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  1. Looks like Street Fighter is gone, but the other is still available. I would snag these in a heartbeat. Decent cabinets alone are easily worth the $50.
  2. I also! Why play hostage with feedback? If you've done your part of the transaction and everything's okay, post some honest feedback right away. But the seller's part of the transaction is not done until the customer is happy. If he tells me he is happy or leaves me feedback, I will leave feedback in return. It's that simple. For instants, if 30 days goes by and I have not gotten a feedback or a message telling me he is happy with the purchase, I than email him and make sure everything is Okay. I don't play hostage with feedback. I don't say hey, leave me feedback or I won't give you any. I never say anything about feedback. I think asking or telling people to leave feedback is rude. The feedback system was never meant to be used in that manner. There use to be a time when feedback was left for extra special or horrible transactions only. Somewhere along the line ebayer's (sellers & buyers) started demanding feedback be mandatory for the most mundane of transactions. So, next time I go to Walmart and buy a tube of toothpaste (or some other mundane product) and pay for it, Walmart better give me some special positive feedback over the intercom (or a big sticker stating I'm a great buyer) or they are just holding my rightfully deserved feedback hostage. I'm also wondering when no feedback became as bad as negative feedback? That's new one... Oh no, I didn't get any feedback from that buyer/seller!!!!! He must be holding it hostage! Damn him to helllllllllllll. You can spin it however you want. In my opinion the seller should leave + F.B. after receiving payment. Thats it I'm done with this subject.
  3. I always felt that the buyer should give feed back first. I always thought this even before I ever sold anything on eBay (and I practice what I preach). The best way for a seller to know if the buyer is happy and the deal is complete from the buyers end is with a feedback. This idea that the seller should just give his feedback as soon as he is paid is crazy. The transaction isn't even completed yet. If the buyer gets the item and then asks a bunch of questions about the item once he gets it or if the buyer has a problem with the item and needs to return it, the seller is still dealing with the transaction. The feedback is meant for the entire transaction process, not just, the seller is paid where's my feedback. FYI, Sellers can not leave "neutral" or "negative" feedback (another one of those great eBay changes to help sellers out!! ). The only option sellers have is "positive" or no feedback. So buyers can crap all over sellers all they want. Thanks eBay!!! Don't even get me started on the whole "No digital download products" that they decide was a great idea after trying to get sellers to do this idea. And because of this great change, I lost about $2000 and my business that was only 3 month old after changing their policy on digital downloads. And yes I owned and still own the rights to the products I sold. Thanks eBay, your the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :x I can't wrap my mind around what you are saying. The buyer pays for an item and has to thank the seller for buying his item? Nope, screw that. I pay you and you thank me, thats how it works. And that is the way business is done. I hate E-Bay with all my heart, but the change that sellers can't give there Bullshit retalitory F.B. is a plus.
  4. I did, and she insisted that she could sell it for that price because her cousin did. She was telling me how old it was and how it came out before the Nintendo and PlayStation. I was doing all I could to keep from laughing out loud, she's really convinced that she's gonna sell it for that price. Funny thing is, she probably will. I hope she does.
  5. How about my Joystick Thumb? Yeah, that would work out better. You could make a print of it. Damn, wish you were going to CGE. The whole gang is going to be there. CPU wiz also?
  6. Last year was alot of fun. I hope there is a little more Atari stuff for sale this year.
  7. Probably the oddest, rambling, and interesting post I have ever read.
  8. Hey, start up that thread you were talking about. It is a great idea. And sorry you can't make the show. I am going to see if I can go for the Crazy Climber world record.

  9. I think that will vary from individual to individual and that is something they will need to assess themselves. Steve Sanders talks about his epiphany and how he believed he was wasting his life. The time period that Chasing Ghosts homes in on is a period where the whole business of video gaming was new, it was hot and the future was bright but unknown. Kids (not only the ones featured in the movie) were led to believe that if they were good at video games that they would be rock stars. And we know how the rest of the story goes. Playing at the arcade was a social event much like anything else I did when I was a kid. Some of these guys in Chasing Ghosts got to travel, were in Life magazine, on TV and now on film and in that respect I don't see that as a waste. Some may have the opinion that I am wasting my adulthood playing classic games, playing in tournaments, restoring arcade cabinets and writing magazine articles etc. But, it is something I enjoy and I do my best to balance that with family time and other interests in my life so that it does not become the only thing in my life. That may have been Walter's weak attempt at trying to create awareness that there needs to be a museum for classic games and it will become a reality for him in a few months. Basically, a video game high score is regarded by those outside of the gaming community as an insignificant achievement. Nevertheless, the tournaments and high score attempts still attract media coverage. See Doris Self on CBS News as an example. What exactly is the price that these folks have paid? Very good points made, for sure. I guess the way I look at it is this; the overall feeling I got from the movie Chasing Ghosts was one of sadness. I felt sorry for the majority of these people. I understand that editing can make mountains out of molehills, though, but I'm just going by my gut feeling. I am certainly no one to say what's a worthy way to spend a life, lol! And I suppose if one of these 'stars' like Billy Mitchell had other things going on in his life besides wearing tacky ties, acting aloof and selling hot sauce, then I suppose these were pinnacle years for them. The one fellow who lied about his scores and became a lawyer (now, if that isn't hilarious, I dunno what is!) saw things for what they were, but again...I feel sorry for these folks. The main reason is that these guys, unlike the majority of sports stars, actors, other types of meaningless celebrity, seem to be completely full of themselves. Other than the sympathetic character of Steve Weibe (who also is drawn out as a 'loser'), not one of these guys comes across as a genuine fellow. At worst, they come off as lackeys...no, wait, at worse they come off as freaks, like the guy who sleeps on his floor with Christmas decorations up all year round along with his collection of venomous spiders and other insects. Or the eternal virgin scorekeeper who collects pornographic superhero art. Or old man Walter Day "singing" his songs which he believes coulda been chart-toppers. If anything, Chasing Ghosts is a collection of what 'normal' really is, which is acheiving mediocrity. I'm not saying that playing video games, new or old, is a waste...not at all. But when you have these clownish characters in these movies going on and on about how great they are, were, or are going to be...it's sad. You'd think they'd at least be humble about their 'achievements'...I mean, look at Billy Mitchell. Not only him, but his PARENTS...I mean, these people are just hilarious, and the filmmakers knew this. Average people watching these movies are going to laugh at these 'gamer gods' of the past. I suppose that's a personal thought of mine, and to each his own, but that's how I see it. See here is the problem. Being the king in a video game is the ultimate paradox on this planet. I mean that. Just think about it for a second. Name another thing that you can be the best at, and get absolutely no money for it, and be laughed at when you bring it up in casual conversation. Just take a look around. If you are the greatest basketball player,football player, soccer player, hockey player, baseball player, mma fighter, boxer, kick boxer, swimmer, weight lifter people will idolize you, and wear your jersey number. If you are the greatest artist people will pay millions for your work. If you are the greatest arguer you will be a millionaire lawyer. In music if you are the greatest disco, rock, grunge, heavy metal, grind core, soul, R & B singer, rap artist you will be rich have groupies, and have people playing your songs over, and over again. Yet if you are the greatest at a certain video game you will be laughed at by the general population, and thought of as a freak. In the past year I have entered the video game realm, and been fortunate enough to break 3 different records. Space Jockey, and Galaxian for the Atari 2600, and the Donkey Kong 3 Arcade record. Yet not only does this not improve my station in life, but if I were to casually mention what I have done to a complete stranger they will have the same exact feelings that you do. How freaking sad is that? I was even told by Crazyclimber to keep silent about my Galaxian record when trying to get a woman. And you know what? He is absolutely correct. I live in a society where if I speak of my accomplishments to strangers I am thought of in the same context as a cross dresser who claims to have been abducted, and anally probed by aliens. I live in a society where not only am I not supposed to be proud of what I have done, but I am supposed to be ashamed of what I have done, like I have committed some atrocity against man. By the way about your full of themselves line. Are you serious? You really think that the big name Singers, Stars, and athletes are not full of themselves? Really? Have you seen Kobe Bryant, or Lebron James? Heck have you even had a conversation with a college athlete? Most are far, and beyond full of themselves. Every time you hear about some student doing something horrific to another student in front of other students it is always the high school jock that is doing it. And one last thing. Here is why the video gamers in King of Kong, and Chasing Ghosts seem so cocky. Although they all have different personalities they all have one thing in common. The interest in making video game records more popular in general. So what you are seeing is not necessarily cockiness. I see it more as puffery, and hyperbole. All these people including even Mr. Awesome know full well what their accomplishments mean in society at large, but they are exaggerating to the fullest extent in order for others to also become interested in what they are doing. Just think of them more as salesmen for their craft when watching these documentaries. I guarentee you that if you do, you will have a new understanding about what is really going on. You broke the Atari 2600 Galaxian record?
  10. Curt, How'd you get a chance to see this? I'm dying to watch this but it seems that it does not exist for the home market nor will it ever from what I've seen. Loved King of Kong and have been waiting to see Chasing Ghosts ever since I heard about it! I think this site is where I watched it http://www.sumotorrent.com/search/chasing+ghosts+beyond+the+arcade.html
  11. Thats a good idea. Sorry you can't make the show next month.
  12. If you really think you can, you could ask one of the admins for moderator rights and start posting. Nesbroslash is not part of the "in" crowd as far as I can tell, so just like high school (or whatever), no chance at being a poll moderator. Even if you are qualified. Pretty much like any board that I have participated in, either you are in or you are out.
  13. Yeah, I know. What are you going to do? You win some you lose some. The 2600 system with 31 games made up for it. Did you see that one? I was shocked. Very nice system, but didn't expect that. I did not see the auction as it was unfolding, but saw the end result. You did pretty good as things stand now. It seems prices are so much lower now for a lot of 2600 stuff. Good for me in my collecting, but bad for me trying to get rid of 100's of duplicate stuff.
  14. Runs pretty smooth here, there is some hiccups (sp) occasionally. It has not affected my gameplay too bad, but I never was any good anyway.
  15. I am having a tough time also with my keyboard. I have not run into any bad collision detection yet, I wish I could though. Is there anyway to download this? Nevermind my answer has been addressed by Trekmd.
  16. My local bowling alley had Sea Wolf and I played it all the time. I haven't played that game on a Sea Wolf cabinet in over 30 years. But, if the one up at FunSpot is operational, I'll be playing it in two weeks. Lucky bastard. I was stationed in 4 different army posts (US) in the army and never once was I close to Funspot. The closest was Ft. Knox, KY. And that was Basic and AIT, so not alot of traveling was allowed. Have fun there and tell us about it.
  17. Sure wish I would have seen that Avalon Hill lot earlier. Someone got a good deal on those.
  18. I used to to play Sea Wolf at the Pizza Caboose in Tigard. Great memories. I remember having a hell of a time hitting that little boat that raced across the screen. Great start on your collection.
  19. How does 'hardly' and 'does not' equal a double negative? Hardly means at the very least a little bit = (positive), and does not means none = (negative). So they are not a double negative. And even if they were it is still completely permissable to use in writing.
  20. Thanks for the link. You are very astute.
  21. Never have I seen such a monstrosity. It looks like a vacuum cleaner.
  22. They didn't. They got "mysteriously delayed" at CPUWIZ's house. The ones Wonder got are just repros. OH CRAP I wasn't supposed to tell anyone that..... Then why did you tell everyone?
  23. I forgot that one. Great game and highly recommended it also.
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