that Nintendo did not support this system for very long and thus not as many great games as their could have been were created. I spend at least 10 hours a month playing and replaying Resident Evil, Eternal Darkness, Dragons Lair (have yet to finish this game).... etc. And by the way my favorite system (of course) is my 2600.
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